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  1. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Enkidd Howler S.4

    Hey. Looking for one of these around T2 or 3 Tier 2 offering TT + 200 Tier 3 ill pay current MU which is TT + 330 Cheers, Buckshot.
  2. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Bulk tier 4 components

    Hey guys. Looking for bulk buys of tier 4 components. Will pay 485% Only 950 more tier 4 components needed! Please keep them comming :) *All opals now purchased* Cheers, Buckshot
  3. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Adjusted daudormur Scales (x2) **complete**

    Looking to buy 2 of these (not the adjusted serpent scale!) Looking to pay 4000% for both. 800ped all in. **done a deal for 2 premade plates** Cheers, Buck
  4. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Athenic Ring, Perfected

    Hey guys. Got this Athenic Ring, Perfected for sale. **Sold pending sale within the next 24 hours** **still looking to buy Halloween 2019 for pure per or in trade for this as part exchange if you want** Cheers, Buckshot
  5. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Summer 2018 Ring + Ares Perfected Ring **Both Sold**

    Hey guys, Looking to sell both of these rings Summer 2018 ring **SOLD** Ares Perfected Ring **SOLD** **I still need to buy a Halloween 2019** Cheers! Buckshot
  6. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: EMT kit Ek-2350, Modified T0.9 **Sold**

    Hey guys! Got this awesome wee fap available for sale. **Sale Completed for TT + 4680ped* Cheers, Buckshot.
  7. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Ares ring Perfected *Sold*

    Hey guys! Selling this Ares ring perfected :) Under current markup. Which im sure is a breath of fresh air in the current climate of everything being way more expensive than last auction sale! Ring Has now sold! Will have another one to sell (hopefully soon) when I find an Easter 2020 ring...
  8. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: A105 improved **Sold**

    Hey guys. Selling this awesome super eco amp! Must have for long spells of eco grinding. **Sold** Cheers, Buck **Ped only please or item of interest is currently Easter Ring 2020. I've got peds waiting.**
  9. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Halloween 2019 Ring *Now purchased*

    Hey guys. Looking to Buy Halloween 2019 ring. I have pure peds ready to go :) *have now bought one of these! :) * Cheers, Buck
  10. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Restoration Chip, Adjusted *no longer for sale*

    Hey guys. Selling this chip as titled *have decided to keep it after being informed the value has dropped suddenly? Don't see the point selling for less* Cheers.
  11. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Improved Restoration chip *No longer looking*

    Hey guys. Looking to buy an improved resto chip. Around 17k peds would be fine. Have the pure peds or I can offer my adjusted one as part exchange if you want to downgrade. **No longer looking as I ended up getting a imp hedoc* Cheers!
  12. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Omegaton A204 Hypercharged *Have now bought*

    Hey guys. Looking for the omegaton A204 hypercharged amp! Pure peds will be paid. **Have now purchased one, cheers** Cheers, Buck
  13. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Ranked Psy-Blade T5.29 + Trauma amp 6 *Both SOLD*

    Hey guys. Got these 2 for sale :) Ranked psyblade is at minimum TT value and tier 5.29 BO- *SOLD for +3500* Melee trauma amplifier 6 BO- *SOLD at +960* Cheers, Buck
  14. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Arsonistic Chip 4, FEN Edition - Tier 3.99 **SOLD**

    Hey guys, Selling this chip as titled! Wasnt expecting to, but seems plan has changed. Great chip for boosting DPS, great for mayhem etc. Drop me a message here or in game :) I will sell for a fair price so don't be afraid to drop me a line. *Chip has now SOLD* *Item of interest* A204...
  15. ColonelBuckshot

    Question: Future of the game engine

    Hey. Thanks for the opportunity to ask this question. Id like to know the future plans for entropias game engine, cry engine 2 is very dated now, it suffers particularly on threaded performance, for example i have a large CPU bottleneck on my 9900ks @ 5ghz. The engine clearly doesn't scale...
  16. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Hedoc Mayhem, Improved

    Looking to up my healing game since I'll be going melee. Hedoc Mayhem, Improved. Not fussy about tiers. I will post the following for sale on receipt of purchase: Tier 2 Modified EK-2350 Adjusted Resorption Chip The above Can also be fine to part exchange against the hedoc although I have...
  17. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: A-3 Justifier Mk2, Improved ( IMK2 )

    Still may consider one of these. Preferable tier 4 - 6 Offer would be Arsonistic Chip 4 FEN edition Tier 3 + Peds. Cheers
  18. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Ares Ring Augmented **Sold**

    Hey guys got this awesome ring which I no longer have a use for. *Has now sold* 12% reload 12% more critical damage 1.0% more crit chance! Cheers, Buck
  19. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Strong Argo Claw FEN T2-3 **No longer Required**

    Hey guys. Considering a Argo claw strong FEN **have now purchased something else** Drop me a message in game. Looking to buy A204 HC just now. Cheers!
  20. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Asclarius pet - Level 10+ fully fed

    Hey selling this pet as titled! Lv10.5 sold for 360ped Cheers!
  21. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Ares Augmented Ring *closed*

    Hey guys, looking for the ring as titled. Offer: Fulfilled Cheers! I now have the ring.
  22. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: A&P Series Mayhem LR-60, Augmented *SOLD*

    Hey guys. Been toying with the idea to change things up a bit! So potentially looking to swap my gun. It is tier T2.99 so probably trade for another T2.99 to keep it a 'Clean' trade. Considering a swap for the equivalent pistol. LP-70 FEN would be ok. However I would also consider the BLP...
  23. ColonelBuckshot

    Buying: Adjusted Nanites

    Hey guys. Im looking to buy: - 5x Adjusted nanites (@ 125ped each) Cheers, Buck
  24. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: **Moved to buying section**

    Hey guys. Looking to upgrade my base viceroy to mod. If u have materials please let me know! I still need: 14x Adjusted nanites (ill pay 11000%) 3x improved nanites (ill pay 2300%) 13x modified nanites (ill pat 2500%) 2100 Bismuth plating (ill offer 360%) Will need the 3 full sets of (L)...
  25. ColonelBuckshot

    Selling: Eudoracell Pet with 2x unlocks inc run speed

    Hey! Selling this pet. Its lv21 and has both skills unlocked including the run speed buff! This will come fully fed 100% with nutriobars so is ready to go. Looking for 600ped Cheers!