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    Selling: Aakas fire dagger T 3.99 + Trauma Amp 4

    Hi, selling the following items: Aakas fire dagger (low tt)+ 380 ped Trauma amp + 650 ped Kind regards Simon
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    Buying: Melee Trauma Amp 6

    Hello, paying in ped or swapping for melee trauma amp 4 + peds regards Simon
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    FYI: Simon's Great Twitch Stream

    Now streaming live and chatting on: See u there Simon
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    Simon's Great Hunting Log + TWITCH

    Simon's Hunting Log Hey all ! This is an updated thread of my old journey (as i couldn't edit it anymore), from now on i'll mostly stream: "Decided to track again my journey in Entropia Universe. This time I'll do more effort in tracking, playing eco and...
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    Question: Phone stolen w/ Entropiapocket? What now?

    Hi. Was thinking about this potential problem, what if you lost your phone or it gets stolen. How can we then access EU? Should you install the entropiapocket app on a second device as a safety, so you can access your account? Or can you still access the gold card? After you have activated EU...
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    Mining incentives

    Hi, with the implementation of the new UL MF amps it got me wondering, should EU implement mining stuff? Giving incentive to people to grind to these higher levels.. Currently we haven't seen any added stuff in years in exception with the mining missions and the bombs changed to probes.. SO...
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    Achievement: Level 60 miner: drilling expertise

    Hiya ! Entropia has been rough for me after i had a lot of ups in 2015, think i hit more than 5 towers that year and countless ubers. Which resulted in a nice pedcard, from which i withdrew 30k. Seems EU didn't like that, as a non depo player. I slowly lost my entire PEDcard during 2016 and...
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    Buying: Leoi Schock Dagger

    Looking for low tiered one, shoot me a pm here or ingame. Simon Great Great
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    Question: Whats your level of Miner / Prospector / Surveyor

    Titel says it all, lets see who has the highest level. + any whishes to dev team to implement equipment for +50 level ? :cool: Miner: 59 Prospector: 52 Surveyor: 31
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    Selling: Marber Bravo, VAT 120 T1, Katsuichi Determination

    Hi guys Just selling some items that are not used: Marber Bravo-Type Plasma Annihilator Good tagger, ideal gun for someone who hasn't own a tagger before. Nice weapon for small troxies :sniper: Can be upgraded to adjusted thanks to update. Tier 0.8 16 ped TT. Asking price : SOLD VAT...
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    Achievement: Avoidance

    Hi all Another unlock, just hit 25 evader. Have done many hunts lately, so got the unlock sooner than expected. Really happy with this it, should be pretty beneficial to evader and dodge skill. See you guys at combat sense, currently level 47,8 !
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    Achievement: 150 Hp and 150k skills

    Hi all Today I finally hit my longtime goal of reaching 150k total skills and 150 hp. I never ever thought I would have the motivation and peds to keep playing, but I finally made it! I have this account for 9,5 years now, but started playing serious since june 2013. I figured out a new...
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    Great's Decay DPS Service

    Hi all I'm starting this service because I'm trying to skill my avatar. I'm a medium player that does some occasional hunting. Last months I have focused on mining and skilling up knifefighter but it's time for focussing again on rifle. I'm willing to help you on any mob, on any planet. In...
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    Completed Pyrite VI & achieved level 50 miner

    Hi all Never thought I was ever going to post it, took me almost 2 years to complete this chain. The chain is around 100k points, my highest achievement ingame. I know I'm not the first one completing it, nevertheless feels awesome. I took the mining skill reward, which gave me 500 points...
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    Watch out for this

    Hi people, Was looking for an Isis LC 35 on auction, found this one pretty suspicious.. Average mu for this is arround 6800 %, so 68 ped. This mistake can be made if you're clicking on the lowest / highest BO. I almost clicked it myself, good that I double checked. + Really don't think this...
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    Selling: Armor, mining, ores, fap

    Hi all, I won't be able to be online much upcoming months. That's why I'm selling my setup. Please contact me here, not ingame. Phantom set (M) Harness, Thigh, face mask and arms Tier 1 Shin tier 2 Gloves, foot tier 3, SB: - Bo: +1,7 K Pixie set (M) All tier 0 offer Armor Plating Mark...
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    Selling: TerraMaster 3 Gold Rush T 5.9

    Hi all Trying to sell this UL finder, currently tier 5.9 Some stats: 631.8 metres without enhancers 866.9 with enhancers SB: - BO: TT + 3K Pm here, not too active in game these days. Simon
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    Selling: Large amount of ores

    Hi, I'm selling fat stacks of Narc, Blau, Nik, Duru, Lyst, Azzurdite, Erdorium. I'm willing to sell below auction mu. + I can supply every week. Pm me here or in game if intrested :) Simon Great Great
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    Buying: A105/ adjusted + Set of 5B's

    Title says it all, pm me here or ingame. Simon
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    Carbine between level 35-40

    Hey guys Quick question, I'm looking for a laser carbine between level 35 - 40. + Any advice for guns for after level 40? L or UL doesn't matter, UL would be fine for me Thanks a lot. Simon
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    Buying: Real Life Poster(s) / EU Stuff

    Hey guys I really like Entropia, but it's a shame that there is none merchandising at the moment. I know there were some posters in the past, is there some way some one could sell one to me ? Or a magazine / little statue. Peds would be easiest way to make a deal i guess. We'll see what we...
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    Third tower in 1 month @ PVP4

    Hi folks This tower, a 4598 ped erdorium, was found on the 29th of september. So this means this is my third tower in PVP in the month of september. :yay: Still can't believe how much luck I've had last months. I've been non stop grinding the zone to become better in mining profession. 1)...
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    Buying: Set 5B plates

    Title says it all, want to buy a set ! Pm me here or ingame ! Simon
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    Selling: Gremlin M Set

    Hi folks Selling this set because I upgraded to Phantom. So I don't need this one.. All parts are 0.9 tier, except for face guards (0,7). It's full TT. I'm looking for TT + 150 Simon Great Great
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    Buying: Phantom M Set

    Hi folks Intrested in buying a Phantom M set, please contact me here or ingame. :) Simon Great Great