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    600 000 Ped

    I just looted a snabelsnot male young
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    online now with Erasure:girl:Huge giveaways funny faces in chat
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    Buying: oweko

    Oweko dna parts find me ingame my name is Martin Martin Petersen
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    Question: Protocore
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    Warning! Worse loot when streaming!

    WARNING!! to all streamers YOUR loot will reduce with 50% if you stream its like hunting on a Landarea with 50%:eek:tax Now you think how does he know that I have done some test and even if it is a small test involving only 16 mobs its still a test. also my 2½ years experience in streaming...
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    Why is the loot from level 3 globalling so much?

    Loot seems to be better in the lower levels than in level 5 and 4. I find it very stange. I see the same players globalling from Berserkers and raiders.
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    Frigulite 417

    I am doing the daily mining mission and for 2 days now I have not exavated the 417 frigulite. I found alot of other shit like devils tail and dianum ore and lanorium but not alot frigulite so my question is how do i get more frigulite? I was mining in the la s of Segna the one with Phasm. I have...
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    VCMG Sssss

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    A mob on Calypso like atrax and atrox agro you from 55-60 meters so you dont have a chance if you want to hunt in quiet alone one mob at a time. I was Calypso yesterday but I ended up having 5-6-7 -10 atrax around me thats not funny because my armor decay and its just nor fair. what do you...
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    Bjoern Lisdorf

    Bjorn I am 44 years old
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    Uber: Longtooth

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    Question: Why has the 2 HOF 44K and 48K from Mercimax Chaser not been posted here on Forum?

    Im just Curiuos to why not, normally people are so proud of there loot, but not this time?
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    Question: Is down or hacked

    Is down or hacked
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    Question: When using a skill mod enhancer on your weapon and shoot/hunt with it, do you get skill increase bonus aswell?

    Do you get more skills and skill up faster with skill modification enhancers on your weapon?
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    Crash crash crash

    why do i crash in the middle of killing a osseocolum mature on ola #49? It´s not very funny first of all I will probaly be dead when i get back I dont know the location when i get back I will have taken alot of decay for nothing come on this game is 10 years old and then something like a...
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    FYI: my twinbrother is alive

    my TWIN BROTHER IS CALING » ITS LIKE Having an øATH:dunce: no its a family bussiness please close this thread but i love my brother I am fuck can I return in the morning when im sober?
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    32 Ped rare item in loot from Trooper gen 3 Hey whats up? Guys and gals. I was out for the Feffox mission when it was not availble this evening, so I took first a flight to Cychion to see the big robots there and to my surprice I saw a L540 monster robot and some small ones like Warlock 10...
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    Warrior elite

    This video also shows you how to set up your deasboard in a new way. This video was shot saturday 10/3 2013 and it shows all the funny people shooting it.
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    STARFINDER IX please come and fly me to PALACE SPACE STATION now

    STARFINDER IX please come and fly me to PALACE SPACE STATION now I can't get off your ship FIXED: jUST RELOG AND TP TO cALYPSO SPACESTATION
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    Info: I want to Promote my homepage and my channel

    I think both are average but you can see for your self. my homepage for fun has had it for many years now started in 2006 maybe hasn't done anything to it in years btw. done some work to it today. This timezone thing is for if you want to...
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    Landgrab Today Live coverage

    Tune in in 1 hour:yup: Recorded in 1600x900 pixel Using xsplit in 1280x720hp The result is very good from the Landgrab Miwak
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    Discovery: Jashonich SIF-A(L)

    Discovered today on the little landarea south of Segna Forest OLA 38
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    Discovery: Camo Arms Marine Predator(L) It's pretty cool
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    Discovery: NEW Isis Project Zero-Nine (L)

    LEVEL 80 BLP. FAST Pistol 76/60 min. Durabillity GOOD. 37.5-75 DMG.
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    United earth people

    I am accepting new members today. I need atleast 5 people to join or else the society will not be a reality. For people who dont know me, then I am The broadcaster of The society is made today because I was al alone in the 2 societies before. I left the first society because it was...