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    Suggestion: Tax the leeches

    I think there is a massive difference. Lebanner (not sure i spelled that right) was a true trader (long time ago ore/emat traders bought for MU -1% to -3% for those that dont know the name i am mentioning), buying a few % under MU then sell to who-ever for a profit. He takes the risk of MU...
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    Buying: Few Uber Items

    +100 for all :) just to get things moving for ya :)
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    Understanding how 'you' are defining of a hunting run.

    start hunt with XXX ped in ammo - shoot until all ammo used - add up shit loot received laugh / cry / rage or whatever. repeat until broke. Troll forum :)
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    Suggestion: Tax the leeches

    to be clear my post below is not aimed at true traders that buy a little lower than market and then sell for a fair price - like the ore traders of day past. These people are indeed a valuable resource and they are true "traders" not resellers that i am talking about below. and yes i have bought...
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    I am getting a warning Kaspersky VP when I open wikipedia

    you are using Russian spyware - ditch them
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    Question: In all sincerity, it is harder to waste ped than you think

    remember your post here, assuming you are one of the very few that stick around more than a few months. When the shit hits the fan and you are down to your last few ped - re-read your post and you will say "WTF was i thinking" Basically its not to bad when new even to level 20 or 30 you can get...
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    How to get 90%+ TT?

    i had a friend drop a probe right on a claim i found and he got a global. This was like 10 years ago and was pretty cool
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    Time for Spooky Movie suggestions:

    HELLRAISER 1-3 then stop cause the rest are not good. Just open the box and you will get a big surprise :) its gore so maybe not what you are looking for. more modern is The Conjuring - that was a freaking scary movie!!! seriously don't fucking watch it !!!
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    Bargaining skill in real cash economy games.

    EU is not a "real" economy never has been, in a real economy 99% do not lose more than they make :) (spending more is a different story) Your points are valid and do echo what happens in RL (one pay X other pays 5 times x) but in EU it is too easy to manipulate the "value" via auction or some...
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    Wanted: lazy mentor

    bahh im to lazy to scold you on passing on my superior laziness
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    Suggestion: Make pills and shrapnel auctionable

    sounds like an issue for a small number of people cycling boxes to loot items. i have no idea but how someone gets tens of thousands pills for normal play even high level play. Seems like something other than just buying boxes for the UA versus depositing for Ped. i mean you get what 1 or 2...
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    Wanted: lazy mentor

    ill do it but im so lazy i aint gonna be bothered to log in - i dont even waste time using " ' " when i type - is that lazy enough for you
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    Suggestion: Limit or Remove TP Fee [ QOL Change]

    Free TP!!! where was the free TP in March i had to use leaves !!! Dam COVID
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    the world sucks so much more now that he is gone.
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    " The gaming industry is growing again in Gothenburg- this is the reason"

    back out all the alts and maybe you have 20K players used to be over 1 million wasn't it? could care less about a major update as they will just fuck it up anyway and same old group will benefit from it if they don't fuck it up. waste of time.
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    Info: Uprising Event - 2020

    no that does not but no big deal was long time ago. Game is not the same anymore anyway as other said people just want handouts as noobs or cheat as ubers - maybe it was always so. just save your $ buy something IRL that you want. New PS and Xbox coming out soon i believe, you will get more...
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    Info: Uprising Event - 2020

    did you do some kind of video loooong time with a bunch o' noobs at, i think, the old Hades area - cant recall the area for sure but if that was you then i was there. you had us i think all looking one way and doing something i cannot recall but the timing you are alluding to would be about 2008...
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    Live Stream Auction all welcome

    will items have a start bid and will there be reserve prices? Just curious cause if no start or reserve people may have "friends" bid it up. Or did you figure how to stop that too and i just missed it in the above posts. Very cool idea ! not that i can buy anything on the list but still a good...
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    Can't deposit?

    don't ignore the signs!!! The universe is trying to tell you something :)
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    That's 14 million PED!

    seen a very different amount on this issue 2.06M - here it is: same story different amounts - very coincidental? maybe just a bunch of BS to hype the game? Gets a lot of...
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    What hardware do you play on?

    Old old old i5 chip, and an old GeForce 8800GTX - cant run at high level but a low is no problem at all. Crashes once i a very rare while.
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    Toulan and Monria - A New Beginning

    i sense more deeds in the near future :)
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    Looking to complete dicipleship? I can offer you mentoring. More info inside

    - if you prove trustworthy, you can come along my hunts and hunt for free. i get all the loot since i pay for your expenses. but you get free skills! :) i am up for this - i am a level 42 Hand gun, something like 126K skills, noob that would be happy to shoot for skills