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    How to easy add an pic to the forum?

    Hello im just wondering how i should add a picture of "in this case" what am selling.. Example: "im selling this Doa LM" and i wanna put a saved .jpeg pic from my computer on the thread... What i can find in the section over this text is "insert image" and it says "put URL here" then... I...
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    Selling: ¤¤¤ UL-Weapons,armor,adj amp,plates for sale ¤¤¤

    DOA Loudmouth T5.4 - SB=5k peds BO?? (want a cheaper?? get an Tier 0.0 ;) ) lowered SB to 5k SOLD Full complete Ghoul (M) T1-T2 superior mid gear - SB TT+3k BO TT+4K A set of Ghoul should not be sold under TT+3500!SB lowered to 3k "KK" Karma Killer T6.8 .... only need 0.1 more tier for...
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    Buying: Buying DOA LoadMouth

    contact me here or ingame "Frippe eX Deluxe" This can be closed . bought one
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    Question: How To easiest calculate ur overall decay?

    Hey. Im not so good "think wise" "english writing" / mathematic thinking and and pretty noob :D well im wondering about how i could easiest and fast just calculate and sum the runs i do on eu. Like Fap decay/ Wep decay + mu% or mining runs / armor decay/ hunting runs. or what ever is that a...
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    Buying: B Thunderbird Harness (M) (UL) or (L)

    as topic says. even 2xfirewall MKII or MKIII harness(M)(L) PM here or ingame "Frippe eX Deluxe"
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    Help: goldcard ...

    Hey i was entered to many one time codes wrongly... said i needed to contact support and i did.. how long to wait to fix this?, and when do i get response and may be able to log in again and use my gold card?? // eX /////// After this post i got respons direclty. just sended 2x codes to them...
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    Buying: Buying Armor Parts

    I have no stress to buy anything... So im doing this Thread if anyone want to sell their armor parts under markup(Under daily Price) and i will buy it imidiently if the price is right... Im looking for these Unlimited parts.... Angel SGA (M) any part Jaguar (M) ... maybe SGA depends of price...
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    Question: The Low-Mob Mission Run! Weapon help?

    Hey im eX Deluxe.. Thinking to start asap to farm down the "easy-Cheap-Calypso" Iron Challanges that i write down here. Iron Challange: Argonaut - Young-Gatherer - 1188/10000 Iron Challange: Ambulimax - Young-Old - 12218/30000 (salty flats) Gaining ADJ v1 mission priv:) Iron Challange: Foul -...
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    Info: Cant login join anyone else have the problem???

    00:31 me and also 3 frineds having an issue to get online back again. been off the game for about 30 minutes now and we can see the system are online and everything seems ok but we cant enter?? is this only for us 3 or why we cant see any updates about this???? WHATS HAPPENING?:(:(:(:(:(:(...
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    Selling: Selling boar (M) armguards tier 3.1

    offer :ahh::scratch2::wise::lolup:
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    Selling: Almost Full phantom @ auction ends in 1h (4parts) all under MU% and around 1-2 tier

    [eX Deluxe] Almost Full phantom @ auction ends in 1h (4parts) all under MU% and around 1-2 tier. GET THIS IMPRESSive ARMOR CHEAP TODAY!Buying Rk5's @ 10 PED each!:cool::cool::cool::cool:
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    Selling: Selling Phantom (M) @ auction already TT+1

    The set is not full but 4 parts of 7. i put em all in auction house GL and get em cheap as they are +1 only! GL
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    Selling: Phantom (M) UNDERMARKUP TT+3200.. need fast peds

    Sold thanx
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    Selling: Selling Full Phantom

    Phantom Male(M) Tier 1.4-2.2 IS ONLY SB TT+3.4k Taking offers Pm me here or ingame DONT MISS THIS GREAT DEAL