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  1. jdegre

    FYI: weapon and loot tracker overlay

    just as an experiment, a "proof of concept", whatever... :) a translucent overlay to keep track of various hunting-related parameters, always visible, and updated in real time. as the title says, this is just FYI... something i'm working on, still lights-years away from "publicly...
  2. jdegre

    shoot like a pro! :p

    i know lots of people do not care about sound, and play with sound turned off, while listening music or whatever... but i _do_ care, and i cannot stand anymore shooting with an Enigma L4 that sounds like crap (it's crap overall, but even more crappy for a BLP gun). if you add to that, the fact...
  3. jdegre

    Selling: Unlimited BP: Herman Law-202 Jungle (L)

    Selling Unlimited Blueprint of Herman LAW-202 Jungle (L) Recipe is as listed in entropedia, except that in the last VU erdorium (~131% in ark) has been replaced by telfium (~114%)... much better now :smoke: There is no SB/BO, since this is not a formal auction; if you are interested in the...
  4. jdegre

    Selling: 2 unL BPs: OF-105 BP and MF-105 BP

    Hi, I'm selling these 2 nice BPs: OF-105, QR ~60 MF-105, QR ~8 It's not an auction; I'd like to hear offers on them, either in PM or posting here.
  5. jdegre

    Hunting UI bugs

    The infamous left-arm bug has been around probably over 6 months now. The funny thing is that I recently sent a support case to report this, and many other bugs, related to the hunting user interface such as: - Left arm bugged - Delayed sound in shots (maybe half a second after shooting), or...
  6. jdegre

    Buying: apis

    please send me an offer, considering buying up to 10 guns if the price is good.
  7. jdegre

    Google Wave invites

    I have some invites for Google Wave. Who wants one?
  8. jdegre

    Selling: small ESIs

    SOLD! ---- Selling the following ESIs: (...) Please send offers via PM or post here. Thanks. /jdegre.
  9. jdegre

    Animal Taming not an unlockable anymore?

    sorry if this is well known, i did search but not found it discussed anywhere... i just noticed that i have animal taming unlocked, and i had it locked in 9.4 i have never done any taming-related activity, and i have not got any "unlock" message. the skill is simply there, out of nowhere. bug...
  10. jdegre

    Selling: Boom BBC laser amp, +69 dmg

    that's the amp you need for LG slap it in an LR66 and you get 208 max dmg / shot it's around half TT. asking current ingame price, 2.4k% or so... cheers, /jdegre.
  11. jdegre

    FYI: Re: Bounty in Skill Scanner

    Re: Bounty in Skill Scanner the Bounty thread was closed so fast that i could not reply :( :silly2: well, i just met doer and he gave me the bounty :yay: i just wanted to say thanks a lot to everyone who participated in this. i'll be creating the accounts later today, and i'll PM each one of...
  12. jdegre

    selling 137 ped ESI

    - sale cancelled -
  13. jdegre

    Skill Scanner

    hi, i've made a small program to extract skills info from screenshots; the same as EUComp or NRF did but, hopefully, it should work with the new skill screens. please find detailed info here: Skill Scanner the program has been in beta testing for several months now, and it is getting quite...
  14. jdegre

    selling 75 PED ESI

    sale canceled.
  15. jdegre

    Selling 8 small ESIs (total TT = 102.43)

    Edit: auction canceled
  16. jdegre

    smasher one UNLIMITED looted today

    hi, a soc mate looted a loughlin smasher one UNLIMITED (i.e. repairable) today (well, looted a BP and crafted it, obviously... :silly2: ) he was the first to loot it and made it to the hof list, gratz to him (he asked me to post here because he's not "a forum guy"... :scratch2:) these are the...
  17. jdegre

    Chipping Optimizer Tool

    Hi, I've made a tool to calculate the best way to chip-in, to reach a certain pro-standing level. For instance, you are at level 42 in Laser Sniper, and you want to unlock Combat Sense (level 50). The question is: what do I have to chip and how much, from all the involved skills in that...
  18. jdegre

    Selling Vigi helmet (M)

    SOLD. /jdegre.
  19. jdegre

    Evader Profession

    Hi, I'm trying to figure out the influence of individual skills in the evader prof. standing. Kind of the same thing that was done in other threads with the combat professions (hit and damage). This is extremely useful if you want to chip up to unlock avoidance, for instance, and not to waste...
  20. jdegre

    Absurd ping times

    I'm having ping times to the EU servers in the order of 600-700 ms. Needless to say, I cannot play with this kind of latency (I only hunt and I miss more shots than I hit). This has started happening this week, and it does not seem to be a very general problem since other people I talk to, don't...
  21. jdegre

    Weapon damage distribution

    I was wondering what's the statistical distribution of the damage inflicted with ranged weapons. Is it uniform?. I mean, is the average damage always (min+max)/2, or is it influenced by skills? I remember seeing a post, by Angel (ck) I believe, where he said that once you reach certain skills...
  22. jdegre


    I unlocked Serendipity today, at the moment of turning Great Laser Sniper professional standing. Click to enlarge And several minutes after unloking it, as a present, I got this: Click to enlarge For those curious, some of my stats when I unlocked it: Inflict Ranged Damage: 1858 Ranged...
  23. jdegre

    1k cornundacauda old

    This is my best loot so far, and it's an "uber loot" just by 10 ped :) Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Usual items in any cornu global, but many, many peds. Funny thing is that loot in cornus was crap during the whole afternoon, and suddenly cornus went crazy and globals and hofs in cornus...
  24. jdegre

    125 Cornu Stalker

    This global is a couple of days old, just when the big cornus were introduced in TI by Deathifier. Didn't have time to post it earlier. Just have to say, great mobs and great place to hunt !. They hit a little bit too hard for my level, specially the stalkers :silly2: , so I had to go in team...
  25. jdegre

    217 Foul Adult

    I never hunt fouls, but a soc mate told me to try them because they work quite ok for him. I said, ok, let's give them a try. I went to the foul area, I killed exactly 3 of them (2 young and 1 adult) and on the fourth mob, I got this: Click to enlarge Items were Omegatron M2732, FAP-5 and...