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    Selling: Rings and weapon

    For sale is Summer ring 2019 BO 8,9k offers are welcome Christmas ring 2015 BO 9,5k SOLD DOA Slugstorm tier 10 BO 25k SOLD some items might be of interest
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    Selling: Summer ring 2020

    Thinking of selling this ring so hit me up with an offer =) instant BO 34k If i find a halloween ring 16 before this sells its propably off market again ;) Item of interest is halloween ring 2020 Cheers/fric
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    Buying: Halloween ring 16 or christmas ring 16

    As title says im looking for a halloween 16 ring or christmas ring 16 =) PM me price =) If anyone is interested in my summer 2019 ring that can be part of trade or just pure peds either works =) Cheers/fric
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    Selling: gleamer tier 8

    done with the big eomons so its for sale instant bo 40k above is link to gun and tiercosts which is 54.500 inc mu according to entropiawiki TT for the tiercost is 29,500 according to entropiawiki. Keep thread clean and i...
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    Selling: Selling opalo

    Hey dear forum Im soon done with the big eomons so im checking if there is any interest for this nice rifle, good range and dps is a good combo =)
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    Selling: Esi empty and riflefilled.

    Selling about 1k ped tt of empty esi and some small rifle esi for around mu:) Size from 10 to about 280.
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    Selling: Esi empty and riflefilled.

    ignore this doublepost :S
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    Selling: Selling or trading Xeno dagger tier 8,xx

    Hey ! Im Selling my knife or trading it :) Instant bo +7,5k But Open to offers! cheers/fric
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    Buying: Autoloot pet with good range

    Hey Im interested in a pet with unlocked autoloot with more range then the standard pills of 25M Pm me with unlocks and price =) Cheers/fric
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    Selling: Summer ring 2018

    Hi pcf! im Selling my summer ring :( Gonna miss that autoloot most i Think ;) Instant bo 15k but open to offers. SOLD interested in other rings in trade =) cheers/fric
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    Selling: Rings and armor

    Hey PCF got some stuff to sell ! Merry Mayhem armor set male tier 1 all parts bo +17k but open to offers sold Christmas ring 2016 bo 19k but open to offers SOLD Christmas ring 2019 SOLD Ares Ring Perfected bo 6k SOLD Things i can involve in trade christmas ring 2015 easter ring 2017...
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    Selling: Want to trade or sell christmas ring 2018

    As title says i have a christmas ring 2018. id like to trade for armor set male Angel fen or better =) peds can be both ways depending on which armor. arson chip is another possibility another possibility is an imp resto + peds. Would consider A204 of any upgraded kind + peds to! If you...
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    Buying: New weapon with decent dps

    Hey Im in the market for a new weapon Blp and laser lvl 100 weapons is fine Melee ones around lvl 55 Pm me tier and price =)
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    Selling: Halloween 18 ring

    With my Limited time to do events Im selling or trading the best left hand ring ingame :) Ideally i would like to trade for another lefthand ring along with peds! for example christmas ring 19 or halloween 19 But ofc its for sale for pure peds to ;) Other items of interest is Melee weapon...
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    Buying: Armor male Angel FEN or better

    As title says im looking for new armor =) Ideally i would like an Angel FEN but ill consider highend armors to if the price is right =)
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    Selling: King Kong TG U 80 Tier 10

    Selling this nice rifle since my time is limited for doing events atm Instant bo 65k ped but offers are welcome Item of interest Laser pistol with decent dmg if SIB Max lvl is 80 for SIB to start Would consider laser rifles to like high tier imk2 some melee weapon is also of interest Mod...
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    Selling: High tier PoE set Male

    Selling this armor gloves are tier 4 harness tier 6 and the rest tier 5 instant bo +29,5k peds but offers are welcome items of interest Christmas ring 19 Angel Fen edition Male Sentinel male Cheers/fric
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    Selling: Mayhem set male tier 2

    Hey Im thinking of downgrading armor so this set is up for sale. BO of 55k but offers are welcome A bit smaller armor can be interesting as part of trade like Angel Fen Edition for example Or maybe shadow or similar other items of interest Halloween ring 19 Christmas ring 19 Cheers/fric
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    Black screenshots

    Am i the only one that get all black screenshots ? Havent had this issue before so if someone know how to fix that id appreciate a tip how to =)
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    Buying: Tier 10 components

    Looking for 375 comps pm if you have :)
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    Selling: mod ek 2600 tier 2

    selling this nice fap instant bo +7500 Cheers/fric
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    Buying: healing tool

    im in the market for healing tools ! imp or mod resto could be of interest imp or mod hedoc to pm offers with price and tier :) cheers/fric
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    Selling: imp fap tier 1

    Selling impfap tier 1 bo 36k offers are welcome tho =) Items of interest mod resto + peds from me imp mod hedoc imp resto mod 2600 pm if interested
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    Selling: trading summer boxes for halloween 18 boxes ratio 2:1

    As title says trading 2 summerboxes for 1 halloween 18 box. Got few hundred summerboxes to trade Cheers/fric
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    Selling: MM tier 4.9 and hypercharged A204

    As title says :) MM sb offer bo +35k Amp sb offer bo +17500 Combo bo 50k items of interest =) Mod resto possibly an imp resto Armor male Angel or better mod evil Halloween ring 18 Pm me here or ingame :) Cheers fric