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  1. Casay

    Selling: Full TT ESI

    Full TT ESI Changing to auction - Start Aug 30th Ends Sep 6th SB 950%....
  2. Casay

    !!wof team usa support afterparty!!

    !!!TEAM USA SUPPORT AFTERPARTY!!! FULL UPDATE INFO IN BELOW POST It's all set up and ready to go: Saturday, 18th at 22:00 on LA 18 [22426, 35397, 150] Primordial Longu Young THANK YOU B.I.G. INDUSTRIES for your donation to the event! For all you hard working support people we've decided to...
  3. Casay

    Buying: First Gen Electric Attack Chip VIII

    As the title says..... Buying - First Gen Electric Attack Chip VIII
  4. Casay

    Selling: Item naming rights - Sword

    Hello all, A real life friend of mine won the naming rights to this as a level 1 team prize: 10 - Zeus ZeusThePyro God - 358 -! Item Naming Rights - Sword SOLD I told him I'd broker the sale of the naming rights for him since I'm sure not many know him in game. We'll do the auction and end...
  5. Casay

    I just don't understand.......

    There's been many posts and thread about loot changes for hunters. From people outright whining and others making logical points. I won't link or go into them all. This isn't a whining thread... it's a; I think there's some explanation in order about the changes in the loot pool. Tonight...
  6. Casay

    Selling: Full Beauty Package with Skills!!!!

    Full beauty package including: Apartment - TI City Platinum Building, 14G - Includes all items in apartment. All of the beauty equipment is there, chairs, tools etc + more. I can't get a screen shot of it at the moment.. be sure to check it out :) Skills : On Chips already - Hair 62.75 tt...
  7. Casay

    ATH: My Birthday ATH - Casay and Chesty 91k

    OMG... what a birthday this has been for me..... earlier I looted an ml45 that I wasn't going to tell anyone about but now I really don't care :) Sorry about the screen shot... ;) Couple L guns and adj sk50 unlimited TY TY MA !!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT...
  8. Casay

    Selling: Imk3 Tier2.9

    One of the most excellent, eco, rare guns in game... (only 2!) SOLD To one very lucky and very happy person. BTW - they like it better than MM... because it IS better unless you have other equipment like mod fap, uber evade skills and armor to go with an MM!! Sigh.. no one believed me.. they...
  9. Casay

    Senior Status? Activated??

    I was at senior status and had just got it again on the last go around then lost it all with new forum. I just saw someone on-line with that status. Has it been re-activated finally? Do we get it again since we were at it for the last one? Did I miss a thread on all of this? Thanks, Casay
  10. Casay

    Community Events and Prizes...

    This thread has been a long time coming from me... PLEASE NOTE I'M NOT WRITING THIS ON MY BEHALF!!!! Anyone involved with WOF knows how disgusted I was that it took so long for FPC to give the prizes in the first place. It was 3 months for those that don't know. Also for those not informed...
  11. Casay

    Selling: Unique Female Santa Outfit!

    Make offer ... peds only Set includes: All Female Red & White Master Coat (True red and White ) Rare and Unique! Star Satin Scarlet Shoes Jolly Christmas Face Mask Jolly Christmas Pants Jolly Christmas Shirt Jolly Christmas Hat Jolly Christmas Mittens Without mask: Click for full view...
  12. Casay

    Selling: Shadow SGA (F) + Storm Coat (F) SGA - UNIQUE SET!!!!

    As the title says... But it's also TIER 1!! The only ones in game... taking reasonable offers.... pm's accepted.. no games please... peds only... Harness with stats: Vanity pic ;) *Have to click for full view... *And to 'those' ppl.. dont' even try to undervalue it...... KEEP ON...
  13. Casay

    Selling: Unlimited X5 Tier 1

    Sold.... person wishes to remain anonymous as well as price. So.... don't ask :)
  14. Casay

    Selling: Imp Fap, Imk3, X5

    Closed thread.. made new one for X5 tier 1
  15. Casay

    FB account hacked!!

    No, I'm not in London.., I haven't lost my wallet, I wasn't mugged, my children are not hurt, .... no I don't need money.... well unless people just want to give to give.. lol *teasing* Still trying to figure out how this happened. Just did full scans with many many different programs here on...
  16. Casay

    Buying: MOD FAP - Trade?

    Wanting to trade up to Mod fap and MM For mod fap - trade imp fap + X5 +? For MM - trade Imk3 + peds (yes 3, not 2) PM's accepted.
  17. Casay

    When is the awards ceremony?

    Any word from FPC yet about it? I know, self serving question.. .dying to get my jacket :ahh: Rock onward WOF!! Praying they make them country colors this time -Red White and Blue somehow! Now that would truelly rock for all teams in the future! :)
  18. Casay

    Wof 2010 Winner Icon?

    Can't wait to buy one :) WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!! :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: Please 711? :) *3 years chasing this... lol
  19. Casay

    ME NERF in X 100~~

    Think this needs a different thread... WTF MA/FPC???? You reported in release.. In order to align the Mind Essence consumption with the system changes, the following changes have been made: * The Mind Essence value has been divided by 100: where you got 100 Mind Essence per PED...
  20. Casay

    Selling: Beauty set up with Billton apt. bld 3 2d

    Beauty set up with Bilton apt. Billton Towers building #3 apt 2D (has balcony) + All included - all 3 sculpting kits and chairs/units. Misc supplies, table, decorations, lighting. Open to public to see. !!SOLD!!!
  21. Casay

    Selling: Jag, Viking, Serum, Female - ALL FULL!

    Full Jag female sb tt+12k (NO IT'S NOT THE SET I WEAR!!!) Full Viking female sb tt + 4k (REMOVED FOR NOW) Full Serum female (L) at full TT - make offer over TT (SOLD) Victo Throne sb + 300 (SOLD) Peds only accepted. Might accept these prices as bo's too. Auction time will be VERY limited once...
  22. Casay

    Time out error...

    Anyone else getting timing out when trying to log in?
  23. Casay

    Selling: Emik X5 Unlimited

    Thread closed
  24. Casay

    New Tier / Enhancer Section on EF?

    I think it's needed. One place for this to be discussed as it's all over the place. What ya think 711?
  25. Casay

    THIS IS B!!!!! Unreal....

    Now isn't this special????? YOU SUCK MA!!!!!!