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    Short moonleaf boards

    I have 6740 of them, with a TT value of 67.40 What is this worth on the market?
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    (Rocktropia) Where is Bulldog? How to get Neverdie guest pass?

    Every guide I've seen says I should talk to Bulldog to get the guest pass, but I cant find him, he isn't at the entrance, so how does it work, how do I get the guest pass for club Neverdie?
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    Flickering/dissappearing lights and blinking car speed indicators?

    Look one way, the neon/light/lamp is there, look another way, its gone, doesn't glow anymore. Look and face one way, the car speed indicator is blinking like mad (this also applies to ships), turn another way, it's no longer blinking. I have a 1070 card this really shouldn't be a problem, but...
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    Buying: Blue/Dark Blue Sleipnir

    Any kind of blue, Steel Blue, Dark Blue, non Bleached Blue, normal Blue, show a picture, tell me a price. Or maybe its easier for me to get cans and have it dyed by someone experienced for me?
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    What is concidered TT trash?

    I'm cleaning my inventory a bit, id assume stuff that hasn't had a markup for a month or a year is immediate TT trash?
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    That Freaking Cold Place Teleporter?

    What does this mean? Is it a location of sorts? Some TPs says that when you put your cursor over them.
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    Going to Camp Echidna East Hangar unlocks a bunch of other teleporters?

    Is it supposed to do that? Unlocked almost if not all teleporters on Eudoria.
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    Game automatically leaves chat channel on every log out, bug?

    Every time I log out it says I've left for an example #calytrade even tho I haven't, is this a bug of some sort? I can't seem to stay in these channels if I log out it's just... gone
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    Stuck, help?

    Stuck at 34127 42705 Southshade Valley Flying vehicle was recalled, now in storage, can't reach, land vehicles either recalled or too slow/weak to manage it even to the nearest teleporter.
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    (Arkadia) Archaeological Society Headquartes is where?

    I don't have a marker on my map for it, and I cannot find it, old guides don't help as they changed the starter mission stuff recently, after those guides where made.
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    Rabbiger level 1

    Since I'm considering buying one I am wonder what price I should expect for a level 1?