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  1. Axel Foley Head

    Swirlies Swirlies Swirlies

    Cool perspective I must admit :) Could watch swirlies all day...
  2. Axel Foley Head

    Mindark fix this!! (Hogglo Diablo event)

    This is not about buying skills MA made a mistake and alot of ppl are taking advantage of it
  3. Axel Foley Head

    Mindark fix this!! (Hogglo Diablo event)

    This is fucked up. Hate seeing people trying to exploit (call it whatever you want) this game in every single possible way.
  4. Axel Foley Head

    Hogglo Diablo ?

    Anyone got a pic of it?
  5. Axel Foley Head

    Question: Bot Invasion? Attackers at Swamp Camp

    Found a few close to PA also, in the snable kingdom
  6. Axel Foley Head

    Improved Performance/Loading In Game?

    Maybe thanks to the stress tests? :)
  7. Axel Foley Head

    Achievement: Coolness

    Gratz! Coolness is a great unlock and as Jennson said, let the hp flow ;)
  8. Axel Foley Head

    Axel Foley - Iron list

    Yeah i know but that list is messy. If you don't like this don't read, Simple as that And for the second part this is nothing to brag about, only track.
  9. Axel Foley Head

    \SIG/Bling Presents Primordial Longu Slaughter Finish Multiple Iron Missions Earn Bonus Per Global + More!

    Full Avatar Name: Axel Foley Head Sponsor: Rattler Llama Simpson
  10. Axel Foley Head

    ATH: 50603 Proteron Mature

    Gratz on the ATH :yay::yay: Anything worth mentioning in the loot except shrapnel?
  11. Axel Foley Head

    Longtooth performance test event

    This is almost becoming a weekly event!
  12. Axel Foley Head

    \SIG/Bling Presents Chicken-O-Mania Finish Your Berycled iron And Gain Bonus Per Global + More!

    Name: Axel Foley Head Sponsor: Rattler Llama Simpsons Let the BBQ begin!
  13. Axel Foley Head

    (Suggestion) "Shared Loot" and Solo Hunter HoF lists

    Couldn't agree more, the "shared loot" is taking over the lists and it's as un-personal as it gets when it comes to a list of NAMES :twocents:
  14. Axel Foley Head

    The most epic hunt ever!!!

    Haha fun story :laugh: Make em tameable!
  15. Axel Foley Head

    Uber: 4809 PED Level 2 Finder Amp Light (More then 6k peds after MU)

    Gratz again Lumar! You should keep on buying things from that guy, seems like he is your lucky charm :laugh:
  16. Axel Foley Head

    Achievement: 10 years old

    Gratz again mate :yay:
  17. Axel Foley Head

    old pe posters found

    Awesome poster man! Make sure to take great care of them :D Also a few mobs/bots on the I've never seen
  18. Axel Foley Head

    Remove small birds from Dailies

    Indeed, only keep those nasty little birds for the bonus missions. But for a regular daily mission? No thanks.
  19. Axel Foley Head

    Ambulimax young-old gear?

    I would personally never hunt ambu with 35 dps since they got high regen. More like 50+ dps but that's just me :rolleyes:
  20. Axel Foley Head

    Longtooths at Port Atlantis

    TT+2 :laugh:
  21. Axel Foley Head

    Longtooths at Port Atlantis

    ditto :duh:
  22. Axel Foley Head

    Axel Foley's Fapping

    Updated first post! Lvl 21 para ready for you :wtg:
  23. Axel Foley Head

    Axel Foley - Iron list

    Kerbies are all done, fun little mob :rolleyes:
  24. Axel Foley Head

    Eco laser rifle?

    Limited or unlimited? Either way, take a look here :)
  25. Axel Foley Head

    2015 SIB Chart Update: Weapons

    Very much appreciated :bowdown: