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    Buying: (F) Boar Set

    Looking to buy a a set of Boar (Not adj)
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    Selling: Jarhead (M,C) - Orange/Black

    Selling a orange black jarhead set one piece is tier 3 some are 2 and rest are 1, I also have a 5b plate set up for sale.
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    Selling: WTT/WTS Ozpyn HK S1X1 Tier 6 Gun is currently tier 6 and can include about 200-300 ped worth of enhancers to fill all slots if what u own cost more than my gun. for trades id be interested in things like a ewe 41 adjusted or A-3 Justifier Mk. 2, Adjusted`or...
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    Buying: WTT Bear for Boar or similar (M)

    Looking to trade my bear tier 1-2 set for a Boar set or similar incase its not obvious i am not just trading bear for boar i know boar is more expensive, id like to trade the bear + ped or item for the boar