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    I rather pay 7PED

    I can't count the number of times players have contacted me asking for a warp flight from Monria to Calypso. Not everyone knows you can teleport from Monria to Calypso using the teleporter while only having to pay 7 PED. Statistically, let's say every hour, one player pays 7 PED and uses...
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    Warp flight report for month of October 2020

    Hello all. This post is to educate anyone who is thinking about buying a ship capable of warp flights and how much you can potentially make along with your annual return of investment (ROI). Keep in mind, warp flights were not conducted on the 28th or 29th of October so these figures only...
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    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    And the award to the person with no life goes to... At the end of the day, I sure as hell don't need your business because I get plenty of it.
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    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    If you scroll though the comments, you will notice that a majority of the players complaining are mostly pilots who belong to the same society. This is just their way of trying to get back at me for taking business away from them with my 7 PED warp flights.
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    TerraMaster 8 Gold Rush Tier 7

    Do you have the materials sitting in storage? If you take the individual components and place them on your avatars inventory, you should be able to upgrade.
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    How to run Successful Shops in EU - 2019

    As a shop owner. One of the hardest issues I'm faced with is price. If I list my item for less than AH price, nothing is stopping a re-seller from coming into my shop, buying up all my inventory and reselling the same item on AH for profit. So players who are buying that same item on AH have...
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    How to run Successful Shops in EU - 2019

    Currently running PA Mall????
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    Cost of a Warp Flight in EU

    That's 7 PED per jump.
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    Cost of a Warp Flight in EU

    Frequently I'm asked the question from many players, how much does it cost to perform one warp flight in EU and is it profitable to perform warp flights for just 7 PED. For the month of September, I've performed a total 438 warp flights producing 3216 PED and after expenses, I walked away with...
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    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    I find it hilarious how the players with the biggest mouths have the least to offer. If life taught me any lessons, its that when someone has a lot of animosity towards you, it's because they want to be you. They look at you for who you are, what you represent and what you've accomplished and...
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    Change Calypso Space Port In to Athena (read details)

    Who me? That doesn't sound like something i would do. :)
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    Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia

    Are there going to be full refunds to the players who purchased large quantities of Rock Bucks and CND Bananas for the purpose of unlocking dungeons on Rocktropia? And I don't mean the tt value?
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    Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia

    So here's what I don't understand. How can you get away with selling an item that's not even programmed into the game yet? I've been waiting for 8 months already, what's a reasonable time to wait for an item which has already been paid for? is the website...
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    Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia

    In my initial post, one of the quotes mentioned was "it will have to wait a bit, I don't have my builder available at the moment and each dungeon is made from scratch." The "builder" mentioned is indeed "Programmer Doc Gray" who according to senior avatars that live on Rocktropia, has not been...
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    Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia

    Hello fellow Entropians. The following information provided today is in no way, shape or form fact but instead rumors and speculations as to the progress of Rocktropia, so take it with a grain of salt. I currently own the shop named Tex-No Records located on the planet Rocktropia inside the...
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    Selling: Rocktropia Estates

    Took me one year and invested $7,500 for the opportunity to unlock the dungeon. Sounded like a good investment but the devs don’t seem to know what’s going on.
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    Selling: Rocktropia Estates

    Due to devs on Rocktropia taking forever to unlock dungeon, the following items are for sale. Tex-No shop, located in Tangerine District. 250 IPD, 10 outdoor IPD. Dungeon not unlocked. Asking price: 25K PED. Hell Stall #4, only 4 in the game. 50 IPD. Asking price: 12K PED. 375,000...
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    The Future of Warp Flights in EU

    Hello. This message is for all players in Entropia Universe who own a spacecraft capable of warp flights. Doesn't matter what type of ship, if it can perform warp flights, this message is for you. I would like to hold a meeting at Port Atlantis Mall, 4th Floor Penthouse on April 30th, at...
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    Is anyone else having issues with there Starfinder/ Pathfinder ships? Woke up Easter morning to find my Starfinder ship in another location from where I parked it completely destroyed and not docked at any of the space stations. After logging out three times while in space, I was able to dock...
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    How to convince players to come back to EU?

    The problem with this game is the greedy players. 22K PED for a small shop with a 40 item point display at Port Atlantis Mall. Had a player quote me a couple weeks ago 25K PED for a booth at Cape Corinth. As long as players continue to pay exorbitant prices for basic items, there is no room...
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    Ben Dover Shop (pets)

    I am happy to sponsor this event and look forward to everyone who participates.
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    Entrolympic Events 2020

    I Am happy to sponsor this event and look forward to everyone's involvement.
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    Buying: Sweat

    Hello, I sell sweat in my shop at Medusa Bazaar, 3rd FL
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    Buying: SHOP (TwinPeaks/Medusa/PortAtlantis)

    You can always rent out a shop on Medusa Bazaar just to see if owning a shop is right for you. Just contact Aurisk Morey Kenbi for more info.