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  1. I need $

    Selling: Zorra's HK tier 1.1

    Hello I have Zorra's HK tier 1.1 for sale. Tier rates are : T2 : 52 T3 : 81 T4 : 99 T5 : 107 T6 : 52 T7 : 89 T8 : 84 T9 : 112 T10 : 85 Price is TT + 7000 PM me here or in game Carmen XXX Electra GUN IS SOLD
  2. I need $

    Selling: Fi/Ra/Co Dante

    Hello I don´t have Dante for sale. SOLD :handgun:
  3. I need $

    Selling: Lokabhu Electrifier Sword + Melee Trauma Amplifier IV

    Hello I have this sword and amp for sale : Lokabhu Electrifier Sword T 0.9 SOLD Melee Trauma Amplifier IV SOLD :trout:
  4. I need $

    Medusa Mining Shop - amplifiers and depth enhancers

    Medusa Mining Shop - mining amplifiers and depth enhancers SHOP IS CLOSED Hello I want promote my new shop. This one is devoted to mining amplifiers and mining finder depth enhancers. For now I sell Depth Enhancers I-VI. (stacks of 5 and 10) Level 5 amplifiers Level 7 amplifiers D-class...
  5. I need $

    Electra´s Enhancers - weapon damage enhancers shop

    Electra´s Enhancers - Weapon Damage & Mining Depth Hello I want promote my new shop. It´s devoted to weapon damage enhancers and mining depth enhancers. Shop stock : For hunters there are prepared : 3x stack of 10 dmg enh. tier 1-10 3x stack of 20 dmg enh. tier 1-10 2x stack of 50 dmg...
  6. I need $

    Selling: Adjusted Genesis Star Excavator

    Hi I have Adjusted Genesis Star Excavator T 0.9 for sale. Nice tool with good eco and speed. Make your lyst HOFs less annoying. :tower: SOLD
  7. I need $

    Selling: 7x Armor Plating 5B

    Hello I have set of 5B plates for sale. :smoke: SOLD GL E.
  8. I need $

    Selling: Cryogenic Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition T5.6

    Hi I have one Cryogenic Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition for sale. Tier 5.6 Remaining Tier Rates : T6 104 T7 162 T8 74 T9 129 T10 157 SOLD Cryogenic Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition T5.6 (unamped) : Damage/PEC: 2.96566 Damage/second: 27.8811 Range: 47.3 m Efficiency: 63.3% Amped...
  9. I need $

    Selling: imp Ares ring, imp Athenic ring

    Hi I have some rings for sale: imp Ares SOLD imp Athenic SOLD
  10. I need $

    Selling: Marber Tango-Type T 3.2

    Hello friends, I decided to try craft more and mine less, so I´m selling my T 3.2 Tango. I looted it, tiered it, it´s sad, but it have to go now. It can be good mining tool in right hands lol :wtg: Maxed, equipped with CDF Laser Power Amp 4 and I-III dmg enhancers it delivers 185 - 370 dmg on...
  11. I need $

    Small shop Twin Peaks Mall

    Hello Entropians, I would like to ask for a bit help with evaluating small shop in Twin Peaks Mall. I saw some big shops for sale in other malls (emerald lake and deer mall). They are priced in range 15-17k by their sellers. How much do you evaluate small shops in Twin or PA? Are they worth as...
  12. I need $

    Selling: Jaguar set (F)

    Hello I want sell my Jaguar (F) set. For now only as whole set. Foot guards are already adjusted. Price for whole set is TT +5200. I´m open to reasonable offers. Gloves T 2,9 Thigh guards T 3,9 Shin guards T 1,7 Harness T 4,0 Arm guards T 1,5 Helmet T 3,0 adjusted foot guards T 0,6 Have...
  13. I need $

    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.I tier 3.9

    Hello Entropians, I'm selling my CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.I tier 3,9 SB: tt+5200 BO: tt+6000 Auction ends one week after SB was met. I reserve rights to sell it for good offer instantly if needed. Items I'm interested in : Cryogenic Attack Nanochip V TEN EDITION NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier V, VI...
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    Question: (L) plasma hanguns 0X0...

