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    The Hogglo Ranch - 500 ped Bonus Event - join now !!!

    Please register me Simon Great Great
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    Selling: Aakas fire dagger T 3.99 + Trauma Amp 4

    Hi, selling the following items: Aakas fire dagger (low tt)+ 380 ped Trauma amp + 650 ped Kind regards Simon
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    Buying: Melee Trauma Amp 6

    Hello, paying in ped or swapping for melee trauma amp 4 + peds regards Simon
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    Biggest PVP4 Kill Ever?? 6.2K PED (Silent Uber)

    I also had a +6K one, way backkk.
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    Simon's Great Hunting Log + TWITCH

    So after many years of trying to gain some bladeskills, i finally completed my Argo 10K mission: here's a breakdown of the last 9 runs. Conclusion: I really liked this, however it went pretty slow killwise. I'm happy that I somewhat ended up with breakeven and a ton of skills, hp & strenght...
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    FYI: Simon's Great Twitch Stream

    Now living and killing argo's, 700 kills in right now.
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    FYI: Simon's Great Twitch Stream

    Now streaming live and chatting on: See u there Simon
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    Simon's Great Hunting Log + TWITCH

    Simon's Hunting Log Hey all ! This is an updated thread of my old journey (as i couldn't edit it anymore), from now on i'll mostly stream: "Decided to track again my journey in Entropia Universe. This time I'll do more effort in tracking, playing eco and...
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    Simon's Hunting Log

    Revamping this thread: Starting with 7881 /10k argonaut. I'm live on twitch:
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    Red Ped Redemption Events!

    Wes please tell me when you're on caly and online, as i'm having exams now and don't want to waste any time whatsoever.
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    AOL #29 Mining Paradise Event

    Please register Simon Great Great Thx
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    Selling: 7132 FFA Mayhem Stars

    To the window
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    Entropiafund Mining Mania

    Add me please
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    EVENT : Medusa's Head - Enyo Island Mining Event KickOff

    Please add Simon Great Great
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    Selling: Pyrite (large quantity)

    Bump 1k tt
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    Largoth's Mining Vlog

    If I were u, I wouldn't go to these belkar places.. as you're only getting 101% MU. Try focus on nik, duru, azz, gazz, plenty of it out there ! GL :)
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    Selling: Free skills u provide esi.

    Why even bother playing if u giving away so much skills ? :p bump
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    Question: Pyrite Mining Reward

    I always went for miningrewards, as I dont' do enmatter for years. They should make em repeatable, finished VI loooong time ago :mad:
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    Biggest unamped HOF you got?

    6,7 k Alicenies liquid back in 2006, with TT finder !! :eyecrazy:
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    Selling: Full Adjusted Nemesis Tier 1,9

    TT +1,6k here, BUMP
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    Doer's brain blows up

    Good luck buddy !!
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    current losses and upcoming crafting/mining changes

    Yeah indeed, only have experience with the second gap as i always do amped mining. Which makes me believe you can now find 2,5- 4k ped claims with level 8 (third gap). Which was also not possible before.
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    Count to 600 before a mod/admin posts!

    449 !!!! :eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy: