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    Buying: UL Mining Amp

    Looking to buy a UL lower level type mining amp. (Lvl 1-3 or something in that price range) For peds also have Male shopkeeper that can also be part of deal. So far one offer still hoping for some others. PM offers to Djinn Gunsel Le Clef here or in game. Thanks
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    Old Timers question (~2006?)

    Does anyone from the Old Days remember if we were given some kind of shoes when we started back in PA along with out noob OJ suit? It was a pair of shoes that if you put into the TT back then they would be sold for 0 ped but would reappear in your inventory next login. At least I think the...
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    event terminal option for minimum number or participants

    It would b nice if there was some option where you could set the minimum amount of participants. If the min number of participants was not reached the event could be canceled by event creator and peds refunded to ticket buyers. The fee for creation would be lost and perhaps an additional...
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    Buying: Old Time mining gear for collection Omegaton Detectonator MD-20

    Looking to find old time miner gear. Omegaton Detectonator MD-20 Link to entropedia Not sure current going prices on this item. Please contact in forum PM or EU PM or in thread with offers. EU contact Name...
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    HoF: Merry Mayhem 2014 hof with item of note

    Merry-- correction Halloween Mayhem 2014 hof with item of note Merry-- *correction Halloween Mayhem 2014 my first serious attempt at Mayhem over the years is a success in my book. :woot: Found a Vampiric Cloak in Level 1, so MA really did give the low end a chance a good loots too. Good...
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    Question: MF chip Ranges changed?

    Hello all, I just noticed that ranges on my MF attack chips have changed. Was this something that took place intentionally during last VU? Specifically in my case old First Gen Electric Attack chips, they seem to be lower than I remember and what is shown on Entropedia. Please disregard...
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    Uber: FOMA Tower

    Finally my FOMA Tower :yay:
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    HP Pavilion dm1 Notebook and EU

    Got a very pleasant surprise this week. After doing driver update to my little HP AMD netbook with Win 7, EU works now! Only customization to stock system were 8gb ram and SSD drive. I decided to give it a try again on a lark to my surprise it did not CTD after login like it always used to...
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    Stackable Land Deed Question

    I see that land deeds are stackable from the global auction as you can buy stacks of various sizes. Are these considered lootable items in lootable PVP? If they are not meant to be, I hope this has been tested I'd hate to be the first to discover they are because of a bug..
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    Need help EU running on minimal sytem

    Hello all I have a possible insane question and would like some community suggestions. As I understand it EU is based on the Crysis engine. I have seen on youtube videos of people running crysis with minimal settings on systems based on AMD-350. I realize this is not a chip for this kind...
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    A kinder, gentler and cheaper EU?

    A kinder, gentler and cheaper EU fix? It looks like they have almost everything we got. :) From their website Hello Kitty Online (HKO) is the first and only official massively multiplayer online game (MMORPG) of Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, My Melody, Dear...
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    Vtol HUD no longer working?

    Wondering if anyone else has noticed. I was flying around Calypso I don't see Vtol altitude, and compass working anymore. Is this the case with anyone else?
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    FYI: Gunsel's Trading Post is now Open in Crystal Resort Beach - Next Island

    Gunsel's Trading Post Crystal Resort Beach Lodge 2E Ore/Enmats/Crafting Supplies Interplanetary Imports (Established 2009-12-31)
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    Planetary Loots and Balancing

    Here are some question for tshose with a better understanding of economics in general and EU that I have started to wonder about. (if this has been asked please forgive this repeat thread) If I remember from what has been said MA controls loot balancing and not the planetary partners. If this...
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    RV vehicle

    My wish for a new vehicle type... Since we have boats for a nice day at the ocean, why not have Recreational Vehicles or Camper type vehicles that we can take to the mountains for a nice camp out. Be nice to have a nice vehicle I can decorate with housing items like sinks, showers, beds and tables
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    Uber: VHQ Feffoid Warlord

    My soc m8 in VHQ, Billy got this. Well deserved, you lucky guy. :yay:
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    Discovery: Pixie SGA

    MA is trying to tell me i'm still very noob. :) Found near Billy's from Cornundos, Merp or maybe a Feffoid. Was mobbed and looting was lagging plus I was watching a video with one eye. Pretty sure it was the Cornundos Thnx and GL to everyone
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    HoF: First Tower

    I finally got one, always thought I would get one on CND. Got it while doing Sarah's TeddyBear Event, so I'll leave the coords showing :tower: Thanks to all VHQ members past and present, and my miner m8's that gave me advice as I am learning about mining and other things EU. Special...
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    HoF: VHQ Cadets: 546ped Tantillion Young

    The VHQ Cadets are on the move. Our first ever Hof on a TP run. Hope our VHQ "Seniors" see this :D Thanks to The Great Daikiba ;) From Twin Peaks to Minnopolis
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    Adjusted Sollomate Outbacko last dropped?

    Anyone know when last Adjusted Sollomate Outbacko dropped and what mob drops/dropped them? Is it still fairly possible or did my soc mates and I just encounter something special? My soc mates were doing TP run / hunt with new member and got this. ( I was doing some random dropping hoping to...
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    Wrong Registration Event Accident Prevention

    Hi was checking out the MA event I saw in login screen for LA 15. I saw this and almost bought a ticket by accident. Stopped myself when I saw the prize value and ticket cost of 20ped