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  1. trance

    Avatar creation, how it could be :)

    I just tought to show you, how a character can look with 4k textures and a strong LOD (Level Of Detail). This dude is basicaly a Paragon character and modified by me, so i can use it into one of my own developments. Would love, if we would have a such zoom into EU. Also i like how the face...
  2. trance

    Bunny Hunter Instance

    Just got a funny idea about a new instance. This will be a multiplayer instance with 2 player groups. One group is the group of hunter, and the other group is the bunny group. Bunnies need to survive as long as they can. Less die is better and the one with best result will winn the bunny group...
  3. trance

    Entropia Player Music Gallery

    This is just a fun thread. You ever wanted hear music of Entropia player's? Here is the chance to get some links to Music tracks, made by Entropia player's. Please, only add links from Entropia player's, how made the tracks/music. DJ's also are welcome to add links to theyr mixes, YT vids...
  4. trance

    New idea for hangar

    We all know, how usles the hangar's are, except that they use a large aeria, where mining is not allowed. I also don't think, that MA this will change, so the space ships could land and start from there. So, here an idea for the MA dev team and CEO. 1. Add a feature to the hangar, so the owner...
  5. trance

    Quad speed cheat

    Hi everyone. Today on caly, i meet a quad, fly 50% faster as me, and was about 90 degrees turned in axis. Never saw that cheat, must be new, at least for me. So be prepared to get more speed cheating in space! Dunno how he did that cheat, but it realy was about 50% faster as me. Does anyone...
  6. trance

    Called mining

    This can hapen , if you mine at same spot.
  7. trance


    I heard, that it is impossible to get a unamped tower in outdoor mining, since a while. Is this true? If YES, what do you think about this?
  8. trance

    Real economy into Entropia

    Hello all. I may got a nice idea for this game. It is about to build a real economy factory into entropia. It is just a simply Idea to create 3D items for the game and for real life too. here a image, showing my idea. This is just a basic idea, how we can have a virtual job, connected to...
  9. trance

    can't update the client loader

    Since i reset my win 10, i can't update the client loader and download any content. I get an error message,tell me to ask support for help. It says it can't update the client loader. i send a ticket to support, but no answere at moment. Does any one know a solution? or had same problems?
  10. trance

    Old video contest, pre VU9

    Remember the old days? This video was made for a cool entropia video contest. 1. prize was a LA plus a uber armor set
  11. trance


    Hi everyone, I just wondering, what ppl are thinking about the current loot we get. I don't want talk about the longterm play average loot you get in weeks or months. (should be 90% if the myst is true) I more want talk about the loot you get in 10 runs you do. I more and more getting loot...
  12. trance

    10 years old

    Willkommen hypnotica trance blain Account erstellt 2005-10-28 just saw, i be 10 years old also :)
  13. trance

    Mini pet

    What do you think about the nerf of mini pets? ( all the ancient strong and others) I know, some ppl used the big pets for more prodection in pvp, and it was anoying at events, if you hit a pet and not the target. MA then did change all our big pets to be verry mini pets. This ofc solve the...
  14. trance

    Face Hacking

    what is face hacking? here the answer :
  15. trance

    I'm tired

    I'm tired to get only 50 - 70% payback, since weeks and also after deposite. Not one single run with profit! I will stop to deposite for ever, if that not change! It would be the same for me to put out the window 50% of my cash, every time i play a bit eu. :mad: This is not whining, just a...
  16. trance

    More guns for level 60 players, please

    I have level 61 ranged laser and level 60 blp ranged. But it seems that i can only use 2 guns. Fletcher and LC 240. Now my problem, they get more rare and MU rise up to be crazy. Im just not willing to pay more as 130% for L guns! I would like to see more such guns drop, and maybe i would...
  17. trance

    An other Day

    Hello everyone, here a new music made by hypnotica trance, hope you enjoy :)
  18. trance

    Cultist claw - rare item

    Hello all, I looted "CULTIST CLAW" a rare item, and i also 1. discovered it. Wondering what this is worth, and if some one can use it, or for what this item is good for. ty for every post
  19. trance

    Hidden Dreams

    Hello, I just made a new music, my first try to not make psy trance :) here the link: wondering what you think about, feel free to post :cool: EDIT: new version and video !
  20. trance

    Selling: New Oxford Mall Shop

    Shop is sold !
  21. trance

    herman 404 arctic needs now lev58

    Now, I'm really, really angry !:mad::mad::mad: I just bought a herman 404 arctic last day, and i had it maxed. After this VU it needs level 58. Ty much MA to let me think to sell out. I'm tired to see every VU a nerf! You just take our money and time! I'm not longer agree what MA is doing! Why...
  22. trance

    Selling: Starkhov AS 129

    Selling Starkhov AS 129 Any serious offer is welcome! The gun have tier 3.1 last gun sold for +2300 peds.
  23. trance

    Explain the improved loot system!

    Since the new VU i have 40% returns in hunt and 50% returns in mining... how is this improved? I got 80% hunt and near same in mining or better, before that "NICE" update. Reducing 5 token to 2 token in fef cave, is this also improved loot system? Now we have 5 days to get 10 token from feff...
  24. trance

    And it happens

    my 1. tower, since i play (7 years)
  25. trance

    New trance music track

    Hello. I just made a new sound: free to use for any entropia radio