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  1. Hansi

    Descriptons when scanning mobs. New feature?

    I noticed that if you now scan some mobs they show a description (same as the one in the DNA machine if availiable) when scanned. Has anyone noticed this before or is it a new feature. Armax Cow has the description, but bull doesent. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Even some mobs which...
  2. Hansi

    Better televator interface?

    I have an idea regarding the televator interface: Instead of the one we have now it would have been more user friendly and faster to have 1 button for each floor (like a RL elevator). The way it is now you can require up to 7 clicks. (if you want floor 25) just to get to the correct floor...
  3. Hansi


    <-- lol stealth :P ... now i only need to :spam: enough to buy glowing name too ;)
  4. Hansi

    Sell: Pixie (m) , OF 104, MF 103 and some other "junk"

    Hi. Im selling some random stuff i dont use. The stuff wich doesent have a start bid i will take anything over TT for :) All the stuff has a buyout... EMT kit Ek-1000 1 19.16 PED tt+1 Buyout MatterFinder MF-103 1 54.60 PED tt+5 Start, 10 Buyout Omegaton A103 1 6.44 PED tt+1 Buyout...
  5. Hansi

    New Big Shed Area ?

    Noticed what i thought to be a new LG area on my map today (north of memorial island) , But it appears to be the biggest Shed area yet. Click to enlarge Click to enlarge
  6. Hansi

    Undocumented VU changes list

    Hi all :) I decided to make a list of changes that were made on different VUs that was not included in the official VU listing. Please post your additions and corrections if you have them... I started playing during VU6.0 so i dont know anything before that time, so any insight on that would...
  7. Hansi

    Warning! : Potential bug/exploit of Auction bug and GSIs

    Check out this two auctions i just saw... It seems that the "auction stack size bug" , that have been previously discussed somewere, also applys to skill chips! I myself have not tried to buy though. but it appeared many did. Click to enlarge The above image is of when i initially discovered...
  8. Hansi

    Configuring Date format?

    I can't seem to find the place to configure the way the forum displays dates. (currently its MM-DD-YYYY i think) is it not possible in vBulletin or am i missing something?
  9. Hansi

    Hello EF

    Hello people of Entropiaforum, Hansi here. I guess i should make a thread here too ;)