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  1. HinDragoz

    Selling: 4178 FFA points

    4178 FFA points 3.5pec each. PM me and I'll receive a notification for it.
  2. HinDragoz

    Selling: Support Weapon Systems Skill

    PM here or contact me in game if you need Support Weapon Systems skill. Will chip out any amount on request. Amount: ~400ped TT Price: 2500%
  3. HinDragoz

    Selling: 2x Mining Strongbox 1

    Selling 2x mining strongbox 1. Drop me some offers and let’s see where the price goes at :) Edit: SOLD!
  4. HinDragoz

    Selling: Atrox Sapphire Pup L1

    Drop me some offers for Atrox Sapphire Pup :) Current level: 9 Passive Unlocks Level 15: Auto Loot 5 meters Level 25: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming 20% BO: 1k Current offer: 600ped SOLD!
  5. HinDragoz

    Selling: Dante or trading for imp A105 + peds

  6. HinDragoz

    Selling: 159.75TT Empty Skill Implant

    Heya, Need ESI? PM me here or contact me in game and we'll have a chat :) Edit: SOLD!
  7. HinDragoz

    Selling: Shopkeeper Pad F

    Selling Shopkeeper Pad Female SOLD!
  8. HinDragoz

    Buying: Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted

    Bought! ....
  9. HinDragoz

    Buying: Explosive Projectiles

    Buying explosive ammo 100.5%. Send me a PM here or in game :) Currently looking for: 0
  10. HinDragoz

    Selling: Gold

    Selling gold. PM me here or contact me in game if you're looking to buy some :)
  11. HinDragoz

    Buying: Ares Ring Improved

    No longer needed.
  12. HinDragoz

    Selling: Explosive Projectile Weaponry

    Contact me here or in game and I'll chip out explosive skill for you. Amount for sale: Out of stock!
  13. HinDragoz

    Selling: Perseus (M, L) parts

    All pieces are full TT! 2x Harness 240tt - 165% 2x Arms 140tt - 185% 2x Shin 130tt - 170% 2x Helmet 130tt - 190% 1x Gloves 100tt - 190% 1x Foot 120tt - 180%
  14. HinDragoz

    Selling: Arkadian Golden Key

  15. HinDragoz

    Selling: GUNNAR Vayper Certificate (RL gaming glasses)

    The auction will run for 2 days after SB is met SB 550ped BO 700ped Sold!
  16. HinDragoz

    Selling: Magurg & Yarrijak DNA parts

    Selling magurg male foot and yarrijak thorax for 2.5k each or 4.5k for both.
  17. HinDragoz

    Selling: Perseus set M, L

    Selling a full set of Perseus M, L for 145%. Set is at full TT
  18. HinDragoz

    Selling: Ranked Psy-Sword

    Selling Ranked Psy-Sword SB +750 BO +1k Sold!
  19. HinDragoz

    Selling: Ranked Psy-Sword

    Taking offer on Ranked Psy-Sword. TT will be around 100ped Rec lvl 42 swordsman Max TT 1250 DPS 38.22 Dmg/pec 2.854
  20. HinDragoz

    Selling: Perseus set M, L

    Perseus (L) Selling a full set of perseus M, L at full TT 1000ped. SB 150% BO 175% Auction runs for 2 days after SB is met SOLD!
  21. HinDragoz

    Selling: Shagadi Disintegration Sword

    Shagadi Disintegration Sword SB +1k BO +1.5k Auction runs for 3 days after SB is met. SOLD!
  22. HinDragoz

    Selling: ASG-2 Swine Deluxe T4

  23. HinDragoz

    Selling: Omegaton Bur Ning L bp L

    15 click bp for sale for 750ped (500k%)
  24. HinDragoz

    Selling: SGA driller

    Selling t1.7 sga driller for +1.6k - SOLD!
  25. HinDragoz

    Selling: Imperium Officer XT Unamped DPS 21.65 dmg/pec 2.873 With A202 DPS 31.96 dmg/pec 2.974 Selling this unique toy for 2.5k - SOLD!