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  1. Magyar_Republic

    Polite mudslinging is still mudslinging

    Let's be real for a second. If you're diminutizing an individual with condescending language it makes you no better than somebody who basically tells you to go fuck yourself, and in some ways makes you worse. Why? Because you dont have the courage to actually say what you mean while the...
  2. Magyar_Republic

    In game 'Entropedia'

    I've always thought that a resource like Entropedia actually belongs ingame. It's an ease of access issue for new players; ultimately I feel it would promote player retention by putting information at the players fingertips, instead of through a third party they may or may not be willing to...
  3. Magyar_Republic

    Magyar for VR president. I'll support all of you by supporting none of you!

    I don't like you. You don't like me. Now that we've got that established, let's look at the positives of such a relationship. 1) You can never expect me to disappoint you. 2) You can never expect me to pander to my favorite community member. 3) You can always be assured that no matter...
  4. Magyar_Republic

    Make combat more interesting (Wish List)

    Folks can feel free to append their own items to this if they think its a decent idea. I'd like to see different skills unlock at different professional levels that can actually be used in the course of combat. The skill would need to be mapped to a hotkey, be on a timer to avoid spam, and...
  5. Magyar_Republic

    Buying: Karmoosh Lateef

    I want one of these pets. Level 7, since the entire point of me buying is I cant be bothered going to Toulan. You have one? Let's talk price. Thanks
  6. Magyar_Republic

    Call for disciplinary action on the part of all UA cheaters during this years Merry Mayhem.

    As an investor and CLD holder of Planet Calypso, I along with others like me are entitled to receive a portion of the planet partner profits paid every week. This normally occurs without issue. However, during this years Merry Mayhem an exploit was discovered which allowed certain individuals...
  7. Magyar_Republic

    Land Plots II - The Land Grab

    I think there may be a mistake in how people are viewing CLD. Folks seem to think (or are giving the impression) that each of the 60,000 CLD entitle them to a 1x1m piece of land on Eudoria. Everywhere I have looked thus far this is not referenced. Instead a "Land Grab" has been referenced...
  8. Magyar_Republic

    Buying: Paladin Footguards (M)

    Title says it all. PM me if you have them. I also am looking for Thunderbird (M) thighs (UL) and a Eudorian Lava Devil.
  9. Magyar_Republic

    Selling: Selling Privateer (Pathfinder VI)

    Zero Karma Comes with Armament Device III, Warp Drive I Base SI SB - 35000 PED BO - 45000 PED Life is keeping me busy with business and touring, and I dont have the time I wanted to develop this into the idea I had in mind. So I'm willing to sell this item. Auction ends Sept 24. PED only.
  10. Magyar_Republic

    Welp, Support has locked my account

    Bout the only thing I did yesterday of note was buy a TerraTech PH-3 Unlimited off auction. Other than that I did some grinding on Trox. There is no explanation as to why, of course.
  11. Magyar_Republic

    Buying: Melee Trauma Amplifier II

    Hi, Just looking for a level II Melee Trauma Amp. Unlimited of course.
  12. Magyar_Republic

    Buying: TerraTech PH-3

    If you want to sell one, I want to buy one. Let's chat.
  13. Magyar_Republic

    voice chat

    Is voice chat ever coming back into EU?
  14. Magyar_Republic

    Teaser for the movie I am making

    Hi, I've been working on a movie for the past 10 months or so. It's set in Nirvana's home town of Aberdeen, Washington, where I filed to run for Mayor back in December of last year. We just completed the first teaser video for it. Figured I'd share it here. For more info click the Punk...
  15. Magyar_Republic

    So who's jacking up the CLD prices? This is really silly

    CLD are not paying out any more than they did a year ago, and are paying out about 1/3 of what they did at launch, and prices are skyrocketing. Anyone not think this is extremely hokey? Just to get this out there: No, MindArk is not buying them back. This is rampant player speculation. A...
  16. Magyar_Republic

    Looking for a crew (Pirate)

    Im looking for a crew to help man the Pathfinder VI. I will need 5 captains, 20 gunners, and 40 on call repair people. This is to ensure smooth operation during all hours. If you want to make your living in space, and not be restricted to milk runs and basically AFK gameplay, this is for you...
  17. Magyar_Republic

    Buying: Privateer

    Low SI privateer desired. Contact me in game.
  18. Magyar_Republic

    New exploit?

    Lately I've heard rumors of a next target exploit in PvP. Now admittedly I dont PvP much. However I got wind of a fellow who has been bragging about waiting at the Orthos rig all day long while playing other games, and how he's been doing this for months just gaming the system and making...
  19. Magyar_Republic

    Buying: Privateer

    Looking for a low SI Privateer. 35k PED offered. Let's not BS about it. Gagarin is on auction for 90k. It's an actively maintained ship with more firepower and more utility than a privateer. Everyone knows Equus were overpriced garbage. The only folks who bought them were the folks who...
  20. Magyar_Republic

    Taming addition request

    Hi, Under the pet info tab, it says "Pet Tamer" and the current avatar who owns the pet. I suggest we modify this panel to the following: Pet Tamer: The avatar who tamed the pet. Pet Owner: The avatar holding the pet currently. Thanks, -MR
  21. Magyar_Republic

    Buying: Megaview Sign (PC) and Gigantum Sign (PC)

    Megaview Sign (PC) and Gigantum Sign (PC) needed. Need Megaview Sign X 3 and Gigantum Sign X 2.
  22. Magyar_Republic

    Are estates borked?

    Just put a few PED into getting an estate close to a newbie TP. Why? I want to get serious about my beautician business, and make myself more available to new players there. When I go to claim it though, this: Well, um... shit. Is this an actual problem now?
  23. Magyar_Republic

    Society Missions and Society Revamp

    I think it's widely accepted that the society functions in-game currently available are outdated, providing little incentive to manage a society or join one, and even becoming burdensome on those who do administer groups. I believe True Juan a while ago managed a society wishlist. That list...
  24. Magyar_Republic

    Want Ads

    I think it's about time a want ads terminal was implemented in the game. This terminal could be categorized into subjects, and require a small fee to post for 30 days, or until cancelled, whichever comes first. Subjects could be: In-Game work Societies New Player Help Buying Selling Land...
  25. Magyar_Republic

    FYI: Free hairstyling for Calypso newbies

    Hi, I am a level 18 hair stylist, and if you missed your opportunity to get advanced avatar customizations at character creation, I can help you along by giving you a free haircut. I can also answer questions you may have on Entropia Universe and Planet Calypso. I've been playing for 5...