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  1. Mashka

    Selling: Everything (worth checking)

    Hello, I'm back after a year of offline mode, and I'm selling out everything. That is : Loads of blueprints. Loads of textures. Loads of skills. Rare items left: Mannequin (female) Araneatrox Texture BP (TT+190) Rexely Mesh Tanktop (F) textured 100% Turp (pm offer) Araneatrox textures...
  2. Mashka

    Buying: Texture Enhancers

    I'm looking forward to apply my first polished chrome texture ! Therefore, I still need many enhancers. I put an auction order at 10000%, but you can also meet me at ti city (1 ped/enhancers). Any amount is welcome. xxx Masha
  3. Mashka

    Buying: Fine textile

    I buy fine textile for crafting anytime :) Please come meet me at TI city trade center ! Thanks Masha
  4. Mashka

    Buying: Dexterity big chip

    Please send me offers. I'm looking for a big dexterity chip, around 100 peds tt, the bigger the better. I'll consider offers starting from chips of 50 peds tt. xxx Masha
  5. Mashka

    Buying: Cbase plastic ! Need a lot please help

    Please pm me if you have some. you can find me at ti city trade center most of my online time. I need to gather about 1k of it, so please even if you got just a few, tell me... will be hard to find enough. xxx Masha ps textures welcome
  6. Mashka

    Selling: Textured 100% clothes

    Please visit my shopkeeper, At Dark's Shop (Twin Mall floor 3) T-shirts, boots, coats, pants fully textured at 100%. 1/ 100% over 2/3 fields for the price of one. cf My service thread and all included pricelist. 2/ 100% over 2/3 fields of the rarest textures (turp, fugabarba) for tt+200. Those...
  7. Mashka

    Buying: Various textures and paints for skilling, updated according to my level

    I buy ANY AMOUNT of those at 105% At the moment I'm looking for the following textures : Felt Fabric Coarze Frieze Fabric COLORS : Violet cream at 102%, any amount, Thanks ! Add me on your friend list at TI City trade Center, or find me trough people at TI City trade Center people NEW ...
  8. Mashka

    Buying: Buying - a LOT of soft leather texture. Looking for a supplier !

    Edit : Need new textures, will open a new thread
  9. Mashka

    Pricecheck C apartment

    Hi all please tell me asap how much you would estimate a C apartment on a very low floor of TI copper building ? Thanks ! EDIT : Bought it 700 peds, nevermind.
  10. Mashka

    Buying: Apartment C/D/G/H Bilton/Genesis/TI City

    I reconsidered what I was looking for, getting no answers in my previous thread. Please pm me your offers or meet me in game, PA Mall, floor 2 ! Any Apartment in Genesis, TI City, or Bilton will do ! Not longer looking
  11. Mashka

    Buying: Flat in TI City, Platinium building !

    Bought, thanks
  12. Mashka

    Masha's textures and texturizing o_o

    Hello everyone ! NEW ! I'm now reachable anytime through skype ! Login : mashatextures ! Call me :) NEW! MY SERVICE IS NOW FREE WHEN YOU BRING YOUR MATS ! VISIT NOW ! You can find there previews and all included prices of anything I can do ! Send me a message...
  13. Mashka

    Buying: Texture pattern matching and mat comprehension skills

    Please lock that thread admin !