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  1. Coffee

    Selling: Generic Fuse

    I have a Generic Fuse for sale. Please send a PM with offer if interested. Thank you.
  2. Coffee

    Constant crash after last patch.

    Everything was working fine last night. Tried to log in today but had a new patch download first. After the patch I get as far as putting in my gold card number and it appears to start loading but instead will crash. Happens everytime now and I can't get further. I tried rebooting, setting...
  3. Coffee

    Tree Climbing in VU 10

    Thought it was funny to see. Lots of people have had problems logging in and having thier avatar below ground. Seems MA has been working on the problem but went a little too far in the opposite direction. :laugh: This is what happened to me after logging out and back in under a tree...
  4. Coffee

    Selling: Starkhov AS-147

    Selling Starkhov AS-147 for +4500.
  5. Coffee

    The Gladiatorial Battles

    With all that has happened with the recent Land Grab and some of the complaints/concerns raised I was struck with an idea. As LG stands now I don't wish to see it altered. I posted my comments on that here. One of the main issues brought up in opposition to alliances though was the lack of...
  6. Coffee

    Selling: Skills... lots of them.

    Selling large amounts of combat related skills. Will take requests from serious buyers for large orders. Due to ESI cost, do not ask for anything that is not within avg auction prices. CSV file available for those interested. PM me with/for details and I will try to reply promptly.
  7. Coffee

    Selling: Shadow Harness (F) Unlimited

    EDIT: NO LONGER AVAILABLE THRU FORUM... Moved to ingame auction.
  8. Coffee

    Foamy the Squirrel Rants About Forums.

    Couldn't help but post this. There should be many people here that get a good laugh from it. It's an animated flash cartoon from Ill Will Press. Foamy rocks! :laugh: Foamy's Forum Rant
  9. Coffee

    Selling: Full Tiger (F)

    SOLD TO ATAMI Full Tiger (F) w/feet. This is not an auction or a price check thread. Sale will be made to first person who offers 50K. I'll bump for a year but won't take less. Peds only.
  10. Coffee

    Selling: Full Tiger (F) (including feet)

    CANCELED Due to RL changes.
  11. Coffee

    Selling: TRADING: ML35 & 147ME for Jungle

    Offer Taken. Mods, where's the Trading prefix? I am looking for a change in gear. I am offering up a straight trade of my ML-35 and 147 Mentor Edition for a Jungle Stalker. Everyone should be familiar with ML35 but feel free to visit for a refresher if needed. For those not...
  12. Coffee

    Coffee's Sweating Team For 4-27

    Coffee's Sweating Event (Team) For 4-27 EDIT: FULL, NO SPOTS LEFT. Goal Time: 21:30 Calypso Time Location: Nea's Hello All Sweataholics, Tired of the Revive Terminal? Want to maximize your productivity? Tired of the big crowds and Lag? This may be for you. :) I'm going to be putting...
  13. Coffee

    Trading Starkhov AS-147 ME (maybe)

    I'm wanting to get into PvP more but my weapon is better suited for tanking large mobs. Looking to trade my Starkhov AS-147 ME for a ML-35. Looking for straight trade only. Please don't start any discussions about benefits or prices of either weapon. Only considering this for a short time...
  14. Coffee

    Scopes... for more than just weapons.

    I love my scopes so much I decided to slap one on everything I own... Having trouble fapping that sweating noob running all over the place? ... Scope your Fap!! Having trouble scanning mob's from a distance? ... Slap a Hanzor on it!! Having trouble hitting the right spot when you TP? ...
  15. Coffee

    Trash talk and angry people at Rig.

    A couple of incidents have occured while I have enjoyed myself hanging out at the rig and practicing my pvp (that badly needs improvement.) Those incidents have prompted me to try and address such possible problems via the forum. Trash talking has always been a part of pvp evets. Although I...
  16. Coffee

    Discovered Polaris Harness :)

    Wowwwww :) ... so cool... never thought I would be one to have a first discovery. Polaris Harness looted. Pics below.
  17. Coffee

    "Kill Coffee" -- The Tournament

    Lots of people enjoy PVP and I like to hang out at the ring sometimes just for this reason. It wasn't until MA's last event though where there was an objective to it that I realized how much fun that could bring. I did a little thinking about that and have come up with what I think is a cool...
  18. Coffee

    PC: Starkhov AS-147 ME

    Haven't been able to track the price very well on these at all. I had overpayed on mine about a year ago in anticipation of the price jumping but then the amp nerf came around. From what I've heard though, the price may have still doubled over time. Anyone have some solid leads as to what...
  19. Coffee

    Yayyyyy!! Coffee gets some Sense :)

    Finally got Combat Sense unlocked. :yay: The last two seem soooo far away now though. :rolleyes: Oh well, guess it's back to shoot, shoot, shoot. :D
  20. Coffee

    Coffee Gets Wounding

    Well I've been away for a while but came back determined to finish getting to level 45 in Ranged BLP (DMG). Couldn't stand the extremely slow progress of my skills so I cheated some and chipped a couple small anatomy implants to get the rest of the way. :ahh: Happy to finally have it...
  21. Coffee

    Who is the "Cats Ass" with you?

    Well I have to say that I really apreciated the thought behind Peppers thread about the sharing of the rose (here). Unfortunately I just couldn't bring myself to post there as it was just a little to mushy for me. I have a feeling there are others that felt the same way I did. After having...
  22. Coffee

    PC: Armax Large Horn

    Well I looted my first ever Armax Large Horn. Was hoping to get a price quote on it as I believe it was one of the rarer Armax parts. Anyone loot and sell any of these recently? (I know there's limited auction data on them but I have a feeling there may have been ones sold via private trade...
  23. Coffee

    Treatment Unlocked

    :yay: That last bit was a sloooooowww battle but I finally got it. :)
  24. Coffee

    Medium Health

    Finally made it to Medium Health level. :yay: One more small step on my way to Uberness. :silly2:
  25. Coffee

    Unlocked Extraction

    :yay: Another one under my belt. Slow on unlocking mining skills as I'm working harder on my combat but still making progress. ;)