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    Anyone having sound problems ?

    I have a very old Yamaha home theater 5.1 and I am hoping its the game and not my setup. Ofc I have had around 25 years and hate to see it go. plus a new same system (Yamaha) costs more now than when I bought this one. Anyway just wondering and hoping it's MA messing with stuff like they do :)...
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    Is dying suppose to increase you health points.

    I was watching YouTube and saw a video there where the guy was just running and dying. Now I have noticed a lot of new players doing the same-just standing there and let mobs kill them. The video guy said he picked up 4 health points is just a few time getting killed, which is very hard to believe.
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    I am getting a warning Kaspersky VP when I open wikipedia

    This is the third time this has happen. It does not happen every time but every few times. KP says that this website is trying to add an extension that will hinder KP protection and trace all that you do on the web basically. I click on the delete it. I am not sure if anyone else is having this...
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    Help: Starving Atrax Mission

    I killed a starving atrax and got a pop-up said I unlocked an Atrax mission but I can find out what it is. TIA for the help
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    No Sun for over 1 hour ?

    It has been twilight for at least an hour for me. Have I missed something or have I set something in options by mistake ? I looked and found nothing about daylight and and dark or anything at all. Thanks for the help AGAIN duh.
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    Does anyone know why MA will give us a mob counter ?

    I think it would be a great way to track all sorts of things to help us be more economical. When loot two came out that was one of the big points that was made. Right weapon, armor , etc. to get the most return. If you recall from the last release, "The Man" said that no matter what we should...
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    Buying: WTB Tarsus SG 1

    As it says buying Tarsus SG 1. PM me with your price Thanks
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    Info: I think this must be some sort of a Scam.

    This morning while hunting I got a request from someone to be his mentor. Don't remember exactly what it said but I just had to accept and I would have a disciple, I hit the ignore button. The thing is I don't know this person and there was not a green dot anywhere in sight, I was completely...
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    Little help for new players

    I am sure you know that there are places on the planet, where for no apparent reason, you get stuck and can not move. Happened to me this morning. I was next to a log and just got stuck. When I first started I would try everything to get loose and would finally hit the "T" key to go to the...
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    One for the books

    I watch youtube as I am sure most do anymore. Good posts about everything including Entropia Has help for players, HOFs and ATHs. Anyway A couple of days ago my sound stop working in youtube. I was in the game and tabbed out to look something up and no sound. I thought that maybe EU had control...
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    Little help for new players

    I was hunting today and I saw what was obviously a new player. He got kill a long way from the nearest revival terminal. About 8 or 10 minutes later here he came to get his car. Before I could PM him he was gone. I wanted to tell him all he had to do was hit the F11 key and it would have...
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    Help: Can not install the latest update-Really need help here please.

    When the install gets to 95% and starts the update I get a message that the program entropiaupdater.exe has been blocked. I have tried running as an admin and get the same message and it won't even open. If I just click on (not run as admin) the icon it opens and loads and starts the D/l then I...
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    Can't Login ?

    Anyone else having problems ? Says all system online at the top and small button is green but the lunch button at the bottom is still grayed out.
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    Messaging in game.

    When you post a message in-game and have all of the options selected local, trade etc how many players see the message ? That is, is it just the players that show up on your map (green dots) or further. I would think that with local selected only the green dots but how about trade ?
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    Just a suggestion about posting

    I noticed that when I want to post a reply I have to scroll to the bottom or use control END. I also noticed that when scrolling up an up-arrow appears and I just "push" it and it goes up. How about a down arrow also ?
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    Some getting use to.

    It seems to be a bit more messy to me. Like having to go to the end of a thread to post a reply, however CTRL + END gets there but messier. Anyway we will get used to it. Just teaching an old dog new tricks, etc. :)
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    Buying: Buying or trading for B101 amps less than full TT

    I would like to trade, more than buy, less than full TT B101 amps. I have full TT Rubios that I can trade. Depending on the TT I would offer 1 to 3 full TT Rubios for each one. That is better than TT the B101s. Let me know. Thanks.
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    Isn't there a scope or sight that increases damage.

    I think I saw something about it a long time ago but can't remember the name. TIA for the info.
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    Selling: Blazar 115K

    Selling my supply for 11 ped per K, may consider an off for the whole lot, maybe.
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    Blazar Frags ?

    I see someone offering 10 ped per K. Don't know if that is high or low. Last check I looked at said around 7 ped/K but it was sometime ago. TIA
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    Where do you hunt punys ?

    I hunt Icarus, Port Atlantis and Atlantis Arch. I really like the punys much better than standing in front of a big mob and shoot for 15 minutes and hope to get lucky. I watched a video of Star Mercury killing a huge mob with 6 or 7 healers and it took 20 minutes to kill it. Not my kind of fun...
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    Selling: Thread: Selling 10K Bones that can be traded for ONE AGILITY point

    Selling 10K Bones that can be traded for ONE AGILITY point As it says 10K Bones that can be traded for ONE AGILITY point. You can buy them instantly for 100 ped. Less than 10K is 11 ped per 1K As it says, go to 77130, 68703 near Boreas and see Sarchi and trade them for one agility point...
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    Selling: Selling 10K mission Bones all or part.

    Selling 10K mission Bones all or part that can be traded for ONE AGILITY point. Less than 10K, 10 ped per K. 10K 90 ped. As it says, go to 77130, 68703 near Boreas and see Sarchi and trade 10K for an agility point. PM me here or in game.
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    Guess we are down again.

    Almost got it after a release, but not:(
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    It is amazing what you hear install a new system that is younger than 15 :) and turn sub-woffer off.

    I just installed a new sound system. I bought it several years ago but never did install it because it is such a pain. I have bad hearing so I always turn my sub-woofer off. The I one installed was a Z 906 Logi. There are moans and groans and all kind of things that I could not hear before...