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  1. Axel Foley Head

    Best way to skill for philo?

    As the title are saying... What is the best way to skill towards using the famous Philosopher's Sword? I know SIB on philo is L18 and it's maxed at L21... My current swordsman lvls are: Swordsman dmg - 16,97 Swordsman hit - 13,46 Havn't been using much melee at all and wanna atleast skill up...
  2. Axel Foley Head

    Question: Molisk cave?

    I just came across a small cave just south of The MegaVolt tp [59121, 83678, 587] It seems like there is nothing to do other than slaying the molisks inside? Smallest mat by entrance then bigger in the dead end of the cave. Is this cave part of some kind of mission or what did i miss? The...
  3. Axel Foley Head

    Buying: Dante

    As title says, I'm looking for a dante. Got the peds ready! Send me a PM please
  4. Axel Foley Head

    Achievement: Coolness Unlocked

    Finally :yay::yay::yay: Now let's get that HP flowing Btw, I'm as cool as all you other people now?
  5. Axel Foley Head

    Selling: Omegaton Saturn (L) - Full tt

    Hey selling this little knife! Full tt as stated above Any bids are welcome :cool:
  6. Axel Foley Head

    Axel Foley's Fapping

    Fapping for decay! Axel Foley Head I will heal/fap(whatever) you for decay only! Will show you my fap before you start hunting and then will I show you again after your hunt is done so the numbers will be correct. Another option is that if you feel like I need a bigger fap or you want me to...
  7. Axel Foley Head

    Axel Foley - Iron list

    Hello everyone! I'm making this thread so I can track and view my own progress with Calypso's iron missions. Going start it off with just listing all the iron's that i finished any stage at all and then update this OP along the way as I complete more of them. Punys 100 ✓ 500 ✓ 1k ✓ 5k 10k...
  8. Axel Foley Head

    Selling: Cosmetics

    Hey, Selling a few cosmetics like eye shadow, face paints, lip liners hair gel/spray for example if anyone is interested at all? Don't know how much these things are used now a days but better sell cheap than TT right? :)
  9. Axel Foley Head

    Achievement: The entropia master Traeskeron exterminator.

    As the title reads.. I did finish all the stages on Traeskeron :) I got a total of 31 globals with a total of 2 622 PED (just the globals amount added together). After spending many many hours in LA #1 doing the stalker ones I finally gets this message And that will be shown with a better...
  10. Axel Foley Head

    Take a look in my ring of fire!

    Have been absent from EU for a couple of days because to busy in RL... Decided to come back and to at least do 1 hunt and this is what happened! Seems like MA missed me :dunce: Grinding traesk to complete last mission on them, not to far to go and this was the best so far :yay:
  11. Axel Foley Head

    Where did this little fish come from?

    Yeah picture tells what I'm after... what is this fish doing here? Mission I've missed? :confused: Tells me "Interactive" when I click/hover mouse on it! :trout:
  12. Axel Foley Head

    Half ambulimax

    Now this one look a bit odd I think :laugh: Halfbulimax :cool:
  13. Axel Foley Head

    Question: Traeskeron skin - Looks like this?

    Not really sure it's suppose to look like this... should it? :scratch2:
  14. Axel Foley Head

    FYI: Warrior Commander 010011 Location

    Think it's pretty rare robot? Got location if somebody needs :) or else ignore Cheers, Foley :king:
  15. Axel Foley Head

    HoF: Cornundacauda 987 - Axel Foley

    Cornundacauda 987 PED as the title tells you! This was my first meet with the HoF list and I'm hoping that we will get to see each other more times :) Pretty big milestone for me since I'm non-depo! Been on and...
  16. Axel Foley Head

    Give me a hand with corn hunting - suggestion for setup!

    Hey there guys! I'm thinking of grinding corns for some time and wondering if you could help me out with a good setup! Will be killing mid lvl ones west of Fort Zeus, old-dominant(?) and looking for a good weapon of choice for shooting them! What do you suggest as a efficient and pretty eco...
  17. Axel Foley Head

    FYI: Remove nova as reward - give tokens!

    REMOVE NOVA AS REWARD - GIVE TOKENS! Yes as the title say... remove the nova fragments we get for completing mission and give us mission tokens for that instead! Why does only the new quests/missions give tokens? Change that the old missions gives tokens to because we don't have any use of...