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  1. noiseless

    Question: Kadra eye in Calypso loot?

    Yesterday was hunting Eviscerators and today looked at my inventory and found there (6) Kadra Eye. I haven't bought any ever and haven't been on Arkadia for more than a year so I'm quite sure it wasn't at my inventory before the run. Is it possible to loot Arkadian animal parts on Calypso?
  2. noiseless

    Selling: Adj.FAP T1 & MK5ME T3

    For sale A-3 Justifier Mk.V Mentor Edition tier 3.5 88 m range 63 dmg unamped 54 attacks/min All stats can be found here Remaining TIRs 129, 99, 66, 99, 67, 133, 96 Price: +15k PED Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Adjusted tier 1.6 50 HP heal 26 heals/min All stats can be found here Remaining TIRs...
  3. noiseless

    Selling: A-3 Justifier Mk.V Mentor Edition T3

    Due to change of my playing style and time selling this awesome laser carbine. 88 m range 63 dmg unamped 54 attacks/min All stats can be found here SB +14.5k PED SOLD End date is 2 weeks after the SB is met at 20:00 MA time with 24h anti-sniping rule It's currently at tier 3.5. Rest of...
  4. noiseless

    Selling: Corrosive Attack Chip III ME

    I'm selling a Corrosive Attack Chip III Mentor Edition. I used this to start skilling mindforce, its SIB starts at LVL 5.0 pyro kinetic so it's good unLimited chip for low level mindforcers (maxed at LVL 8.0 as entropedia says). Its max dmg is 19.0 at 63 attacks per min and 19.8 m range. More...
  5. noiseless

    Achievement: I have a harmony in my mind

    It's not a very great achievement due to huge help of my combat skills (see my sig :D), but it's finally done ;) Unlocked Mindforce Harmony, with dmg ofcourse as my highest MF hit is only LVL 34. John
  6. noiseless

    Buying: Adjusted Omegaton FAP

    Buying Adjusted Omegaton Fast Aid Pack, also known as Adj. FAP. Got the FAP
  7. noiseless

    Selling: Genesis Dragons Breath / trading for Adj. FAP

    Selling a Genesis Dragons Breath longblade, currently at tier 2.9; or trading for an Adj. FAP (Omegaton Fast Aid Pack Adjusted), PED can be added both ways if needed. W/o enhancers it has avg 47.7 dps at 2.895 dpp (max dmg is 121) with 1 dmg enhancer it has avg 52.4 dps; with 2 dmg enhancers it...
  8. noiseless

    Selling: 7A SGA Ed. Armor Plating

    Selling probably the best pvp armor plate - Armor Plating Mark.7A, SGA Edition SOLD!
  9. noiseless

    Selling: T10 LR53 (L) 57 PED tt

    I'm selling an Isis LR53 (L) tiered to T10.0 with 57.43 PED tt left (that's 1268 shots!!) It's great for low/medium lvl pK'er as it's maxed at lvl 30; to max Felis you need at least lvl 60. If you compare LR53 to Felis, at T10 LR53 + Pro700 (max dmg 217) is as good as Felis + BBC (max dmg...
  10. noiseless

    Achievement: 200 HP in 5 years

    Well actually I got to 200 HP in less than 5 years ;) Today is 5 years since my avatar John noiseless White was created, but I got 200 HP a week ago. I unlocked Commando on October 4, 2009 and have gained 21 HP since then. Ofc the new missions helped a bit too to reach it faster ;). I'm also...
  11. noiseless

    Buying: Trading my Firefly for your Adj. FAP

    I would like to trade my Genesis Firefly tier 2.3 for your Adjusted Omegaton Fast Aid Pack. Also interested in trade to Genesis Dragons Breath to skill up some longblades ;) The Firefly is currently at 6.8k tt. Let me know here or in PM if anyone is interested in my offer. Got the DB, can...
  12. noiseless

    Uber: 1013 PED Longtooth w/ guns

    Nothing special, just another 1k Longtooth :laugh: Click to enlarge Weapons are CB24 (L) and LR41 (L)
  13. noiseless

    PC: Armor Plating Mark.7A SGA

    Wanted to know how much is an Armor Plating Mark.7A SGA Edition worth since they don't drop anymore and none was recently sold in auction. Any ideas?
  14. noiseless

    Buying: unL Bicak Blix (trade)

    I got my hands on Firefly after all :yay:
  15. noiseless

    Selling: unL Isis LR53, Phantom set (M)

    I'm considering to upgrade my equipment so need to free up some peds. Taking offers on: Isis LR53 (unlimited) Phantom (M) full set SOLD P.S. LR53 is better than HL8 if You hunt mobs with ~1000 HP and they are not very fast - You'll save a lot of armor and fap decay due to range advantage ;)
  16. noiseless

    Noiseless Hunting Log

    After getting an uber from Longu I decided to start recording my results of hunts. I did it in my blog section, but now I decided to share with others who don't read blogs, to get some ideas and advice from you ;) After some years of the log I have decided to add that 12k long to my loot, too...
  17. noiseless

    Achievement: Commando!

    I finally managed to unlock this awesome skill :yay: Click to enlarge And I'm very proud that I did it without any chipping - pure skilling :sniper: Took me about 44.5 months, here are some of my stats: Total skill amount is 189k 200 HP here I come... :laugh:
  18. noiseless

    Uber: 1353 PED Neconu Young w/ a gun!

    Got another uber-loot with a gun! :yay: Click to enlarge It's a full tt Isis BL1000 (L) ;)
  19. noiseless

    Hunting log

    Gear: unL Isis LR53 + A105 & A106 Phantom + 5B Vivo UR125 Run 1: (Neconu) Costs: 1028 PED Loot: 1173 PED tt (globals - 70, 111, 213, 65, 86) +/-: +145 PED tt Overall: +145 PED tt Run 2: Costs: 1022 PED Loot: 917 PED tt (globals - 56, 120; ESI - 12.25, 16.93) +/-: -105 PED tt Overall: +40 PED tt...
  20. noiseless

    Uber: 12104 PED Longu Provider w/ a gun!

    MA finally realized that they forgot a digit in my last HoF :yay::yay::yay: Click to enlarge Another full tt Emik T10 (L) but no FAP-5 this time :eek:
  21. noiseless

    Uber: 1201 PED Longu Dominant w/ a gun!

    Got another uber-loot after a while :wtg: Click to enlarge The gun is full tt Emik T10 (L) and the fap is an uber FAP-5 unL :yay:
  22. noiseless

    Angel Itumatrox

    Was out hunting itumatrox on Myrene Island and found this nice piece of armor :D :yay: Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  23. noiseless

    Uber: 1890 PED Atrox Mature

    I'm.....ahh NVM, it's just another Atrox uber :D :yay: Click to enlarge
  24. noiseless

    Uber: 1803 PED Atrox Young

    I'm sorry to interrupt you again mates, but I hit another uber-loot :D Click to enlarge
  25. noiseless

    Uber: Furor Eye

    Last Saturday I found a strange eye in my loot window: Click to enlarge Told that in soc chat and they said it's my best loot ever....well, my best loot so far was 13k Kreltin, for this eye I really got a bit more :D Click to enlarge Hope it helps you Deathifier ;) But the strange thing...