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    edit: didn't notice the general EU section topic...
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    Info: SGA Pixie Drops

    Arms Prancer Face Mourner Gloves Harness Cornundos Sins Snarksnot Combibo Thigh Thorafoid Foot I've been wondering which mobs drop the SGA Pixie parts, as i've got tons of normal pixie from the "normal" ones (exo, daikiba, snable) but no SGA yet from them. Maybe we can come up with...
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    Achievement: First SGA, 2 in 1 loot

    Yeah, some SGA finally for me. Vigi F shins and Kangoo in same loot. Click to enlarge There was also almots full TT kobold and goblin thighs with some oils so total loot was around 35 ped so nearly a global ^^ :yay: Combibo Old, killed with TT fist. edit: The vigi shins sold for a +390...
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    Seduce Miniskirt gfx bug ("black shorts")

    I'm not sure if it's a bug or something in my end that causes it. It only came after the skirt got textured and colored, before that it was like it should. GeForce 7650 GS, latest drivers. Tried putting the clothes on in different order, tried windowed and fullscreen, tried different...
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    Question: I need clothes!

    The #1 name in tailoring? *Edit: Got all done i needed, but still - the same question remains. Who's the #1 name in taoloring currently? Just wondering if new names have popped up :yay:
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    Buying: Lime Coat (F)

    As the tittle says. I'm looking for one (1) Lime Coat (F). I expect that the seller will name the price for it, or i don't think you're really selling it. You name your price, i say yes or no thanks. Simple, easy and fast. Month Average: +187 ped (last 6 sold between +160 and +180, excluding...
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    LotR Online - Stealing your soundz? At around 1:40 when the guy fights the cat-like monsters in the video - i swear it's our Molisk sound!
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    Buying low lvl armors in Bulk!

    Just finished hunt or skilling run on Exarosaurs/daikibas/cauda/Combibo etc. and now you have inventory full of armor parts that are not worth of Auctioning and you'r gonna throw to TT? Or just don't know what to do with them? Or you just can't stand the time it takes to sell them all? Don't...
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    Selling Skills!

    Sill - Level - Estimated ESI TT needed - Estimated Market value w/o ESI price - My price Aim - 1363.67 - 5.51 - 50,61ped - 48ped Anatomy - 2525.33 - 19.49 - 60,09ped - 58ped BLP Weaponry Technology - 1792.68 - 9.22 - 62,83ped - 60ped Bravado - 421.72 - 0.83 - 30,17ped - 28ped Combat Reflexes -...
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    Selling Ambulimax Skinned (F) clothes

    Nvm, give delete button please :P
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    B: Ghost (F) Gloves & Harness

    Don't need anymore, i actually did give up and sold rest of my set
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    ~2 Years away and... (few q's)

    I'm playing like a new game. Weapon prices are insane, what's up with that? backthen before i "sold out" (well, i didn't take my money out, i mined them away :P). I had AS-129, which was around TT+550 back then, now the price is... well like 10 times higher. I had V1, which was TT+650 back...
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    Your Hero in PE?

    Yes, would be nice to know if you have 'HERO' in PE, how he/she did come to your hero, and who he/she is :) Mine story: #1: I did have played like 1 weeks, nonstop sweating in Phoenix (was alot easyer than now, there was trapping, all sweaters trapped mobs to those boxes near TP. But swat did...
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    EFD Auction

    Just a copy & paste from item list :) 26 Bombardo 11 0.00 PED Storage 27 Caroot 25 0.00 PED Storage 31 Common Dung 18 0.00 PED Storage 37 Haimoros 24 0.00 PED Storage 35 Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/01 1 0.00 PED Storage 36 Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/01 1 0.00 PED Storage 42 Omegaton...
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    Selling Some Stuff

    Sold sold... Sold & Other in auction!
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    Buy: Sala (F) Thigh

    as topic or post here your offer! thx.
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    Sell Neme (F) *No Shin*

    As topic says Asking +690 for it or with vigi shins +700
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    Selling Mining Skills

    Selling Mining Skills! On Implant: Mining Skill Implant (0.24) -> Gives 793* Engineering Skill Ipmalnt (0.07) -> Gives 383* Prospecting Skill Implant (0.05) -> Gives 316* On Me: -Drilling - 335 ** -Computer - 387 ** and the shame ones: -Geology - 175 ** -Surveying - 87 ** Ok Updated whole...
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    B: Viki (F) Harness / Knight (F) / 2a Platings

    As Topic says, im willing to pay following prices Vigi (F) Harness +20-30 Full Knight (F) +30-45 2A Platings 18-20ped each Also feel free to PM me with your prices and i'll say yes or no for it :wise:
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    138 Cumb - (Significant)

    Another one :)
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    59 ped Melchi - (Great)

    Finally something in this vu :rolleyes: My Drilling went up from 200 to 314 :eek: Few bombs after that i find Great Gazz, but it was 'only' 49.25 ped so no global message :mad:
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    S: Apparment/ASG-PIG1/Viking Harness (F)

    S: Some Stuff As topic says: Small Apparment - Genesis Star Tower C, 10F -2 Months Rent Paid -Following furnitures included: --Gray armchair (TT = 10.68) --Plain chair (TT = 11.59) --Shijin table (TT = 6.14) --Small blue mat (TT = 14.15) Total TT on furnitures: 42.56ped Price: 251ped
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    B: Ravenger Mini-Sweeper V1

    Topic says it, pm me if you have one for sale ;)
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    So good 7.3 VU :)

    Heres some hofs / globals in this VU, i was just too lazy to post them each by each... :rolleyes: There have been also: -4 Globals From Argonaut Youngs (in one was neme shin (M)) -150ped Dianum -51ped Dianum -50ped Iron - 3 Team Globals Cant be sure was that all but imo VU 7.3 is/was...
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    B: (F) Armors & Ek-2350

    Buying folowing things. Prices based to Viking (F): Thigh TT+30 Arms TT+30 Full Rascal (F) TT+50 EK-2350 TT+20 If You have any for sale plz pm me where and when!