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    Selling: PCF Auction: Easter Ring 2019 Start Bid: 8000 PED

    Top Bid: Mentish- 9000 PED About the ring: LEFT HAND RING Increase Run Speed by 12% Increase Evade chance by 12% Increase Dodge chance by 12% Increase Jamming chance by 12% Increase Regeneration by 60% Increase critical hit chance by 1% Increase critical hit damage by 12% Decrease critical...
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    Easter Ring 2019

    I seem to run into a wall while trying to set the price for my ring at the moment. Some say 18k, others say 12k. For one it is a left handed ring with critical damage and critical chance increase. Its only 1% chance, but still, its an additional one %. Where would you set the price for it?
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    Selling: Easter Ring 2019 - Taking offers for item + PED

    Im looking for offers, items +PED preferable 14k Buyout
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    Selling: WTS / WTT - Easter Ring 2019

    Looking to trade my Easter Ring 2019 for mid to high tier m armor: Jaguar / adj jaguar + PED taking offers for other armors plus PED as well.