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    Selling: Strongboxes(all types) and Pills

    These are the boxes prices. Of course, I can make a small discount to buy bigger quantities: Summer Strongbox > 2.2 Halloween Strongbox > 2.0 Christmas Strongbox > 2.2 Easter Strongbox > 3.6 Mining Strongbox > 16 ped I sell all the 10mg pills: Price 4.9 ped for each. Also discount...
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    Selling: Assassin R150 Tier 10!!! Best for Cat 3 Events!

    TT amount = 110 atm SOLD
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    Selling: T4.9 CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 2 TEN Edition

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    Selling: WTS EMT kit Ek-2350, Modified

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    Selling: Tier 6 Ozpyn HK S1X1. Nice weapon for Cat 3 event, Migration and so on :)

    I sell this nice rifle with 6 tiers> 78.66 dem/sec(according to entropiawiki) with 6 damage enhancers and Mayhem L-Amplifier Alpha (L). One of the best weapons for Category 3 Mayhem Events. Also for the migration or ordinary hunting of course :) BO = SOLD...
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    Selling: HyperStim 10mg(for 10% faster reload) and all other 10mg pills

    I sell all the 10mg pills. Price 5.8 for each 5.6 for 10+ pills 5.5 for 50+ pills PM me in the game: Georgi Velizari Hristov
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    Selling: Strongboxes(all types)

    These are the boxes prices. Of course, I can make a small discount to buy bigger quantities: Easter Strongbox > 4 ped Halloween Strongbox > 2.7 Christmas Strongbox > SOLD Summer Strongbox > 1.9 ped Robot Cache Strongbox > 50(45 for 10+) ped PM me in the game: Georgi...
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    Selling: Robot Data Fragments(for miners)

    SOLD all fragments
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    Selling: Strongboxes

    Thread Closed
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    Selling: Ranked HK1750 Tier 5.6. Very good weapon for Cat 3 Mayhem events!

    I want to sell this nice weapon with tiers 5.6. You can write me here or in the game for your offer. BO 4.2k ped...... SOLD {DELETED THIRD PARTY IMAGE}
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    Selling: Emik Enigma L2 Tier 7.8 Very nice weapon for Category 3 Mayhem Events

    This is one of the best weapons in the game for Category 3 Mayhem Events! The top 10 will be yours :yup: There is Tier 7.8 and you can easily reach tier 8 if you use it for 1-2 weeks. Price 4.5k PED........ SOLD!
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    Selling: Summer Strongboxes

    Selling Summer Strongboxes 1-10 > 5.50 ped each 10-50 > 5.20 ped each 50+ > 5 ped each 800 boxes atm