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  1. SamNorth

    Selling: Weak Argonaut Claw FEN Edition + Trauma 2 FEN Amp

    Edit sold thanks all
  2. SamNorth

    Uber: Formi HoF

    Posting to claim that 25 ped bonus :yay:
  3. SamNorth

    Selling: Summer Ring 2016, UNIQUE Ardenner 40, EST, Liakon, Viking

    Hi, Selling the following: Summer Ring 2016 Right Hand 8% Reload 40% Increased Regen 2% FB 20% Acceleration 25% Laser/BLP/Blades skill gain SOLD S & B Ardenner 40 Tier 7.9, ready for T8. Remaining tiers...
  4. SamNorth

    Selling: Oratan Axe Pet Lvl 9

    Hello, Selling my Lvl 9 Oratan Axe Pet. **At L18 Autoloot can be unlocked with 45m range (thats 40m more than any other pet afaik) At L23 Pet and Taming Skill boost is available with a 20% strength (not my pet is particular but it shows...
  5. SamNorth

    Buying: 23, 25, 29 PED Beacons

    Check those dusty storages, give your beacons some love and let me use them! :handgun::handgun: Paying fair prices just PM me ingame or on PCF :).
  6. SamNorth

    Buying: (Adj) Meckel & Loch 35, ML-35

    Hi, Buying either Adjusted or normal, ML-35. Please PM me your prices, thanks. :yay::yay:
  7. SamNorth

    Selling: Big + Small ESI for sale

    Hi, Have the following ESIs for sale: 356.83 PED TT @ 910% - 3247 PED Small ESI 20% below current auction prices :) PM or message ingame, thx.
  8. SamNorth

    Buying: Viking (M) Set

    Purchased Thanks :)
  9. SamNorth

    Buying: Bulk Enigma L4, Zero-Six L guns

    Hi all, Looking for the guns in title in bulk. Order of preference: Enigma L4 (L) Enigma L4 E.L.M (L) Zero-Six (L) Drop me a message ingame or on forums if you have some :) Cheers
  10. SamNorth

    Selling: Large Thorifoid Battle Spike Club

    Hi all! Selling freshly looted mace :). Current TT 70~ PED. SOLD
  11. SamNorth

    Selling: Mod Ares

    SOLD thx all
  12. SamNorth

    Buying: Improved A105

  13. SamNorth

    Selling: Eudoracell Bunny

    Freshly looted bunny for sale. Unlocks: Level 21: 14% Acceleration Level 32: 18% Acceralation Open to offers, will sell within a couple of days to best one :)
  14. SamNorth

    Selling: Adjusted Maddox IV, Castorian Combat Mace Mk.I, Power Claw ME, Lokabhu, Liakon/Jaguar M Parts

    Hi all, selling the following: Weapons: Adjusted Maddox IV T1.9 - Remaining TIRs - 79, 163, 68, 119, 136, 71, 57, 63 SB - TT+6.5k BO - TT+7k Castorian Mace Mk.I T5.3 -
  15. SamNorth

    Buying: Tuning Nano Adjusters

    Need a few more, please let me know if you loot some :).
  16. SamNorth

    Looking to Rent..

    Gun acquired :)
  17. SamNorth

    Buying: Arsonistic Chip III TEN Edition

    Looking for one of these beauties, please PM me your price and Tier. Thanks! :)
  18. SamNorth

    Buying: Lokabhu Electrifier Sword

    Very interested in buying one of these, please let me know or message me ingame if you are considering selling :).
  19. SamNorth

    Buying: Liakon (M) Pieces

    Need to complete my Liakon set, so need the following pieces:- Harness Arms Lower tier the better, as I don't want to pay a premium for tiered pieces :) Cheers!
  20. SamNorth

    Selling: Jaguar (M) 4/7 UL 3/7 (L)

    Selling the following armour: Jaguar Helmet T1.0 - TT + 950 Jaguar Harness T3.0 - TT + 650 Jaguar Shin Guards T1.4 - TT + 600 Jaguar Foot Guards T2.5 - TT + 950 All are max TT, if buying as a set it's TT + 3k :) Also have Gloves, Arm Guards and Thighs all (L) which I can sell below MU if set...
  21. SamNorth

    Selling: CLDs + AUDs

    CLDs 1298 Each AUDs SOLD PM me ingame, "Sam Jay North" Cheers
  22. SamNorth

    Selling: Gremlin Set (M) T1.x

    SOLD :woot::yay:
  23. SamNorth

    Question: What are the colours/materials used for the typical Jaguar coat?

    Questions in the title, looking to either get one coloured or buy one :yay: Thanks in advance!
  24. SamNorth

    Selling: a105 Laser Amp

    TT+710. PED only :) PM or Add me ingame if you want to buy.
  25. SamNorth

    Buying: Jaguar Male Unlimited Parts

    Might be looking to collect a Jaguar set, so looking for CHEAP (below auc) prices for separate pieces. Not looking for a set because I don't have the PED for a whole set yet. Offers in PM. Helmet - ACQUIRED Harness - ACQUIRED Arm Guards - Need Gloves - Need Thighs - Need Shins - AQUIRED Foot...