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    Selling: IMK2, OC204, IMP FAP, Angel, Augmented Ares and more.

    All bids in PM, PEDs Only. Keep Thread Clean! Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II T5.9 55k Improved Omegaton A105 Overcharged Omegaton A204 Augmented Ares Ring Full Angel (Male) Helmet T3.9 Harness T4.8 Arms T 3.9 Gloves T3.9 Thigh T3.9 Foot T3.3 Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack T3.9 SOLD
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    Selling: Adjusted Nemesis (M)

    I want to sell a full set Adjusted Nemesis Male. All parts tier 0.9 TT+1700 PED SOLD
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    Selling: Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II T5.9

    All bids in PM, PEDs Only. Keep Thread Clean! Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.II T5.9. 90K Augmented Ares Ring. 15K Improved Omegaton A105.
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    Achievement: 300hp!!!

    Few years ago this was nothing I even did think about, but after last year i started to aim to get 300hp. It has been a long road and its amazing how slow HP go up in my skill level. BUT I MADE IT! :beerchug::broke:
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    Buying: Thunderbird (M) UL

    Send PM if u got a full set or parts for sale.
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    How to improve LandGrab?

    Hello. There is a discussion about how to improve LandGrab in another thread and i think we need a own thread to get ideas together. How can we help MA with ideas to make a better LandGrab together? This is some of my own thoughts i sent to MA 2015-04-11 08:19. - Remove "Select Target". <-...
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    Selling: Selling RX OpTac x1 (M)

    Taking offers on highest tier RX OpTac x1 (M) most parts T3! Offers in PM only. SOLD
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    Land Grab

    I was streaming on LandGrab and thought some might want to see abit of PK. We did not have any real attack but a few people was attacking. :sniper::dodge: Am i a nice man? F*ck Nice!
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    Selling: Modified Starkhov AS-117 T5,9

    Selling Mod Stark T5,9 It´s a awsome oldschool UL weapon! Get one of this fine rare items! BO 25k Contact me or mg Joda VVV Info Modified Starkhov AS-117
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    Selling: Trauma Amps I IV VI

    Taking offers of Trauma amplifier I IV and VI.
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    Migration log

    Hi This is the first year that I had a good return on the loot. I thought to share with you for those who want to see. I had my first 10k+ loot in begining of migration thats why return is high. (19 776PED) Skills 274 Health 94 Ranged Laser (Dmg) 84 Laser Sniper (Hit) 67 Evader Weapon...
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    Buying: Tier V Component

    I´m looking for Tier V Component. PM me here or ingame if u got some.
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    10 Years of Entropia

    Registered 2004-03-21 This is a big step, 10 year in this game. I had alot of skills and i sold alot of skills, bought some back and skilled up even more again. :) Still never had a hof at 5 figure (only on shared loot) 400k skills 271hp 154 agi 100 Intel 59 Psyche 28 Stamina 84 Strenght
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    Selling: Calypso Land Deed ( CLD )

    I got a few CLD for sale, PM me ur offer. 0 left
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    Buying: soulreamer

    Pm me if you have one for sale
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    Selling: Eron SoulShredder

    I´m selling a Eron SoulShredder Taking Offers in PM. Tier 0.0 TT= 150Ped SOLD BO = +1700PED 20 Attacks 30-60 Dmg 130 Range Level 21 req plasma sniper
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    Selling: 0x0 tier 8.2 awesome pk gun

    selling my 0x0. Its tier 8.2 with good remaining tiers. I have now grew out of my fantastic gun. (lvl 97). This is rec lvl 40. Could have won mayhem Cat 2 with it. Another 0x0 did. Remaning tiers are. 9 - 144 10 - 135 it have been very good to me with skills and loot. Highest tier ingame...
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    Selling: Mutated Aurli Bones

    Hi. I got some Mutated Aurli Bones for sale. taking offers in PM:wtg:
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    Selling: Rx optac x1 Full M

    i might sell this complete set if offer is right. Foots are tier 1, rest is 0,x. Awesome armor for pk. And many awesome mobs. Sb: 30k BO: 40k
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    When RX Unit Meets Players!

    So we did see RX Unit get a global in pvp4 and did set up a fast team to take him down! We did take him down 2 times and got some nice loot! Secound time we did hide and wait for him to get more mining globals before we would kill him, but he saw us at last. TY so much MA this is really...
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    Buying: RX OpTac Male armor parts

    I´m looking for RX OpTac Male armor parts. i need Nothing //Regards
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    Selling: cld

    Selling Calypso Land Deed. Pm me if interrested. 0 left 1440 each
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    Landgrab Battle video

    I did stream and record the LG battle between BAHQ and WSS. I post link to video here if someone wants to see. (Low Quality due to alot of lagg at LG) <-- Takuta BIG FIGHT (ALOT OF LAGG)
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    Selling: Modified Fire Forge BGH 4400M T2.7

    Selling this extremly rare and great gun. Very good for tagging, decent for distance pk for ppl with less skills. 129 dmg tier 0 and without amp. 150m range. OB: tt+20k BO: tt+25K When startbid is meet "auction" will last 2 weeks and then sell. TT= 10.000ped
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    Selling: Full Vain Armor Male T1-2

    Selling my full Vain armor. Armor is great for most mobs. And decent for pk aswell. BLP stand no chance, som combined with 3E plates its very good. Uber armor that looks really cool. All parts are ready to tier. SB: 35k BO: 40k This is extremly cheap price! Over 10k put into tiering costs...