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    Am I the only idiot that though today was update?

    As title says
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    Selling: Angel Arm Guards, SGA Edition (F)

    It provides extra cold protection and 500 more durability compared to normal Angel. Pm me on forum, ingame or leave your offer here. Starting offer: 3100 Buyout: 3800
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    Selling: Embra Laser Sword C1 tier 2 // SUPER SPEED AUCTION //

    Selling Embra Laser Sword C1 Tier 2.2 Condition limit 50% SIB YES Recommanded level 7 Maxed 11.5 (unconfirmed entropedia data) Attacks per minute 24 Damage 28-56 Max TT 2972 Current TT 1486.41 Auction starting now and ending 60 minutes after the thread is open. STARTING BID TT+1 ..enjoy
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    Selling: Gremlin Set M

    Selling Gremlin Set M TT+250
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    *Music* recruiting

    Hello everyone, the newborn society *Music* is now recruiting! We are a friendly society aiming at discovering and exploring the universe. Being a new society the number of member is very small but we will grow with time. There are no requirments of level, skills or equipment. For any question...
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    Selling: Generic Fuse

    Hello! I am selling one generic fuse. Let me know your offer. :thumbup: