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    Selling: Selling skills

    Selling all kind of skills. If theres any skill Youre intrested in buying please pm and im sure we can make a deal. BLP weaponry technology: 10987 Anatomy: 9630 Handgun: 9428 Rifle: 9323 Marksmanship: 9036 Ranged damage assessment: 8800 Wounding: 7805 Weapons handling: 7576 Laser weaponry...
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    Selling: Selling armor, fap, amp and plates

    As title says im selling some stuff. This is the things that i want to sell: *mod-2600 tt+7.5k ——-SOLD—— *Liakon set female tier 1-3, tt+3k. —SOLD— *gremlin set female tt+250 *armor plating set of 5b tt+ 45/plate *Dante blp amplifier Offer me Not intrested in item trades, just peds. Pm me...
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    Buying: Angel or adj Jaguar female set

    As title says im intrested in buying a set of female angel or adj jaguar. Pm me here or ingame with your price. /Beci
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    Selling: Empty skill implant

    Selling a 510.17 tt esi pm with offer here or ingame.
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    Buying: Buying phantom set female or simular armor

    Looking to buy a set of phantom female or simular. Message me here in this thread or pm me. Not in a rush so overpriced offers goes straight to trashcan.
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    Buying: Buying Dante amp

    Hey. Looking to buy a Dante blp amp. Pm me with your offer. Thanks in advance and have a great day :)
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    Selling: Selling [RX OpTac x2 Shin Guards (M)]

    As title says im selling a pair of [RX OpTac x2 Shin Guards (M)] Taking offers in pm. Item trade also intresting. Dante amp would be nice and a few peds. BO = tt + 2.1k
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    Selling: Adj Nemesis female

    Ohoy. Selling my adj nemesis female set (tier1) PM me with your offer or make an offer here :) BO: +1.5k
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    PC adj nemesis female

    Hello. Curious what the price for a full set of adj nemesis is right now. Thanks in advance! //Beci
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    Buying: Buying angel set female Ul

    Oohoy there. Im looking to buy a set of angel female unlimited armor. Please pm me here or ingame. Considering Jaguar if you got a nice price, since seems hard to find a angel set. / / Beci
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    Buying: Buying Dante amp

    As title says im looking to buy a dante. Pm me here or ingame pls.
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    Selling: Selling various skills

    Skills that are for sale is as follows: Alertness: 28.47 ped tt Got other skills for sale aswell but they are not on esi yet. Those skills are: Combat reflexes 5103 Handgun 6218 Marksmanship 6054 Melee combat 1437 Power fist 2536 ranged damage assassement 5994 Rifle 6398...