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    ok peeps :) lets hear it :)

    meh pick up lines suck im a guy and have never used em, all i do is just do what i do best..... the firlfriedn that im with now sa wme when playing rugby, came over and asked me for my m8's numba n mine.she acted like she was interested in ma mate but didnt txt him once XD. another time...
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    BP Art is done for

    hhmmmm for some reason i can still drop bp's that have a tt value of 0.01 im just wondering have any of you guys actualy tried to drop bp's or are u just listening to MA on what they say has been changed Regards, Spamboy
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    Minning in Vu 7.6

    aye MA screwed up again. the depth indicator or on detectonators can be informative if used in the right way. for example : lets say that each mineral had a depth range :- lyst 37.3 - 45.9 metres rugaritz 97.5 - 117.4 metres now if you badly needed lyst then the dectectonator with the 50...
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    space mining

    eheheheh so i gather that from peoples experiences you defo cant mine in space but if u find somewhere that you can drop a bomb you wont find anything cheers for the info everyone Regards, Spamboy
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    What has made you feel sad this week?

    whats mad eme sad this week.....hmmmm well going back to school isnt sad but the fact that i have gotten a lil bit weaker then when i left because i havnt been doing weights as much as i should over summer....thats made me sad :( Regards, Spamboy
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    space mining

    im just wondering has any space goers tried mining up there? thanks in advance Regards, Spamboy
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    how old is everyone really that plays PE??

    15 but 16 tomrrow WAHOO :D :birthday: Regards, Spamboy
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    was this staged?

    n o icnat co levae me alone :wise: Regards, Spamboy
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    Aurli after Aurli

    come again dude? are you saying you cant go to space? Regards, Spamboy
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    was this staged?

    okay its no tfake :) he wa skilled and looted but the cash wa speds form the loot pool :) so he didnt lose much thanks ht elord Regards, Spamboy
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    was this staged?

    eric my good buddy but he does pvp3 a lot but what kind of dumbass (which he is not) will get 900 peds and stick around to get killed ..... ill ask him about this when i see him Regards, Spamboy
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    Your name backwards

    yobmaps gotta love that one :) Regards, Spamboy
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    Disapointment of day

    well they could start again grand master newbie grand master inept grand master etc etc etc ;) so the comunity will be split more :) , noobs, mediocre,noob ubers, mediocre ubers, ubers ;) regards, Spamboy
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    Mystery Island - LG Area 10

    any idea of the health ranges of these mermoths? thanks in advance Regards, Spamboy
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    New happening/event or ......

    2 words ;) treasure hunt ;) or the foreign object is going to be eaten by a hard mob ....... or it will hit the continent with such force that it goes deep under ground and is a quest for miners ;) my 2 pecs Regards, Spamboy
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    Good Movies

    Pitch Black The chronicles of Riddick StarWars - Episodes 4,5,6 Constantine was pretty cool Regards, Spamboy
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    What's your favourite dessert?

    i prefer a good ole piece of fruit :) how to make : 1. Buy some seeds for the desired type of fruit. 2. Plant said seeds. 3. Wait years for said seeds to grow into the desired fruit's plant 4. Wait for said plant to grow said fruit. 5. Wait for said fruit to ripen ad then pick off said...
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    mini armor V. FAP comparison

    or get a mod or imp fap and never need armour for low level mobs again ;) but that will take a while to pay off :) unless you loot cool test, +rep Regards, Spamboy
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    Riddick :)

    hmm for some reason it wont let me post the reply if i paste the info so ill jus do a link. (i dont know how to do proper ones :dunce: ) but its about half way down under Personal Quotes and how can u not like a guy who is gripped and loves D&D...
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    Riddick :)

    haha i could jus see him with the bar code on the back of his head :) everyone loves 47 yeah i looked on that, i will see if i can find some info :) Regards, Spamboy p.s is that Hannibal as in skin eating or the history war leader dude?
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    Riddick :)

    eheheh also if you do it in cartoon form, you can get away with htings that would cause an uproar on the film boards, like what they did with Kill Bill volume one. Yeah i have the game and thats cool, but you cant have two shivs :(. Now i want to look like Riddick on pe :( . Ma introduce...
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    Artifact Dropped (?)

    meh i just think with each of these events that the artifact is dropped after a certain number of said creature specified is killed. Which is why any noob could loot it by just killing the right numbered mob. for example if said artifact is to be dropped after 4578 mobs have been killed. the...
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    Riddick :)

    they had the scripts for the sequels already , there are going to be 2 sequels after the chronicles of riddick , the next is with riddick oging to the underverse or somehting and is oging to be bad ass with loads of action :D. the bounty hunter you are refering to is called tombs(sp?) is in...
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    Riddick :)

    Has anyone here seen the little film that is set in between Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. I think its called dark fury and is set in a cartoony style. I f you have a would like to know your opinions on it and the other films i mentioned :). Also do any of you have any idea when...
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    Second unique item found

    hmm i dont know if anyone has noticed but in the description it states that there were 2 brothers who each got gifts,now im no genius but does that mean there is another artifact to come, possibly another axe still to be looted? if not then it at least leaves an opening for another artifact...