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  1. Wistrel

    Question: Could you tell us about an interesting or hard to find or fix bug you've encountered since working on Entropia?

    One for the Developers, and obviously not asking for anyone to spill anything "top secret" here, but there are quite a few people who would be interested in hearing about what it's like working with the Entropia code, especially with it having been around for so many years now. It must present...
  2. Wistrel

    A Poem About the Little White Dot...

    Goodbye you little white dot your presence made me so unhappy when you were around that you really had to go I hated your existance fifteen years I'd lived without seeing you in my face all day We'll rejoice now no doubt Now roll on the next update Where Mindark fix this shit once and for all...
  3. Wistrel

    Post a picture of your Gold Card if you want to keep using it!

    Inspired by awesome work of the fan community of the Zero Escape series of games (who launched "Operation Bluebird" and got everyone who was a fan, to post a picture of their copy of the first two games, in order to encourage the final game to be made*) I figured we could give this a try in...
  4. Wistrel

    A RADICAL (really) idea - Suggestion that MA get a public Trello Board

    I've been following this other game that is in development (hope it is ok to talk of other games here by now) and they recently posted in their news letter, that they have launched a Public Trello Board. Anyhow, couldn't help thinking it would be cool if MA would set up their own board to...
  5. Wistrel

    Buying: Loughrin Cutter Two L

    Still looking for one of these. PM if you have one! Thanks!
  6. Wistrel

    Buying: NON "Nano" Mind Force chips lvl 2 (L) - ie NOT the new ones, the old ones

    Particularly want a lvl 2 pyro one. But some others also. Again alternatively if someone could point me in the direction of a shop that sells this would be good.
  7. Wistrel

    Buying: Loughrin Cutter Two L

    As above, whatever the current rate. Or just poke me in the direction of a shop that sells them
  8. Wistrel

    Buying: Star Satin Sky Underwear (F)

    PM if you have a set you want to sell. Offering TT+400 Cheers Wistrel
  9. Wistrel

    Participants of the Entropia Universe will not in any way be affected.

    Is what MA said.... but thats all well and good and as we know, EU is dynamic :lolup: and this includes Planet Calypso.... Does this mean that Planet Calypso will, in a break with the tradition of the last 6 months or so, become dynamically static and not updated anymore as MA don't "do"...
  10. Wistrel

    Graphics Glitches on Lights e.g. powerfist. How to fix?

    Hi I've been having graphics issues with lights in Entropia for some months now... I think it was one of the vu's near the start of the year when it first messed up. I know others have had the same problem. I have now tried updating graphics drivers twice and there have been several vu's so now...
  11. Wistrel

    Just saying...

    Not that I particularly mind the current avatar system (hell there wasn't anything wrong with the previous one even, at leas it had facial expressions) but thought I'd mention what the competition are working on... Now admittedly they havn't managed it YET (also even this much has been delayed...
  12. Wistrel

    Question: This on going "out of memory" milarki....

    Now I don't really want to moan but.... This out of memory error I (and several others I've spoken to) keep getting when we go to PA or Twin.... As far as I understand it, it is talking about video memory and the problem occurs due to there being too many avatars about. Setting ava detail down...
  13. Wistrel

    "CryEngine2 to the Max"

    This has been mentioned a bit recently so I thought I'd remind everyone what it means. This guy specialises in making art/realistic images with computer game technology. The following is some of his CE2 work Bear in mind here that his work is in...
  14. Wistrel

    Caves on Calypso

    OK so Rocktropia has them, Calypso USED to have some of them.... post vu10 Calypso? Seems more or less a Cave free planet..... :'( Does anyone know of any Caves on Calypso? If so shout out. To kick off: - There is a "sort of" cave (by name) on Jenifer's Island. It is part of one of the...
  15. Wistrel

    PA: You are running low on memory - no I'm not!!!

    OK so a bit of moan and no I havn't tried support, new drivers, new OS or new life but I'm not an idiot and can do simple maths. I know damn well what support will say too. Since tuesday this new PA is great but I keep getting the windows error "you do not have enough memory". Tonight MA have...
  16. Wistrel

    Real Life Account Names on PCF?

    I heard a story that this recently happened on World of Warcraft's forums. ie the game company decided to associate everyone's forum accounts with their game accounts and publish private information publicly such as real life identities alongside forum posts. As I understand it, the reasoning...
  17. Wistrel


    God.... dammit.... nooooo.... that.... wasn't.... supposed... to happen... (sigh..) :D Seriously though... is this really how bad thing are. You can't sell Orca? My how very "Dynamic" XD Wistrel
  18. Wistrel

    Space Ambience I found this set of videos set to the album "Songs of a Distant Earth". I has lots of nature/space exploration/astronomical footage. I think it might appeal to some Entropians who like space stuff and chilled ambient type music. Wistrel
  19. Wistrel

    Code Breaking Again!

    fine! Wistrel
  20. Wistrel

    Crash/Hang on exit

    OK so not a big issue but Planet Calypso crashes during exit every time since I returned to the game (after 3 year break) on friday last week. Just interested to know if anyone had a similar issue? I haven't tried much of the obvious (drivers etc) yet. Its an nvidia 260 black edition with...
  21. Wistrel

    aaaaaaand..... I'm back! = ) (first time in ce2)

    It only been er... well I sat out for the entirety of vu 9 and 10, it looks like 0_o** Anyhow this is my VU er... 11? avatar from the avi creation screen (with slight sepia effect just for fun). Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in game hopefully oh and Calypso looked stunning!*...
  22. Wistrel

    crap quality? :-{

    Heya Listening to DJ Maelstrom at the mo (11am 1st oct) and it could be my ears but Pulp -Common people and Cranberries - Zombie have both sounded terrible. Like an mp3 compressed to 40kbps rather than the 128kbps stream quality. "Really squelchy" is the best way I can describe it. :(...
  23. Wistrel

    vu9.x 1 day before vu10 ^_^

    Doubt anyone cares or even knows who I am anymore, but after nearly 2 whole years of absence from Calypso I came back and created my first vu9.x avatar yesterday. :silly2: Just for laughs, Wistrel is now somewhat tanned and dark haired, guess she's been on "walkabout" in the desert these last...
  24. Wistrel

    The Levellers on AHR!!! :D

    Just heard you guys play "This Garden" :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: Levellers NEVER get enough play time these days so thanks loads for playing my favourite band! :wtg: Wistrel PS and Queen following? - Awesomeness! :yay::yay::yay:
  25. Wistrel

    Vote: Day/Night Length

    OK so we all know now that for vu10 MA plan a 5 hour day/night cycle for good reasons* and that their initial feeling is that it should consist of 4 hours day, 1 hour night again for good reasons^. I've been thinking though and I can't help feeling 1 hour of night is too short. If you assume...