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    Selling: WTS FEN Angel set (M)

    Selling a set of FEN Angel (M). chest 2.4 thigh 2.5 arms 3.0 shins 2.4 head 2.3 feet 1.8 gloves 1.2 19k ped or 9 CLD for the set. fixed price pm me here or ingame Curry Eggsbacon Cheese note: price lowered to a fixed price
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    Buying: WTB King Kong Snub-U80 high tier//isis BL1800

    WTB Mod Merc T10 / supremacy set Armour of interest: Supermacy set guns of interest: mod merc t10 (t10 only) King Kong Snub-U80 isis BL1800 might be interested in other blp pistols that i overlooked. pm me