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    patch notes ?

    what happened to todays patch notes ?
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    I wish to sell my [Ancient Daikiba Pet] level 11

    I dont know what he is worth ? is any one interested in buying ? I am open to offers
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    entropia pocket on pc HELP PLEASE

    sorry if this is in the wrong location (I dont post much ) I am told they no longer support my gold card and have to use something called ENTROPIA POCKET however I dont own a mobile phone or a tablet . I have read that a few people have got totaly stuck unable to play due to issues with this...
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    New auction bug

    cant import auction items from diferent planets any more , after you win bid then try to import you get an unidentified window (which you cant close ) , requiring you to logout to get rid of it . bugger
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    cant log in

    got sudden lag , crashed , cant login either says "loged in already" or "timed out" after entering gold card numbers , any one else having same issue ?
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    Launch is greyed

    cant log in any else have same issue ? could be server uprading ?
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    getting error message

    every time I kill any mob get two messages in center of screen an unepected error in the proccesing of the following mission UNKOWN ERROR CODE 0 anyone else having simular issue ?
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    Cyrene just gone off line ?

    title says it all ?
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    EASY FIX for CTD on any computer

    was having ssues with entropia , CTD especialy when moving about between tps or going into space , this with a modern decent mid range computer , was CDT every 10 minutes after last update , had to reduce advanced setting to medium or low to keep in game for any length of time , had updated BIOS...
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    CTD evey 10 minutes since todays update

    title says it all busy reducing addvanced settings to try to stop it .
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    graphic and CTD problems

    every now and then entropia screen blanks out for a second or so then returns but runs very jerky forcing me to relkog to fix the issue , also getting as many as 8 CDT a day , but sometimes runs fine for ages , it has gone much worse recenty . comnputer has i3 CPU 16 GIG OF RAM nvidia GTX 650...
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    random crashing to desktop

    happened to me since last update , annoying has I have new computer and was fine before I have 16 gig of ram gtx 650 ti graphic card now cashes randomly maybe as soon as I log in maybe it runs for hours with no problems anyone else having same issues ?