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  1. Orion

    Brexit - simply explained

    UK: We want a unicorn. EU: Unicorns do not exist - you can have a pony. UK: We voted, we do not want the pony. EU: A pony or nothing at all. UK: We have voted. We do not want anything at all. EU: You have not understood it yet, right? UK: We need more time to think. EU: About the pony or...
  2. Orion

    Shaolin: Happy Birthday Sweet 16 !

    Shaolin turns Sweet Sixteen! Founded on August 11th, 2003 and against all MA(n) made odds, Shaolin proudly celebrates its 16th anniversary today! Since the days of chances, turmoil and confusion, we covered quite a distance now, just to share this little Happy Birthday song with you:
  3. Orion

    Selling: Adj. Maddox 4 T2.9 + Beast Amp

    SOLD for Buyout ! Maddox 4 Adjusted T2.9 low SIB skill requirements = rec. level 40, maxed level 44.5 ultra fast reload of 78 attack per minute = very low overkill and fast chance to heal, if necessary together with Fi/Ra/Co Beast 3rd best Unlimited BLP Amp available! Find its...
  4. Orion

    Adapt or Die !?

    The changes of VU 16 accomodate some players, which welcome them. But as i interprete the playbase's reaction, the reception of the changes to hunting by VU16 seem to be unwelcomed by a vast majority of players. An Analogy The house is on fire. The foundation is brittle. The facade is...
  5. Orion

    Suggestion: Create Item Link

    in analogy to the already existing create waypoint link /wp [Calypso, 10000, 10000, 100, NameOfPlace] and therefore an already implemented technology i hereby ask to get the whole job done and to introduce a create default item link for all existing items. like /il [Maddox IV Adjusted] or /il...
  6. Orion

    Merry X-Mas and Peace to the World!

    Shaolin wishes you a Merry Christmas! In Memoriam Item dropping (2018) Let us forget about the grudge with MindArk and bad loots for the remaining time of the year (there are only a few days left, we can do that) and be nice to a new player, they are our future! Shaolin wishes you a Merry...
  7. Orion

    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.I

    please PM me your offer with current tier level and remaining tier increase rate. thank you very much.
  8. Orion

    Shaolin: 15th Anniversary

    Ladies and Gentlemen, dear friends! We are happy to celebrate Shaolin's 15th Anniversary today. On August 11th, 2003 our dear founder Xian Li HH Xu pressed the brand new soc terminal's button to create a society, named it "Shaolin" and breathed life into it. :wise:*Hint: Click each picture for...
  9. Orion

    Entropia Pocket Security

    Question: Does the Entropia Pocket Solution TANGenerator read/process/send ANY private/personal data from a smartphone it is installed on? like Email adresses GPS Geo location Contents of USB storage Modify or delete the contents of USB storage Take pictures or videos Receive data from...
  10. Orion

    Buying: Impoved Restoration Chip

    i would like to buy your [Restoration Chip Improved]. please PM me your offers here or contact me ingame: Eleria Orion Starwind
  11. Orion

    ATH: Silent ATH: 49485 + Hedoc SK-80

    Today we had a very privat "Welcome to Shaolin"-Team Hunt to welcome our newest member Sebastian Blut Graf: Sebastian Blut Graf and i looted: [Hedoc SK-80] 7.281,21 PED TT [Genesis Globstrosity (L)] Full TT [Isis LC-35 (L)] Full TT and LOADS of Shrapnel ~50:50 Shoshii, his lucky finger...
  12. Orion

    Selling: Pixie Armor Full Set (F) below MU

    Selling a full set of Pixie Armor (F) Protection: 20,24 HP / pec! The full set for TT+19,00 PED only! Discount over -15% ! (current price for the full set according to auction: TT+ 22,40 PED) For best possible protection the armor is fully repaired.
  13. Orion

    Suggestion: Item Links by command and from info window

    atm there is no way to retrieve an item link for items, which arent in my possession, or currently offered in auction. I would love to see the introduction of a command that changes the written name of an existing item into the item link. also i would love to retrieve the item link from the...
  14. Orion

    Buying: 5D plates - full set

    I would like to buy a full set of 7 x Armor Plating Mark.5D Happily awaiting your reasonable offers, - Orion
  15. Orion

    Buying: Starkhov LPR-30 (L)

    I buy one Starkhov LPR-30 (L) at FULL condition. Don't have that gun for sale yourself? 10% comission, if you bring me the seller! Plz PM me here or find me ingame: Eleria Orion Starwind thank you very much!
  16. Orion

    Can't delete Album Pics

    for some reason i can't delete my Album pics. maybe there is something i miss. especially about a "Save Changes" button, which i seemingly do not get. can you help me? This is how i proceed:
  17. Orion

    Question: Tuning Nano Adjuster W03 - Which Bot drops it?

    I am desperately looking for a bot type that has confirmed drops of Tuning Nano Adjuster W03. after several 10k cycled i still wasnt lucky. or just on the wrong mob? Who knows more about it?
  18. Orion

    Orion's Cheaper Shop: -10%, -1%, -1PED on auc price!

    Buyers and Traders! Find everything cheaper here! Everyting is way cheaper than in auction (and cheaper than in headline)! it is worth taking a look here! Get it here: GENESIS Amethera Headquarter, GENESIS Tower B, Block B, Shop #4 The early bird catches the worm! Enjoy your stay! (Note...
  19. Orion

    Buying: Nutrio Bars

    according to the most popular auction sites like and similar, the price trend for nutrio bars goes vertically down and first sales recently have broken the 200% mark, falling further! 60% loss in less than 3 months! to prevent further losses of the nutrio bar owners and for...
  20. Orion

    Shaolin wants YOU!

    CURRENTLY RECRUITING Welcome, dear comrade-in-arms! Shaolin is part of the Project Entropia history (now EU) since 2003-08-11 and we label the game ever since. Usually Shaolin will be the final Society you join, before retiring long after. The oldest active members of Shaolin are now over...
  21. Orion

    REWARD! B: Shadow Gloves (F)

    as topic says, im buying Shadow Gloves (Female). $$$ REWARD! $$$ If you can establish contact between me and a seller, i offer you 5% of the selling price in case of successful trade! easy money! go and get it. contact me: MSN: Ingame:Eleria Orion Starwind Shaolin society
  22. Orion

    Buying: Full Eon (F), Shadow, hangar

    Buying: Shadow gloves (F) Finders REWARD! 5% of the traded price as finders reward for the person, who brings me in contact with the seller. (payout only on a successful trade!) im searching - Shadow Gloves (F) got hangar, looking for the gloves. (be so kind and spare me fantasy offers, i...
  23. Orion


    well, lets begin... i take this as a maintenance thread for my link collection. once i have gathered more usefull info from several forums, i may outsource the collection from EP anyways. i have been thinking about this since a while now. maybe to a neutral spot. i dont know yet. i guess it...
  24. Orion

    Orion says Hello!

    well, seems that it is time to expand my working fields. i hope one or another player knows me from the EP forum. my Link Collection may be known to a few ppl aswell. i would be happy to extend it with more usefull hints for newcomers and pros. if you know good stuff from this site, be so...