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    Selling: Divine Points

    Selling 1500+ divine points :yay: SB: 110% (1.10 ped each) BO: 120% (1.20 ped each) PM me on PCF :wtg: Some example of what you can buy with divine points: Calypso Land Deeds: 1900 points 1k TT M/F Perseus Set (L): 1100 points Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted: 3300 points Armatrix LP-70 FEN...
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    Selling: Christmas Boxes

    Christmas Strongboxes available for sale. Pricing: 500+ boxes at 2.15 ped each 100+ boxes at 2.25 ped each PM me here or in game. Discord: Roman Shumberg#0767
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    Selling: 26k+ FFA Stars

    Selling ~26.7k FFA Stars. PM offers and best one wins the deal.
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    Selling: Christmas Boxes

    2k+ Christmas Boxes available at 2.7 ped each :wtg: Don't miss your chance to get Christmas Ring 2018 (same stats as 2017) :yay:
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    Selling: Mayhem Category 3 Perfected Gear for Rent

    Gear: A&P Series Mayhem LP-40 Perfected Tier 3 (59.2 base dps with 72 attacks/min) Ares Ring Perfected Athenic Ring Perfected Rules: Individual items are not for rent. All or nothing only Rate is 1k ped/24h 1k ped is absolute minimum Exclusive rights in Easter Mayhem 2019 are for sale...
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    Buying: 45k M Tokens and 2 PM Tokens.

    Buying 45k M Tokens and 2 PM Tokens. Consider it a reverse auction.:smash: Starting bid 29k pure ped Buyout bid: 27k pure ped Once starting bid is accepted I'll post a comment and reverse auction will run for a week or less if buyout bid is made. P.S. After buying your tokens I'll be happy...
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    Selling: 32k FFA stars

    32k FFA stars at 3.5 pec each. SOLD!