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  1. sherpaq

    Price Check Full jaguar armour

    Hi, has any one got a idea what a full set of jaguar armour is worth at the moment? Thank you in advance as I don't get to play much now and have a set sitting my storage
  2. sherpaq

    Paladin armour

    Hi, what do people think a full set off Paladin armour is worth now? Have a set in storage I hardly use any more, mostly T1 and T2
  3. sherpaq

    Buying: Jaguar gloves m ul or adjusted jag gloves

    HI, am looking for jag gloves M preferable low tier or adjusted jag gloves any tiers have ped waiting for the right seller... contact me ingame sherpa sherpa man or pm me on forum :)
  4. sherpaq

    Selling: Gremlin armour, TP3 chip, 1 CLD, 25 AUDS, omegatron amps 101,102,103,104

    Here i have for sale 1 CLD = 1950 PED SOLD 25 AUDS = 80 PED each or all 25 for TT+ 1980 ped ALL SOLD 1 set of gremlin armour mostly tier 1, harness at tier 2 TT+300 PED SOLD AMPS all at lowest tt value omegaton a101 TT+285 ped omegaton a102 TT+155 ped omegaton a103 TT+115 ped...
  5. sherpaq

    Selling: bear armour

    selling my beloved bear armour so i can free up some peds, see attached photo for tier rates and tiers selling for tt+1250 in pure PEDS will NOT sell parts separatly pm me ingame= sherpa sherpa man or on forum
  6. sherpaq

    Buying: Improved ek 2350

    Am looking to buy a improved ek2350 pm in-game or on forum with your offers
  7. sherpaq

    Selling: Christmas ring 2016

    Am selling the first xmas ring 2016 as discovered by me last night, pm me your offers ingame or on forum, pure ped only or AUD or CLD at daily market rate.Get this ring ready for mayhem SB=30000 ped BO=50000 ped Once start bid is reached i will sell in three days Click on pics to...
  8. sherpaq

    Christmas ring 2016

    As the proud owner and discoverer of this amazing ring, what are peoples opinions of its value? am sure there will be a few pk,ers who would like the defense boost but is also a great mining and hunting ring too, and for the moment unique!
  9. sherpaq

    Discovery: Christmas ring 2016

    Am still in shock!!! can not belive i am the first to discover this amazing ring, after nearly ten years in game this is the best item i have ever found by a million miles lol...regen chip V II was the best till know, gonna go play with it for a few days till i decide what to do with it...
  10. sherpaq

    First ever withdrawal

    Just a little info post, have made my first withdrawal today (18/1/2016).... lets see how long it takes!
  11. sherpaq

    Selling: 7760 FFA points

    As the title says i am selling 7760 FFA points as a job lot, no splitting them up ....opening bid @ 1250 ped BO @1550 PED ....pure ped please no items Will sell after 48 hours from opening bid is made PM me in forum or in game.......sherpa sherpa man thanks
  12. sherpaq

    Selling: 3 cld and ul regen chip vii

    Hi sorry all 3 CLD sold for asking price also i have a UL regen VII chip for sale sb of 500 ped bo for 800 ped reserve the right to refuse offers and withdraw item if i see fit, sale for chip will last one...
  13. sherpaq

    pc on a regen chip VII

    pc on a regen chip VII (UL) Hi looted this earlyer today off the sandking, can any one give me a idea how much they are worth now?.....would like to keep it but at the moment only level 7 biotropic :-( so will be up for sale soon...ohhh and this is the best item i have ever looted in 8 years...
  14. sherpaq

    Help: looking for a high level menter (above level 54 )

    Hi am a long time player in entropia ( 6 six years now )and am looking for a menter so i can get the Achievements and pixie armour for graduating am not looking for any help of advice (or peds :-p ) just someone who will help me out, not realy sure if this is possible with me being level 54...
  15. sherpaq

    Buying: Paladin footguards

    am looking for a nice pair of paladin footguards,already have one pair but tier rates are crappy on them. so looking for a pair with nice tiers on it
  16. sherpaq

    Buying: buying LR41 or LR32

    buying either a unlimited LR41 or unlimited LR32 must be low tt or have nice tier here or pm ,thanks for any replys
  17. sherpaq

    Buying: buying adjusted hero or hero sga

    am looking for a adjusted hero or adjusted hero sga, have peds waiting for you gun, post here or send message to my pm box........thanks
  18. sherpaq

    Uber: esto 16059 hof

    well what can i say!!!! am so f**king happy my best loot ever :D :D :D only all oils and a ul3 L but i will take it
  19. sherpaq

    Achievement: first iron mission finished 10000 atrox

    well finaly got to finish this one, was a long journey with a few surprises, got my first uber over 1000 ped and ended up with four ubers in total, the best being 1865 and i only deposited $550 dollers in the last year to do it as well :-) :-) and to top it off i finaly got avoidance at the end...
  20. sherpaq

    Achievement: finaly, wounding and combat sense

    well after over five years playing(with some breaks) have finaly got myself wounding and combat sense :-) maybe one day i might get commando but think killstrike will be a very very long way away lol
  21. sherpaq

    1815 ped atroc :-)

    my highest loot to date 1815 ped atrox with a full cb26 and a top 5 spot in the hof .......very happy :-)
  22. sherpaq

    nice feff 1359 ped

    after a day of losing on atrox i decides to try my luck with feffs..... boy am i glad i did! lol
  23. sherpaq

    is bob the builder still up and working?

    hi, can anyone get onto the bob the builder website? have not bin on there for a few months and tryed tonight to see what i could craft with what i got in my invortory but cant load the page, has anyone got a link to the website i can use?
  24. sherpaq

    Question: warrior spawns

    can anyone tell me where these creatures spawn now in decent quantity and low maturity ... suitable for iron missions? thanks for any replys :thumbup:
  25. sherpaq

    HoF: nice hof with full isis cb26

    was down to my last few hundred shots with me trusty adapted monty and got this little beauty :-)