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    ────────────────────░███░ ───────────────────░█░░░█░ ──────────────────░█░░░░░█░ ─────────────────░█░░░░░█░ ──────────░...░░───░█░░░░░░█░ ─────────░███░──░█░░░░░█░ ───────░██░░░██░█░░░░░█░ ──────░█░░█░░░░██░░░░░█░ ────░██░░█░░░░░░█░░░░█░ ───░█░░░█░░░░░░░██░░░█░ ──░█░░░░█░░░░░░░░█░░░█░...
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    Help: I'm Looking for the Right Mentor

    Im a non-depositer and my mentor (or was), Ethan Ace Smith is really cool, hes awesome and deposits very little. He also lives on the east coast and helps for no gain (he mentored me when their were no mentor gifts and expected nothing in return). Hes mainly a hunter/pilot now but hes still able...
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    FYI: Kanerium @300% + is to high Please add more
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    Question: Do we really need proof of each little success story?

    they could be one of those people with an inferiority complex
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    Real Mentors

    Did anyone have a mentor, like someone that helped them get around and show them the ropes when gifts were not given. To me this is a real mentor. I had someone named Ethan Ace Smith hes no uber but hes an awesome guy and spent alot of time and effort on me for nothing in return. Hes probably my...
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    FYI: Loot Facts!

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    did we say nova gas?
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    Another New Person

    on of my good friends ingame is 54 ;D
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    basically guys, just have "use grenade" in action library and just hotkey it and click it whenever, if u have grenades in ur inventory than they get used there can be a skill called throwing weapons and it could encompass grenades and throwing knives make em do damage to a certain area, but a...
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    Question: OLA1 Equus or no Equus?

    I dare you to go to twin and ask around who has seen an equus or knows what it looks like. They are unique and u shuld keep them on the land area
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    Selling: Optimus Prime Helmet tt+20 order

    nice sign me up :D pm me with details ;D
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    Bring back the old stuff!

    bring back the old mystic power sweating and the fact that it takes longer, but you get more sweat a pull :D
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    HoF: Some of the good times

    gz :eyecrazy:
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    Selling: Firewall Armor Mk3(F,L)

    narfi owns firewall XD:yay:
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    Polite and nice übers

    Neo the famous trader sharp, manique, and tiny r cool :D
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    Space Police?

    May i add my opinion? Xane really is a good guy :D i met him a few months ago. He was a pirate but has changed his ways and knows what he is doing. He is the best.
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    Cail's mining log

    grtz :D where do u mine if i may ask?
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    Merry Mayhem 2011 Results

    gratz to Logan and Mai in cat 3 :D sorry i wasn't there to see u kick butt :D
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    Selling: Derid selling misc items, weapons and clothes.

    dude try selling the bones/skulls to landowners, like quetesh and i think danimal is looking for argonaut parts :P.
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    Achievement: Level 20 Sweat Gatherer - Laughable for most, but anyways!

    thats true too :D, it also builds MF and psyche, so its a good base for MF. Total skill count is just the total number of skills one has. Alot of socs require a certain number of skills, and SG is an easy skill to get ;D, so it justs boosts them up
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    Uber: 16k level 3 (Video HoF/ATH)

    wow.... :D
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    Question: Hunting Armour or Healing Tool?

    thats true too ;D
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    Divinity's Free and Friendly Healing Service ( Imp Fap) for the Adventurous Hunters

    Wow yes naked flaxangis here i come :d
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    Big Allop event on Saba camp

    do u own the LA next to saba o0 with the merps. cuz that needs a higher density for my merp mission
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    Selling: OLA #01 "club meat" Land Area - Last Chance

    GL with sale :D maybe they will take into account u said those statements had very little fertilizer and low taxes. Try running an event on it, to pique some interest. Title it "Club meat must go PM me 1k ped reward for ......"