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    Info: Current Withdrawal time

    Figured I would add my own to this. First time withdrawal for just under 15,000 ped. Been customer of almost 18 years. Contacted support to make sure everything was in order, so it should just be the waiting game now. Initiated May 16, 2020. Commited: July 15, 2020. In Bank: July 16, 2020...
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    Selling: Bear (F) UL Set Tier 1-3

    Small bump for this great set.
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    Selling: Bear (F) UL Set Tier 1-3

    As the title says, I am selling a full set of Bear (F) UL armor. set is between tier 1-3 BO - TT+1300 PM offers here. lowball offers will be ignored.
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    Selling: Weak Argonaut Claw FEN Edition + Trauma Amp 2 FEN Edition

    Life changes have made my ability to play at this time all but not existent. Looking to see what interest if any is out there for this great combo. Not interested in selling them separate. SB +12,000 BO +12,500 Not in any hurry to sell. Will not accept any offers below the SB. once a day or...
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    Selling: A&P Series BC-30 Modified (Loot 2.0 Rifle)

    Would like to make an offer of TT+14,500 Peds for this weapon. Will need to have my offer accepted and then given a couple days to liquidate assets as I do not keep a bankroll that large in pure Ped. I am familiar with your reputation and am not worried about your terms of trade. Also consider...
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    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.1 and EMT Kit EK-2350 Improved

    Golly Gee Mister, those sure are some nice prices there!
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    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.1 and EMT Kit EK-2350 Improved

    Can I Get An A-Bump-Men :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:
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    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.1 and EMT Kit EK-2350 Improved

    Package sold. thread can be closed. Selling the following: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.1 Tier 3.99 BO +4200 EMT Kit EK-2350 Improved Tier 1.06 BO +2200 Open to any reasonable offer. If any resellers are interested, will sell both items together for TT+5300 That's 1100 ped taken off the buyouts...
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    Buying: Nemesis (F) Armor Parts

    Looking for all parts except Harness. Please contact on here or in game. Salina Angie Majere with what piece(s) and what price you would like. Thank you.
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    Buying: Need 2x Jester D-4 75x 75 GEC Spur Gears 4K 6x GNA

    All Purchased. Can be closed
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    Selling: [Summer Ring!] Lets you Get FREE xp SKILL's

    Another thread by Jay trying to sell an item for an inexorably ridiculous price while listing false claims as fact to justify his convoluted valuation of said item. Crits do not allow for an increase in profitability. Crits lower the loot from said mob as less PED is spent to inflict damage. MA...
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    What happened to it is the fault of your own?

    At the end of the day, no one forced you to join/deposit/still be here. If you have such a problem, then withdrawal and walk away. Far too many of these shitposts on this forum by the random Joe Blow who thought they could invest their savings and walk away with a profit. SorryNotSorry for your...
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    Avoid Akmuuls Server

    I thought MA implemented a failsafe when a specific server crashes to change your character to another server? I know that’s at least how it was before.
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    How fast will CP shares sell out?

    Anyone seriously considering a large amount will run the numbers and see that cp investment would sit at less than 5% ROI at 10 ped per share / 500,000 shares. Even your average bank has a better roi than that, and is infinitely safer. This is probably one of the worst set up ideas I’ve seen as...
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    Cleptomaniac Profession suggestion

    I am not sure if devoting developmental resources to provide more content for players that do not deposit is a smart or viable move. Already there are increased expenses due to needing to maintain a larger amount of servers to accommodate the leach players that do absolutely nothing to...
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    Entropia on Linux

    No, absolutely not. 8-10 years ago, to an extent for performance with weaker machines due to stripped down OS using very little resources. Today? Not a single benefit and a whole laundry list of reasons why this is actually a bad thing. But you’ll never convince a Linux user that they are...
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    The 1k Ped Ammo log

    I am thoroughly enjoying this log, but I do have one concern that I wanted to voice. You state that you are tracking MU for amp in your cost. Mindark does not take into account MU for loot comp/value so this skews your return as you are inflating your cost but still running off a standard TT...
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    die in no PVP zone?

    Or just git gud and don’t get killed by pirates. Get a friend or 2, buy a kismet, and viola, no more getting killed by pirates. 100% avoidable. Also it’s definitely NOT stealing in any way, shape, or form. You are not required to venture into space, nor are you forced to travel with items that...
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    Suggestion: Get rid of auto bid placement on items when placing an auction order

    Why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone? Orders should be able to be directly sold to instead of indirectly. As it stands right now, the entire system behind them is exactly what you want changed, an auto bid. Why not instead make them to where a player is able to sell to fill to that specific order...
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    Achievement: Full set Imperial Hazen F

    It is a set designed for mobs with low primary damage types that can be covered with such as a pulsar plate or the new ar matrix plates. IE: Drone exterminator have a 30/70 split on pen/burn damage. Good luck getting a regular armor set to cover that 70% (118 damage) but with this set and a pen...
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    Adj. Maddox IV with enhancers log(experiment)

    Part 1: you are correct that at tier 2 the benefit is negligible for enhancers. At tier 5+ the benefit begins to outweigh the cost especially with accuracy enh for grinding or dog enhancers for mayhem. Part 2: bullseye 8 each have a bonus of roughly 0.1% eff. Longreach 4 is the highest eff...
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    Info: First feedback with Armatrix LP-70 FEN EDITION

    This was true for all current weapons at release of loot 2.0. Their EFF was directly tied to DPP. However, as stated by MA, they have been able to create “new and exciting weapons” that have eff/dpp stats that differ from previous weapons and the correlation has been removed. These new weapons...