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    Error patching? Restarts at 20%

    [FIXED] Error patching? Restarts at 20% Hey guys, So I've been trying to patch to the latest version and when downloading required planet data my updater gets to 20% and then just restarts the download. I left it going when I went to work thinking it may sort itself but hours later I come home...
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    Info: VIDEO: Get LBML Ready for mining!

    Made a video to do final setup of LBML. After following this video you will be ready to go out into the wilderness and start tracking your mining runs efficiently and start turning a profit!
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    Info: How to setup LBML v1.0.4.0 with WINDOWS 10

    This post is for newer players that hear about LittleBigMiningLog but arent sure on how to install or setup. I have made a QUICK START guide video which I shall link below. All being well once you have followed the video your LBML should work fully automatic. Should you want any further info or...
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    How to setup LittleBigMiningLog tool (LBML) Video

    I made a tutorial video today on how to setup this powerful mining tool in game. Its a QUICK START guide on SETTING UP the tool, if people find it handy I may move on and make a tutorial on how to UTILISE the tool for efficient mining runs etc. Enjoy!