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    space mining

    im just wondering has any space goers tried mining up there? thanks in advance Regards, Spamboy
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    Riddick :)

    Has anyone here seen the little film that is set in between Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. I think its called dark fury and is set in a cartoony style. I f you have a would like to know your opinions on it and the other films i mentioned :). Also do any of you have any idea when...
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    gun chart

    anyone got a gun chart with carbines and rifles? i searched but it wouldnt find any Thanks in advance Regards, Spamboy
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    Precious Sleep - how i love thee

    Okay im bored and cant be bothere dstarting a poll, so ill start a thread. how many hours of sleep do you guys and gals have a night on average??. i dont want you people with lots of spare time to record anything just work out a rough estimate :D ill start by saying when i am in holidays...
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    red stripey boxers

    SOLD :D:D:D:D finally Regards, Spamboy
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    music ;)

    :whistle: okay well in short, what music type do you listne to and your 5 fav. bands :) Rock/Metal System of a down Linkin Park Papa Roach Trapt Billy Talent id jus like to know who has same interests etc. theres propably lots of othe rthreads about this but hey, what the hell. post...
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    selling cumb and lyst

    as title says, both 120% regards, Spamboy
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    unlockable melee skills

    hi there everybody, i would also like to know what melee skills i can unlock and what levels / prof standings are required :D , thanks in advance regards, Spamboy
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    unlockable skills

    hi everybody, id like to know what unlockable skills for mining there are and around what lvls / prof standings i will recieve then, if ya'll would be so kind thanks in advance regards, Spamboy
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    SELLING::: Lyst

    yep, want to sell some lyst i have had saved, only 50 peds worth. looking for 145% (might negociate) regards, Spamboy
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    SELLING::: Lyst

    yep, want to sell some lyst i have had saved, only 50 peds worth. looking for 145% (might negociate) regards, Spamboy
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    hunting tips

    hi everyone im just wondering when exactly you should change mobs if th eloots ar ebad, recently i went hutning cornys north of argus with my trusty axes *pats axe* however to my dismay i found that more then 15 (in a row) had no loot, tho when i did actualy get loot it was 10 ped, so...
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    problems with ef

    hi, does anyone else have the same problem as me every so often ef wont load up ( mainly th epictures and it will just ge tno further) until i have deleted all my cookies, temp internet files etc. i was wondeirng if anybody knew why as it gets very annoying as i have to do this every 2 days or...
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    how to get this stuff, the easy way, any help would be nice :D
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    Full Rascal Male , or parts

    Hi there , i am looking to find a set of Rascal as i hear that it is ver good armour and my pixie isnt quite up to todays standards of hunting . Sooooo i was wondering if anyone is selling any, if so how much .....or if you are selling any parts please tell me, Regards, Spamboy
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    SELL: Starchov (sp?) As-97

    Selling: Stachov AS-97 . price tt+35 Total price : 145peds pst me. Regards. Spamboy
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    morning guys n gals

    hello. :) . regards. Spamboy