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    Set "Eomon Pheromone Causes Wildlife Mania" on the 13th or 14th

    The last two years this has occurred on the 16th near the middle of the week,if that happens this year though it will start on a Sunday. If possible could this start on the 13th or 14th this year so it can begin near the weekend and not at weeks end
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    Selling: Mayhem mulmun and migration plates

    Always cheaper then auction Bulk deals also included supplies limited Pulsar 5 24 impact protections most popular with [89 sold] Impact 12 impact 18 impact 24 impact 30 restocking impact 36 impact 42 restocking
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    Suggestion: Increase Summer mayhem to 3 weeks

    summer mayhem 2018 june 13th - june 22 was a total of 10 days including the start summer mayhem 2019 june 19th- july 1st was a total of 13 days including the start With the recent events more people have more time to play, thus more time to cycle. Therefore i propose that summer mayhem for...
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    Question: Is it possible to loot level finder amp bps on Toulan

    or do they have their own unique finder amp im not aware of
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    Selling: Earth Excavator ME/01

    contact cyrano afrit javin or leave a message here if interested / need to look at teirs 1 sold at 42.4 tt another sold @ 40ped 3rd sold at B/o 40 ped 4th sold at tt+40 ped
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    Selling: Selling terra amp blueprints

    Mining Attachment UL bps Terra Amp 1 - qr 4.5 Terra Amp 3 - qr 1 Terra Amp 4 - qr 1 Terra Amp 5 - qr 1 Terra Amp 6 - qr 5.8 Terra Amp 7 - qr 1 Terra Amp 8 - qr 1 Terra Amp 9 - qr 1 SOLD
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    Suggestion: Series of Craftable personal effects and a new profession to house them

    As it stands attachments followed closely by weapons are the most indemand items in the game indemand = mu for items and mu for items keeps the game alive. Personal effects are also highly indemand but crafters are largely, excluding the level 7 nanobot series, unable to capitalize on this...
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    Suggestion: Mining Mayhem

    The eomon migration and mayhem events are the biggest events of the year with sales of materials specific to armatrix tripling ,hardened metal ruds and standard plate are just two examples. A welcome boost in the economy for miners crafters and hunters. The success of hunting events has always...
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    Selling: Pulsar plates, Armatrix weapons, and Armatrix amps always under market cost

    Afrit's Bazaar: Weapons armatrix lr-25-35 whisper me for these prices as auction is subject to change rapidly Weapon Attachments armatrix b-amplifier 13p 150% armatrix b-amplifier 20p 147.5% armatrix L-amplifier 10b 150% armatrix L-amplifier 13b 146% armatrix L-amplifier 20b 170% Armor...
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    Buying: Pulsar 5 Blueprint

    Any qr it doesnt matter contact: Cyrano afrit javin im willing to pay 200-300 ped for clean and more if the qr is higher
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    Selling: S.i weapons Rookie terramaster and herman asi-R

    each item is 60-70 but im open to negotiations S.I. HK110 S.I. Psy-Blade S.I. Scorpion S.I. FlameThrower Rookie TerraMaster Herman ASI-R contact cyrano afrit javin if interested
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    Selling: Corrosive Attack Nanochip I UL

    sb-180 buyout-210 im flexible on the buyout contact cyrano afrit javin sold
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    Suggestion: (L) Armatrix Blueprint series of amps scopes and sights

    Attachments are some of the most in demand items, with nearly a 100,000 peds worth of mining amps selling daily ,this benefits the economy as a whole producing mu for ores and enmatter making mining a largely profitable profession. Sadly however, this isn't the case for weapon attachments, why...
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    Question: Do preamped finders change resource composition

    Several times ive had it happen to me i find a nice consistent section of moderately high mu materials i can mine planet side but the second i amp all i hit is lyst or some other low mu resource, im aware amping changes resource find types but has a study ever been done linking the size of the...
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    Buying: Corrosive Attack Nanochip I

    Looking to do some skilling on pyro and would like Ul chip so i have a more steady supply of corrosive then the market can pump out looking for one at yearly price rounded up, around 180 ped, but am willing to be flexible pm Cyrano afrit javin
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    Series of craftable mindforce chips

    Mindforce along with certain other professions *cough* Gauss *cough* is severally lacking in market supply ,where a mindforce users only reliable source comes from Ul versions and the main unreliable source is random hunter loots . This creates a barrier to players who would potentially want...
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    Calculating Dpp formula including buffs

    So I've been using this formula based on what i know to calculate modified dpp after buffs and im fairly confident in it but know a second opinion couldn't hurt modified dpp=(total damage*.9*.75+total damage*total crit chance*final crit)/(total cost ) broken down: total damage = base damage...
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    Question: Armatrix Series Dpp

    So these new weapons are pretty high on the efficiency rating, some of the best out there so far, but i like so many others I still use dpp to determine a weapons worth and entropedia is sadly lacking on a good deal of these weapons actual numbers. With the eomon migration coming in the next...
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    Easter 2017 strongbox?

    i was wondering if they planned to do another classified Easter strong box release this month like they did last year and if so who will be the first person to get the Easter 2017 ring
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    planet specific vehicle blueprints

    so i know on rocktropia the planet specific vehicles bps are the prx series cars on arkadia the planet specific vehicles bps are the hoverpods/crafts and on cyrene the planet specific vehicles bps are the lancers the dragonfly and the spear and on calypso the planet specific vehicles bps are...
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    Attributes ?

    so as it stands there has been some argument on what skills do for a player do they help or dont etc but thats not the case for attributes for many there is a clear increase to a certain part of the players stats strength increases weight carried stamina after 9.25 points increases health...
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    crafting for blueprints instead of for mu

    so as a rookie crafter but with a moderate amount of ped and the ability to get more from my main profession*mining* i was wondering if it was a viable strategy to not craft to sell the components but to craft to get blue prints like crafting 20k clicks of combustors to get vehicle bps or...