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    Anyone having sound problems ?

    I have a very old Yamaha home theater 5.1 and I am hoping its the game and not my setup. Ofc I have had around 25 years and hate to see it go. plus a new same system (Yamaha) costs more now than when I bought this one. Anyway just wondering and hoping it's MA messing with stuff like they do :)...
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    Is dying suppose to increase you health points.

    Hate to burst you bubble but there are some of us that have a life other Entropia unlike yourself :). That statement does not apply if you confined to home.
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    Selling: Thread: Selling 10K Bones that can be traded for ONE AGILITY point

    Thank you for the kind words.
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    Is dying suppose to increase you health points.

    I was watching YouTube and saw a video there where the guy was just running and dying. Now I have noticed a lot of new players doing the same-just standing there and let mobs kill them. The video guy said he picked up 4 health points is just a few time getting killed, which is very hard to believe.