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    Selling: Selling Some Stuff (nothing Uber in here :)

    Let me know if anything is of interest - message me here or PM if i am in game. Name Quantity Value A large trout (L) 1 1 A.R.C. Guardian Foot Guards (M) 1 2.92 Acid Root 24 7.68 Adaptive Fire Rate Component 1 0.3 Adomasite Stone 4 2.4 Advanced Cloth Extractor 693 6.93 Advanced...
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    Selling: Selling: BTAU

    anyone want to buy 850 of these. Nice little stack saves you time hunting in auction. Like anyone else i want as much as i can get so i can lose it all hunting in 10 minuets. PM me here may take a day or two to get back to you.
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    YUP I Proves it Skills Matter!!

    I am no stranger to posting pissed off threads and getting typical neg rep from the usual MA ass-kisser etc.. This one is no different so don't read on if you don't like rants - casue this is one but imo a fucking valid one! After being told for years that i am wrong and no way i can lose as...
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    Sweet Revenge!

    Finally after years of pent up rage thinking of the torture inflicted on me during my first days by those foul creatures - I have had my revenge! Many a peaceful strolls looking for fruit and stones, endless hunts of Dakis and Trips interrupted leading to restless nights with hate to make my...
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    Selling: Selling FFA Stars

    Hi All, I hope there is no issues with selling these considering the controversy going on. I have 1K +/- a few, and since i do not have the Ped or time to even try for the 2K level i am going to sell and try to recover some costs. I believe this is legal and of benefit to those that may be...
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    Selling: Inventory Clear Out

    Need Ped - as usual - so selling lots of stuff - basic stuff mostly. PM if you want something depending on item looking for something near current MU - bulk buys = better price here is the list: removed paints as sold. Extractors Advanced Cloth Extractor 2.95 PED Advanced Gem Extractor...
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    Is there any point in skilling up anymore?

    I fail to see why anyone should spend time and money trying to skill up in this game anymore when you can not even kill level 4 mobs without getting 1, 3, or 5 "Target Evaded..." messages. And on top of that Evade skill does nothing even against the lowest level mobs. Why bother if someone gets...
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    Selling: Storage CLean Out

    Ped card says I am close to broke so have to sell stuff to continue losing. I prefer someone to buy lots at a time. Looking for MU minus some % depending on item / lot. List is below - basic loot and noob stuff PM here plz and we can find a time to meet in game (will be after 9 PM EST or...
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    Selling: Cryo IV (UL) Tier 2

    Want to sell this chip if I get a decent offer. Fun chip for low level mobs or finisher. Its Tier 2 atm and has decent tier rates. If anyone is interested please PM me or post in thread. Not sure what its worth so if i see an offer i like I'll sell. Thanks. Fatboy
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    Why Dont you just take my Ped!

    Since hunting is basically a fucking joke and only unemployed grinders can get a global (yes I know they are losing too - well not all of them) I have some ideas for MA to implement to make the game more fun for the degenerate gamblers among us. If you cant get the sarcasm or have the need to...
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    Selling: UL Cryo IV Chip

    Thinking of selling this chip. It's a fun chip and is decent eco. Great on argo, longu, small bots, and other mobs and in team hunts. 61 max damage and does nice crits of up to 120+ better range than other chips. I think it is worth more than the current MU but i am open to offers so taking...
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    Price Check: T9 Cryo IV (L)

    Hi, I got IV Cryo chip to T9 it has 40-ish% left on it (13.xx ped i think) and not sure if this is something worth selling to someone who would pop in the enhancers. It has 61 max dmg and i would think with 9 enhancers that could make for some nice crits (I could not figure it out on Wiki so if...