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    Buying: Modified isis 32LR

    I'll pay up to 105 with good tier rates. if not ill pay 102%. For my own use not for resale.( grant it if i get something better ill prolly resell)
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    Selling: DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition 26k

    DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition 26K Will trade straight up for Adj FAP. (And pay you extra for the tiers) TIER 4!!! Long range! Low SIB! Very Unique! Only unlimited support weapon! pm or post if ur interested IN BUYING THE GUN AT POSTED PRICE, if not please dont tier rates are normal if i...
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    Selling: DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition 25K

    DetPil V-Rex 2000, SGA Edition 23K Long range! Low SIB! Very Unique! Only unlimited support weapon! pm or post if ur interested IN BUYING THE GUN, if not please dont tier rates are normal if i recall correctly. Just so everyone knows... The gun is available to buy for 25k, at the shop...
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    All these socket+tiering components are annoying...

    There is just to many different socket components... Couldn't they get rid of socket component 1-10, and just have a universal socket component.... I mean i get back from a hunt and i dont feel like checkin each one to see if its worth somethin... just seems like there to many crappy lootable...
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    Any PVP socs out there?

    Just wandering if theres any pvp socs out there?
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    Lending renting DetPil V-Rex 2000 SGA Edition Unlimited

    Gonna do it a little different than others (for hopes of some use) The cost for now is: 40%(was 50%) of TT used 10 Ped per week (so people don't keep it for the heck of it) That is the % that the gun depreciates while you have it, you can refill it as much as you want while you have it. I'm...
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    When i use the rocket launcher it doesn't do full damage.

    when i hunt with rockets it doesn't always do full damage, like it does less then the minimum damage, but it still does max damage occasionally. especially when they are close up, and i'm not in pvp, and its a direct hit. the one i use is maxxed no more sib.... can someone please explain?
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    Any ubers out there that don't play anymore?

    I was wondering if I could use your avatar so then the bytes aren't just sitting there :) There must be some out there that got sick of this game.... I'll just pvp and stuff with it when your not using it..... please?
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    Extended auction listings +1000 PED

    I'd be great to be able to have expensive gear for sale longer then 7 days. considering it cost a fortune to list them, I think you should get a 30 day option stuff with over +1000 PEd mark ups. Or some variation of what i just said.
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    Selling: Dna d

    I got a bunch tt it 3.15 I'll sell them 55 ped each on here. thats what like 1500%?
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    Selling: female jag shins

    Sb:twelve hundred bo: Sixteen hundred sorry my typing is all messed pm me or whatever
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    I neeeeed A pioneer set surly someone has one that can help me out.

    I never thought it would be so hard to get a pioneer set, Does anyone Have or know who does that will sell it to me!? Ya'll crafters are my last chance.
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    Looking for an armour set crafter!

    I'd like estimates to craft either a pioneer or guardian amour set. I figure it'd be cheaper for me to pay a skilled crafter than try to do it myself please consider. I'll pay all cost and mark up (as long as it's not outrageous i really have no clue, if it's cheaper you could do a mixture of...
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    Buying: Pioneer or Guardian armour sets or parts

    Pioneer or Guardian armor set or parts, preferably a set. Paying Mark up Can anyone craft them for me? for fairly cheap? a good crafter?
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    so got side tracted...

    After vu 10 I went out looking for mulisk but ended up hunting a bunch of stuff and kill a snarg provider that had a 17 ped ESI!!!! woot first one ever!!! and it wasn't even a global lol as for the next month a bunch of myfriends banned me from video games for a month, and i decided to allow...
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    Mulisk hunt#12(profit)

    Sweet hunt looted thunderbird arms from an atrax ammo-50 WD-23 loot:+19 teeth-73 total loot:+5 Location-west mound orthos
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    Mulisk hunt #10(loss)+#11(profit)

    First hunt was at medusa super crappy second hunt at orthos west mound quite good ammo-50-50 weapon d-22-21 loot:-22+13 teeth-83-84(keep in mind i killed alot of other stuff at orthos total loot: -14 gonna continue at orthos.
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    Mulisk hunt #9 (loss)

    orthos like better so far... some how i kill many bots and trax but still get almost as many mulisk teeth. AMMO:50 WEAPON D-21 LOOT:-4 PED TEETH- 110 total loot- -5
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    Mulisk hunt #8 (Profit!) finally...

    So i was at orthos west mound and got 2 looots at about 40 ped, i was beginning to lose confidence in my profiteering lol ammo-50 weapon d-22 loot- 58+ teeth-93(there some atrox,bots, and stuff at orthos soo...yea) no fruit or globals total loot: -1PED
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    Mulisk hunt #7 (loss)

    I was getting bad loot at medusa so i switched to orthos about half way. ammo-50 weapon decay-22 loot- -22 fruit-33 teeth-120 no globals Total- -59 ew... well i'm prolly gonna sell the teeth wen cry comes so mabay that will bump me back up even.... possibly ?
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    Mulisk hunt #6 (losS)

    so i'll prolly try this one more time,if i lose again then im moving to orthos west.... out of 70 ped i got one loot that was 6.5PED, which i think is nuts but whatever this is how it is. So this was also my biggest % loss at 55% return... on the bright side.... lots of teeth :-) Ammo-50...
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    Mulisk hunt #5 (loss)

    I thought this hunt was gonna be really bad, but it turned out to be just bad. biggest precent loss (33%) so far and i'm on a 4 run losing streak, and everyone knows it could get worse lol. ammo-50 weapond-22 loot: -24 no fruit or globals mulisk teeth:101 total loot: -5 PED Five fact: With...
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    Mulisk hunt #4 (loss)

    I looted a t-rap amp! who cares... ammo-50 weapond-21.5 loot:-9.5 ped no fruit or globals Mulisk teeth-138 (going up muhhahaha) total: 19.5
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    Mulisk hunt #3 (loss)

    So the other day i missed a 7k AND a 9K hof on mulisk.... but who cares This hunt was oddly similar to the last one... thought the total loot wasn't exactly the same it sure as heck was close. ammo-50 weapon_d-20.5 loot:20.5- mulisk teeth-130 no fruit or global Total loot:29+ by the way I...
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    Mulisk hunt #2 (loss)

    twas a loss ammo-50 weapon d-22 loot- 20.5- no fruit or globals mulisk teeth- 130 Total: +49.5 PED