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  1. kobar

    Question: How to Name Your Pet w/ Pet Name Tags

    Could someone post directions on how to do please.
  2. kobar

    Set of Infiltrator (L) Armor Male

    Infiltrator (L) Male Helmet Harness Arms Gloves Thigh Shin Feet TOTALS TT value $ 111.35 $ 218.87 $ 164.97 $ 126.12 $ 159.56 $ 166.33 $ 115.67 $ 1,062.87 Max TT $ 111.50 $ 219.00 $ 165.00 $ 165.00 $ 171.50 $ 167.00 $...
  3. kobar

    Lets talk about this Las Vegas meet up

    so who is interested and wants to go? when works for everyone? Update: Sept looking good
  4. kobar

    after i accepted summons game closed now i cant log in

    after i accepted summons game closed now i cant log in now game just closes after loading screen after I signing in please put me back on a planet
  5. kobar

    Halloween Event

    Well when event officially started entered the instance killing one or two mobs before I realized I had walked into a higher portal than I intended, oops. Believe that disqualifies me from competition, not sure. So for fun I played in portal #1 and was breaking even or tiny profit just enough...
  6. kobar

    EU Test Server

    EU Test Server where portions of the game are made available for players to test out and provide feedback to MA. It's for people to make sure the new stuff is working right before MA puts it into the game. Who better to help test how the game will be.. than actual players who play it daily...
  7. kobar

    craigslist blah

    I will not trust a craigslist ads again.... I should know better right!!!!!! Drove a little 100 miles for a job interview and when I arrive they don't answer.
  8. kobar

    hows the taming system comming along eh

    err cant find where I read it but remember it saying they planning on working on taming system this year? I do wonder status on that.
  9. kobar

    Fishing Utah

    Prob the last time I get to fish before everything turns to ice. First snow of the year came last night."][/URL]
  10. kobar

    looking for screenshots of F avatars in full armor w/ matching coats

    looking for screenshots of F avatars in full armor w/ matching coats please post for us to see :)
  11. kobar

    Selling: 505.72 TT esi

    so Phill and I looted a 505.72 esi. selling for 750%
  12. kobar

    "Tier Enhancer"

    Suggestion for a new kind of enhancer: "Tier Enhancer"
  13. kobar

    Space Event Sign-up

    Space Event Sign-ups New Event will name the Top-Gun in Space PVP Sponsors: Kobar Kobar Bar - 100 peds BIG Industries - 100 peds BIG Industries l Promotional Services - Town crier services Boardian Chilix - 100 peds Need officials, live streaming, commentator and ofcourse more sponsors...
  14. kobar

    STEAM client anyone use it?

    Does anyone else use Steam client to manage games? So far I like it, but want to add friends who also use it. Even takes manual screenshots Buy and download full retail game Join the Steam Community Chat with your friends while gaming Play your games on any supported platform Schedule a...
  15. kobar

    Event: Top Gun of Space PvP

    (easier to read version and signups moved to thread link below ) New Event will prove who is Top-Gun in Space PvP Who will be ...... The Greatest Space PvP’er in Entropia Universe Lets...
  16. kobar

    Unsportsmanlike behavior or technique, tricks of the trade?

    I reading through the threads came across one that sparked idea for this topic. "...We had some ups and downs during the events, mutliple teams in area, mob training from other "competitors" mob stealing and dragging away from one spawn area to another was also present...." I hope i dont...
  17. kobar

    Selling: Female Clothes

    Clothes are not going to make me a better hunter, so off they go. no rush :) Underwear set - everything colored to match the bra Silk Line Paradise Bra (F) 19.88 tt + 126 pedHavok Thong (F,C) 42.92 tt + 17 ped Trix Stiletto Heels (F,C) 33.74 tt + 23 ped SOLD Uncolored- Tiger Stockings (F,C)...
  18. kobar

    Adjusted Fap

    Adj Fap Price check also if it was tiered one up 1, 2 or 3 Thanks
  19. kobar

    Selling: Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 Tier 2.6

    Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 NOW Tier 3.2 accepting offers or trades or B/O: TT+3200 peds Link to info on entropedia see screenshots for tier rates I reserve right to cancel any time. Thanks
  20. kobar

    Pricecheck on Assassin R150 Unl

    Im seriously thinking about getting one of these. Need opinion what tier 6 is worth. link to info for gun on entropedia
  21. kobar

    Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 Tier 2.5

    Pricecheck Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1 Tier 2.5 not sure what info u need to give me an idea so included it all below in screenshots. price history for all tiers :P (pics prob not in order) Thanks
  22. kobar

    Tracking Team Loots

    Ok got two choices (default) Show amount and Show value. Why is there a Show value most of the stuff is not right. But i did notice (may just be a coincidence) the looted esi's tt value was correct. Value was just rounded to ped. I noticed same thing with the Big Bulk loot. Can anyone tell me if...
  23. kobar

    California Players

    All California players raise ur hand, and post here please. :P so far: Northern California Sacramento Oakland Redwood City Southern California Los Angeles Carlsbad Orange county San Diego
  24. kobar

    My experiance with the makeup system

    Zoom helps alot Havent figures out how to change the viewing angle when working on myself but i can when working on other someone else. Wishlist: Save button. Ability to turn on/off drawing same on other side of face. Adjust bruch shape. Keep reading if u want to see what i've created...
  25. kobar

    Where do u get make up?

    Besides in the auction..... Its got to come from some where befor its put on the auction, I assume some could be stuff people have kept in storage all this time but what happens when its all gone.... What mobs loot Make up? I remember looting lots of it months ago from big warewolfs on...