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    Selling: Bear (F) UL Set Tier 1-3

    As the title says, I am selling a full set of Bear (F) UL armor. set is between tier 1-3 BO - TT+1300 PM offers here. lowball offers will be ignored.
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    Selling: Weak Argonaut Claw FEN Edition + Trauma Amp 2 FEN Edition

    Life changes have made my ability to play at this time all but not existent. Looking to see what interest if any is out there for this great combo. Not interested in selling them separate. SB +12,000 BO +12,500 Not in any hurry to sell. Will not accept any offers below the SB. once a day or...
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    Selling: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.1 and EMT Kit EK-2350 Improved

    Package sold. thread can be closed. Selling the following: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.1 Tier 3.99 BO +4200 EMT Kit EK-2350 Improved Tier 1.06 BO +2200 Open to any reasonable offer. If any resellers are interested, will sell both items together for TT+5300 That's 1100 ped taken off the buyouts...
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    Buying: Nemesis (F) Armor Parts

    Looking for all parts except Harness. Please contact on here or in game. Salina Angie Majere with what piece(s) and what price you would like. Thank you.
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    Buying: Need 2x Jester D-4 75x 75 GEC Spur Gears 4K 6x GNA

    All Purchased. Can be closed
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    Selling: Full Vigilante (F) Set

    Full set of Vigilante (F). All pieces are tiered to 1.3-1.6 TT +375
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    Selling: WTS Vigilante (F) Set Tier 1.3+

    As the title says, selling the full set of tiered armor. Can include the 21 def enhancers currently on the armor. Asking TT +400. Will accept GNA as part of trade at 275% Contact here or in game @ Salina Angie Majere
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    Buying: A-3 Justifier MKII and 4K gears.

    Bought. Thread can be closed
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    Selling: FFA Points and New Stims

    Points Sold Still selling the batch of new Stims. Accu 3x10mg 1x15mg, Deva 2x5mg 1x10mg, Nutri 3x5mg 1x10mg 1x15mg, Medi 7x5mg 2x10mg 4x15mg, Hyper 4x5mg 4x10mg 1x15mg. Willing to sell the pills for bulk discount. 6 ped each
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    Buying: A3 Justifier MKii Adjusted

    As the title says, looking to buy an adj mkii. I do not use enhancers so tier 0 would be perfectly acceptable. post here or pm price. Or reach me in game Salina Angie Majere.
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    All these posts about lag

    And yet I have not experienced it at all in the last month. I’m not saying it’s not there, but it doesn’t make sense to say that it is from something on MA’s end, and yet I have not experienced it in any form while everyone else has. I’m wondering if it has to do with routing from the server to...
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    Do you think MA knows?

    That entropia is bleeding out right now. Or at the very least do they even care? From just those that I personally know of, there is roughly 1.2m monthly cycle that is no longer taking place because of the disaster of 2.0. All of us have submitted our sheets, clearly showing that this "97%" is a...
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    Selling: Lokabhu Electrifier Sword

    Sword has min TT on it. Tier 0.9. Asking +360. Pm here, post, or in game - Salina Angie Majere Sold.
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    Selling: Esi

    TT = 65.76 PM me here or in game Salina Angie Majere Thanks!
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    Selling: Calypso Bone Samples

    Hi, I am cleaning out my storage, and would like to sell 16,918 Calypso Bone Samples. Would like to sell them all at once. 1 pec each.
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    Selling: Calypso Bone Sample's

    please close thread posted in wrong forum
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    Selling: A102 + Koroma (F) armor pieces

    Just a couple items I want to get rid of. Omegaton A102 - Sold Koroma Helmet (F) Koroma Thigh Guards (F) Koroma Shin Guards (F) Reply on here or reach me IG at Salina Angie Majere. No reasonable offer will be turned down.
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    I hate this damn game!

    So, Ive been losing a lot the last few weeks, almost down to broke. Decided to use up the last of my ped hunting Nusul and then quit for a while. First run is pretty crap, 1 mini for 15 mostly shrap. So I go back, tt and buy ammo, convert and here we go. Go to shoot my first nusul and...
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    893 Atrox Young

    After some big losses this weekend decided to go hunt some Atrox young while I browsed the forums. Was just absentmindedly hitting my next target hotkey when I heard the roar. Think I gave myself a little whiplash. But here it is, my biggest HoF in 12 years.
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    Selling: Selling avatar skills. (83k+)

    So after all these years, its time for me to depart Calypso and return to Earth. But the flight home isn't cheap. So I have decided to sell all of the knowledge I have gained over the last 12 years as a means of funding my trip. Currently I hold the most knowledge (4.9k skills) in lwt. With 4 or...