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    Where are you located?

    swamp camp (<- info is there :P)
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    The end of internet anonymity in MMO's

    Well nothing wrong with my real life name, it's just that when I do a search on well know engine like google (which isn't even post for the job), all I get info about me, and me only. I'm not really scared that 50 year stalker comes after me and tries to make babies, just to realise that the...
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    The end of internet anonymity in MMO's

    I don't see anything good that can come out from this, or at least anything that outweights the cons of this. Just to list few things: 1. Ever heard of german boy who got knifed by someone in Counter Strike, in return he tracked that someone for SEVEN months and stabbed him back, this time in...
  4. M Update: Upcoming Forum Changes

    As for me, simply put; I think this is the most stupid thing ever done in gaming history. edit: oh sorry, didn't think there would be post general section, just ignore/lock this one then. My bad.
  5. M Update: Upcoming Forum Changes

    edit: didn't notice the general EU section topic...
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    Question: Renegade (L), Pioneer (L) and Bodyguard (L) ?

    Yes, there was pants and shirts in few different places. Black, green, white and red are the colors i remember, but there might have been yellow too (can't remember) :scratch2:
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    Question: Would you hunt Merps?

    Voted for youngs but wouldn't say no to provi/guardians either.
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    (L) mindforce?

    Voted yes for heal/focus and tp (L). But then again, only in case it would make them more eco. If it wouldn't, i would say just remake the whole mindforce system and make them more viable (ie. you could choose from MF healing or regural faps etc. / using focus chips as a sweater and so on ;) )
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    MOBS back at CND - Discussion

    I would love to see one dome filled with Domi->Prowler Exaros and Old->Guardian Prancers! :wtg: Would be nice place to blow some P2a's away :D
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    TTing, repairing and storing at TPs

    Do the terminals in Fort Argus count? they are not outside of the "place" but they are outside of mobilecenter :P Ps. ignore this post if 10.0 removed them...
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    How many mid-level players do we really have?

    <150hp = noobs :ahh: 150-180hp = mid level 181-239hp = uberMid 240+ hp = uber 300+ hp = uber uber lol Or that's how i would "rank" them.
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    I am glad 10.1 is coming because...

    Just downloaded and installed the 10.1 :yay: TP chip here i come! :wtg:
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    Sollomate Opalo SGA Edition

    Actually it's around +180 what it sells for (or less), but other than that, i agree. It should sell around the same as UL CB5 or maybe for little more after the SGA ends and it wont drop anymore (unlike the CB5 which will most likely still drop)
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    Sollomate Opalo SGAE

    This damn gun is driving me crazy... Today i looted 16 ped Fap-15 and few mobs later 18 ped Fap-10, that could have been many Opalos instead! :( Along with the many 2-5 pedders you get every now and then. I don't have kept track on returns, but i've lost somewhere around 500-600 peds shooting...
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    Discovery: DetPil V-Rex 2000 SGA Blueprint (L)

    Grats! :yay: Get a Star try few for you, everyone knows what happens when he does (L) blueprint clicks for UL items :rolleyes:
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    Ma :

    Eh, that's not how it works. The programmers/company NEEDS money some way or another... Most free to play mmos cover this with in-game shops where you can buy items for real money or some other extras. Some do it with monthly fees. Now if you would get all of your deposited money back (even...
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    Ma :

    Except the last 3 Opalos sold in the +300 range (could be market manipulation attempt) with +40-70 bids on the current ones with many days left. And all the SGA pixie parts have bids in range of +15-25. That kind of money for "noob" is huge thing really. I'm assuming that with a noob you refer...
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    Info: SGA Pixie Drops

    I looted the sins yesterday from a snarksnot, along with kobold M foot guards. Added the pancer and combibo to the list.
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    Info: SGA Pixie Drops

    That might be true, but in the other hand; did MA/FPC state that it's 1000 SGA items in total that will drop, or 1000 different SGA items that will drop? (that wasn't really clear to me) :scratch2:
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    Info: SGA Pixie Drops

    Arms Prancer Face Mourner Gloves Harness Cornundos Sins Snarksnot Combibo Thigh Thorafoid Foot I've been wondering which mobs drop the SGA Pixie parts, as i've got tons of normal pixie from the "normal" ones (exo, daikiba, snable) but no SGA yet from them. Maybe we can come up with...
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    Selling: 1 ped startbid auctioning marber foxtrot, black clothes ,underwear

    2. +10 5. +50 6a & b. +15 :wtg:
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    Achievement: Health !!!

    :jawdrop: Congratulations!
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    SGA Item Totals

    Daikiba or something else?
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    what's up with vigi (F) harness?

    That would be nice in my opinion. Seeing that the Harness still have same/more markup alone that the whole set used to have (+140-160 for a whole set last time i owned it). Talking about female set here, that is. Bring the prices down baby! :wtg: Ps. Also neme F set seems to be now what it...
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    Sollomate Opalo SGAE

    Poor daikibas, they wont know what hit 'em. :handgun: At least i know what i will be killing this weekend :laugh: