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  1. ArieJVW

    Selling: Skildek Negator (UNL) SB = 1 ped (Tier 2.6)

    Hello everyone, Due to RL I am unable to be on as much as I would like so I feel like it is wasting away in my storage. My SB = 1 ped Your will be bidding on a Unlimited Skildek Negator (Tier 2.6) All Tiers 151 93 115 157 114 163 101 167 74 85 Entropedia link...
  2. ArieJVW

    Selling: CLD - 1300 peds each

    Looking to sell CLD - 1300 peds each 197 left!
  3. ArieJVW

    Selling: Selling cld

    Looking to sell CLD PM me
  4. ArieJVW

    I am jimmy inno felix AMA

    Well as the topic says, Ask me anything. I have noticed the forum is getting boring so need to keep myself entertained. So ask me anything :)
  5. ArieJVW

    FYI: Ruga Land (OLA - 59) low tax!

    As a thank you For the next couple weeks OLA-59 has lowered its Tax to only 2%! Over there years there has been many regulars and nice people I have met on the land and off and as a thanks for using this area instead of making an event where only a few benefit I have decided to lower tax so...
  6. ArieJVW

    Selling: Land Area OLA - 59

    Looking to sell RUGA LAND OLA - 59 Tax now is usually 100 peds a day +- send me a PM with offers Jimmy Inno Felix
  7. ArieJVW

    Basic PVP Guide

    Some of the better PVP Items ARMOR - (if to expensive for you theory in armor is mainly burn/pene protection but others critical also) Limited- 1.Hermes (L) 2.Infiltrator (L) 3.Eon (L) 4.Pegasus (L) Unlimited- 1.Salamander 2.Eon 3.Wormslayer 4.RX OpTac Weapons - (If to expensive the theory...
  8. ArieJVW

    Kim said ores are being moved in summer?

    Hey PFC, I have been told some concerning information based on the relocation of mobs and ores on planet calypso this summer.... Was wondering if anyone else has heard the same and where from. I have tried searching the forum before posting and have had no luck, if someone could link a thread...
  9. ArieJVW

    FYI: The Sons Of Calypso - Now Recuiting

    If your looking for a new no stress Society then this is the one for you. Currenty there is no Skill requirements or rules you just want to have fun. I am not going to try sell you the world like these other societys but I can let you know every member will be picked so its a group that is...
  10. ArieJVW

    The MOON

    Well now MA has announced they are selling a moon :yay:, I hate auctions never been good at them and never liked them :silly2:. I was wondering who and how much are people willing to pay to see if it is even in my worth to try go for it. I am thinking it will go for 3m peds + Inno
  11. ArieJVW

    Buying: Buying MM DNA message me your price

    Hey all I am looking to add DNA to a land area, Even If you think you have come top 3 in any category pm me the prices your expecting for each of the DNA Or once we find out let me know! Payment will be in peds :yay:
  12. ArieJVW

    Selling: Skills & Gear (as a package)

    To keep it simple it will be a bit of a lucky dip at the time but I will only sell the whole lot as a package to save mucking around. This will include ALL my skills (ESI) not included Total count ATM is around 250k skills Items included at the time: A tier4.7 V-rex 2000 SGA = 23,000 peds A...
  13. ArieJVW

    Achievement: To have Depoisted more then kimmi!

    Well the title says it all
  14. ArieJVW

    Question: Should Launchers have misses?

    I dont know bout the rest of you but when I am hunting, alot of the time I will shoot at a mob to hit it, but then the rocket etc will go right through it and not hit, some times lag alot of the times the game glitch is the problem. Or even when a mob is standing still then you fire a long range...
  15. ArieJVW

    Selling: 6 pitbull ii (c,l)!!

    Selling 6 x 6 PITBULL II (C,L)!! All fresh unpainted 280 peds each! 2 ONLY LEFT
  16. ArieJVW

    Selling: V-Rex 2000 SGA (UNL)

    Looking to Sell V-Rex 2000 SGA (UNL) Tier 4.7 PM me offers SB = 19,500 peds BO = 23,000 peds SB NOT MET Tier 4.7! Remaining Tiers 4 - 51 5 - 101 6 - 93 7 - 116 8 - 90 9 - 72 10 - 49 Please Keep Thread Clean
  17. ArieJVW

    Selling: (M) Angel (UNL) - Feet

    Looking to Sell Angel set - Feet. PM me offers SB = 24,500 peds BO = 27,000 peds SB NOT MET Helmet - Tier - 3.3 Harness - Tier - 4.2 Arms - Tier - 3.0 Gloves - Tier - 2.6 Shins - Tier - 3.3 Thighs - Tier - 3.7 Please Keep Thread Clean
  18. ArieJVW

    Selling: Outback Land Area - OLA 59 RUGA LAND

    I am in no rush for a quick sale. Looking for 285k peds. - Will also Accept CLD Please keep the thread clean :) Regards Inno Nearest Teleporter: Z’s Little Farm at: 28831 55690 Shinook Jungle at: 27811 50922 OLA #59 is NNW from Shinook Jungle or SW from Z’s Little Farm. Known...
  19. ArieJVW

    Buying: ML-35, normal , SGA or ME

    As title says :) PM me with price peds ready to go to a new home
  20. ArieJVW

    Mid game crisis

    The other day I decided eu was getting a bit dull so I did the friends list clear out and removed anyone that I had not or they had not messaged me in the last 2 months, realized I was down to 5 people, many of who i deleted i would still call mates, but I thought mabe it's time to go solo for...
  21. ArieJVW

    Ola-59 ruga land, do the foul and argo need to go?

    As I have had some feed back on the natural mobs on the OLA-59 saying they are bugging the Miners. Before I just up am move the spawn I am wondering if this is hope the magority of the players feel. Once the spawns are gone, they cannot be returned. Any feed back is welcome. Thanks in...
  22. ArieJVW

    OLA outback land areas

    Please read first, After having a discussion, I have come to see what everyone's opinion is on this. For buying land areas this is my formula for purchasing A = average tax per day B = 365 x 3 making the per day tax into a 3 year ROI (about what the cld returns are currently now) C = +XXX peds...
  23. ArieJVW

    Buying: A Outback Land Area! not the deeds!

    As the Title states, I am looking for another Land Area, Thinking around the 100k peds mark. PM me LA owners with your offers. Only Requirements. -Needs to be on Calypso -Need to see Tax Screenshots Regards Inno :)
  24. ArieJVW

    Selling: Selling ALL GREAT items look inside.

    -This is a selling thread so please keep clean. -I am not looking for A quick sale so please no lowball offers. -Offers Accepted Via PM also. -I am looking to upgrade if not enough interest is shown for all the items then I can cancel the sale at any time. -I am not selling out so please...
  25. ArieJVW

    Question: Getting Kicked out (RAM)

    I know this has been asked alot but it seems no one has a solution or a answer, It was happening so much to me with my old computer where game would crash and give me the need more ram window. So I went off a got a new computer, 8GB RAM win 7 64bit and A Nivida 540M gfx card. 2GB Vram...