    Hello guys, I just wanna ask if it´s nowdays still possible obtain those 0X0.... (L) plasma handguns? Are BP´s for L still droping, or there are only UL left? Looking for them in auction for some time, but didn´t saw one so I wonder how it is. I didn´t found much info about those guns at all...
  15. I need $

    Selling: WTS Gremlin and Mah´ketta (F) sets

    WTS full Gremlin (F) set Hello, I´m selling Gremlin (F) full set. Tiers are mostly 0,9. Gremlin : TT : 484 SB + 200 BO + 250 SOLD Auction ends 24 hours after SB or instantly with BO. Have nice day. Electra
  16. I need $

    Selling: Electra's Enhancers - always under auction

    Hello Entropians, I'm selling enhancers for reasonable prices (always under auction price for that quantity). 1. Weapon enhancers : Weapon damage enhancer I Weapon damage enhancer II Weapon damage enhancer III Weapon accuracy enhancer I Weapon accuracy enhancer II Weapon accuracy...
  17. I need $

    Buying: Enhancers blueprints QR 60+

    Enhancers blueprints QR 70+ Hello Entropians, I'm looking for following enhancers BP's with QR above 70 : Mining depth enhancer I-V Weapon damage enhancer IV-VI Weapon accuracy enhancer IV Please let me know if you are selling some, here or in game (Carmen XXX Electra). GL & HF Electra :pimp:
  18. I need $

    Buying: Jaguar (F) parts

    Jaguar Helmet (F) Hello Entropians, I'm looking for following UL Jaguar armor (F) parts : Helmet - adjusted or not If you have some, please let me know here or in game. (Carmen XXX Electra). In case you are selling adjusted one for good price also let me know. :wtg: GL & HF Electra
  19. I need $

    Buying: Liakon (F) parts

    Hello I'm looking for Liakon (F) parts. Please let me know here or in game. So far I have gloves and thigh guards. Carmen XXX Electra
  20. I need $

    Selling: Marber Tango-Type Plasma Annihilator T0

    Hello Entropians, I´m selling this fresh looted PK gun. It´s tier 1,2 atm. Here´s screenshot of tier rates. SB : 4000 BO : 5000 PM me here on PCF or in game. GL & HF Electra
  21. I need $

    Selling: Medical compress

    Hello Iam selling around 600TT of medical compress. If you are interested please let me know here on pcf or in game. Sb : 150% Auction ends one week after starting bid is met. GL & HF Electra
  22. I need $

    Buying: Damage and accuracy enhacers BPs - higher QR

    Hello entropians I'm looking for : Damage enh. BP I, II, III Accuracy enh. BP I, II, III QR 75+ PM me offers. GL & HF Electra
  23. I need $

    Buying: Dante

    Hello Iam looking for dante blp amp. Offering tt+1650 Contact me here On pcf or in game. Have nice day. Electra
  24. I need $

    Selling: 7x Pulsar Armour Plate 9 (L)

    Hello I´m selling set of plates. Pulsar Armour Plate 9 (L) 1 37.86 PED Pulsar Armour Plate 9 (L) 1 39.12 PED Pulsar Armour Plate 9 (L) 1 37.69 PED Pulsar Armour Plate 9 (L) 1 39.92 PED Pulsar Armour Plate 9 (L) 1 31.46 PED Pulsar Armour Plate 9 (L) 1 34.74 PED Pulsar Armour Plate 9 (L) 1...
  25. I need $

    Buying: CDF BLP Power Amp 4 (L)

    Hello as title says Iam looking for CDF BLP power amp 4 Let me know if you have one here or in game. Happy eastrer holidays !